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Household prices for flower deliveries

It is possible to get flowers delivered pretty much anywhere at any time of the day. In fact an employee at Whatprice has managed to order flowers in the UK only to have them delivered 3 hours later in China, such is the fast paced nature of the internet. However no matter how good technology is, in order to deliver flowers someone has to physically deliver them, and this will always cost someone some money. Some flower delivery places include the delivery charge in the cost of the flowers themselves (i.e. they claim free delivery), whilst others will charge for delivery as a separate cost, either at a flat rate, or more typically using location and urgency to calculate the cost of delivering the flowers. Please submit how much your flower delivery has cost in order improve this site and share the information with others.

Household prices for flower deliveries : Disclaimer
Detailed Description of WorkPrice/CostUnitsLocationLast Updated
delivery costs only £6 delivery Oxford 2012-08-12
local flower shop delivers within 15miles delivery costs not flow costs which vary £5 delivery Cambridge 2011-03-29

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