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Household prices for cleaning windows

If you want to pay to have your windows cleaned you can usually find a local window cleaner either through a loca advert, a supermarket notice, or of coure the Yellow Pages. Most window cleaners are local self employed window cleaners, although there are some larger companies who offer a more comprehensive window cleaniner service. Typically window cleaners will come around once a month and can do just the outside of your windows, or inside as well if you wish. They are particularly useful if you have large inaccessible windows as they have all the equipment necassary to safely reach the window for cleaning. Please tell us how much you pay to have your windows cleaned (prices are for one side of a window only)

Household prices for cleaning windows: Disclaimer
Detailed Description of WorkPrice/CostUnitsLocationLast Updated
Standard window £1 window Bury St edmunds 2012-08-12
Bay window £2 window Bury St edmunds 2012-08-12
Cleaning 100 windows per day. £100 window Convertry 2012-07-21
standard sized windows on a 2 story house £1 window Cambridge 2011-03-29

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