Electrical equipment repair washing machine

Household prices for electrical equipment repair washing machine

Examples of how much it costs to have a broken washing machine fixed. Varies with what is wrong with it as a simple broken belt is less expensive than needing a new motor. The prices will include labour charges and some materials costs but see description for more details.

Household prices for electrical equipment repair washing machine: Disclaimer
Detailed Description of WorkPrice/CostUnitsLocationLast Updated
Replaced brushes on washing machine. £90 item/job Stockton on Tees 2013-04-09
New brushes on a 10 year old Bosch washing machine - 98.40 - but cost 100 because engineer had no change. Took 25 minutes (if that)! £100 item/job Trafford/Manchester 2012-01-23
To solder the WM control module/PCB - 45 + 10 call out charges - HotPoint/Creda £55 item/job London 2011-03-28
washing machine repair.Replace worn motor brushes. Premier Electrics took 20min to do the job. Checked part online oosting less than 20. 109 for 20min labour is a rip off. £129 item/job Ringwood, New Forest 2011-01-10
Drain down machine, un-block pump and test machine min hours labour £48 item/job Leeds 2009-09-21
Drain machine, unblock pump and fit new carbon brushes - Ariston machine £68 item/job Portsmouth 2009-05-30
new pump £65 item/job Manchester 2007-04-13
washing machine inlet valve £52 item/job Manchester 2007-04-13
washing machine brushes (motor repair)... hotpoint £48 item/job Manchester 2007-04-13

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