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Household prices for windows double glazing: Disclaimer
Detailed Description of WorkPrice/CostUnitsLocationLast Updated
New PVC front door and two small windows fitted £1,200 item/job Birmingham 2014-12-03
national firm (canvass/cold call initial quote 15,000) all uPVC A rated argon filled windows for 2 bed end terrace house 2x 3panes 2big open +1 small open 1x 3panes 2 big open 2x 1pane (fixed) 2x 1pane (open) 2x 2panes 1open back door (2 clear pane) front door GRP wood effect also had to display advertising board for 10wks £6,000 item/job Hampshire 2013-03-17
supply and fit 2 windows white upvc wanted 2400mm x 1230mm 1820mm x 1085mm a downstairs living room and an upstairs bedroom £400 item/job Rotherham 2012-10-28
Great Job at such a cheap price! Craig on 07949808007 £50 item/job Central London 2012-01-10
Removal of 5 pane bay window and replace with new PVC bay window. very pleased with job £1,050 item/job Darlington 2011-07-20
3000 for 12 windows and 2 doors. a rated windows £3,000 item/job Great barr 2011-07-11
8 upvc windows 1 back door upvc plus fitting £2,700 item/job North west wales 2011-06-24
front door, and 5 windows £2,200 item/job Essex 2011-04-19
14 Windows "A" rated, Composite front door, Upvc back door and garage door £7,650 item/job Devon 2011-04-03
Supply and fit argon fillet ,5 sash wooden double glaze windows h 2400 mm w 950 mm. 6000 pound. I had installed them February 2011. 07886445188 £6,000 item/job London 2011-03-26
supply and fit velux window 1180 X 1140 including flashing kit. I think this quote is quite high considering the window can be sourced for 270 plus f-kit for around 90. The price does not include vat.But of course I dont know how much the roofer is paying from his supplier. £1,298 item/job Edinburgh 2010-06-05
Replace old double glazing with new like for like: 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom and 1 kitchen window with fully glazed door £1,250 item/job Wirral 2010-04-03
remove and cart away existing windows and cart away x1 skip. fit 8 aluminium windows 1750 x 1270. £3,700 item/job CENTRAL LONDON 2010-04-01
supply and fitting double glazed A rated U PVC white windows a total of 7 rooms 1800X1200 in all rooms costed me 3246 £3,246 item/job WARRINGTON 2010-02-03
1 window £200 item/job Falkirk 2009-09-10
13 replacement double glazed wood effect windows £13,500 item/job Windsor 2009-01-21
well known firm did all windows and 1 door for 3 bed X council house in 2008 for just under 4000. This firm and another one whom both have had tv adverts, started off by quoting 13000 which makes me disgusted with double glazing firms. It was hard work negotiating the price down. I love how this website can help people to know what is a fair price for work rather than us being easily lead by firms. £4,000 item/job Leicester 2008-12-30
2 windows 2400x 1200 1 window 1200x1200 best price of three which included a lot of negotiation to get this price £1,650 item/job W sussex 2008-08-04

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