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The drains are where the used water and sewage from the house are expelled to. The whole system is pumped using gravity and as such blockages can occur. However, this is an area to be very wary of as it is a common place for cowboys to operate. The conventional way of cleaning the blockage would be using rods with a brush or plunger on the end. The rods would simply be pushed down the pipe until the blockage was found and shove hard. Modern techniques involve CCTV cameras and pressure hoses but end up with much the same result. What does the user gain - a higher bill in many cases! Drains can often become blocked or even collapse if they are badly damaged. Unfortunately there are a lot of cowboy 'drain experts' out there who will charge you a fortune for power cleaning, harsh chemicals, video camera probes etc when all the drain needs is a big stick poked down it for a bit.

Household prices for drains clear blockage: Disclaimer
Detailed Description of WorkPrice/CostUnitsLocationLast Updated
Drains cleared within an hour of call out. 57 total cost. Drainserv Manchester £57 item/job Manchester 2012-10-30
Drainserv Manchester 0161 799 5577 Cleared my blocked drains with no hidden cost! Great service.. £56 item/job Manchester 2012-04-08
cost is at least 85 for the first hour and then 50 per half hour after that £85 item/job Bedford 2008-10-23
Clear 'standard' blockage £55 item/job   2005-06-25

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