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The pump helps circulate the hot water around the ventral heating system. It is a fairly common item to go wrong either becoming very noisy of simply seizing up. When this happens the boiler can overheat and shut down (for safety reasons). In principle its not too hard to replace but I'd rather not. These are the prices people have paid to have a pump replaced (or repaired if possible...) and includes the cost of the pump and the time required to replace it by the plumber.

Plumbing prices for central heating pump: Disclaimer
Detailed Description of WorkPrice/CostUnitsLocationLast Updated
No heating or hot water.Plumbers replaced central heating pump (Grundfos). They bled all radiators and checked central heating boiler and unvented cylinder.Time taken just over 2 hours. Excellent job would highly recommend NKC Plumbing & Heating (Very tidy and really nice chaps). £240 item/job Launceston, Cornwall 2015-04-08
No heating or hot water. Couldn't find drainage valve so isolated water from loft and fitted new pump. Think I got ripped off looking at the other prices quoted here! £300 item/job Salisbury 2015-02-16
replaced pump £180 item/job Peterborough 2014-12-05
Replaced circulator pump (125.00) test and check for leaks total for job 175.00 contact Harris plumbing 07711964448 £175 item/job Norwich 2014-05-28
Leaking diverter valve and replacement of heating pump.Emergency call out.Plumber arrived approx 5.30pm and left at approx 9.00pm.Total cost 320.00. £320 item/job Worcestershire 2013-03-05
Had a grandfos pup replaced as well as valves. Had to drain the system as well. Pump was and valves cost me 120 and 55 for labour. Job took less than 2 hours. £175 item/job Essex 2013-02-15
Drained central heating,(tank in loft). Replaced pump and valves and diverter valve. Flushed system for sludge. Refilled system, bled and vented all the radiators. Now works great!!. Done by Winsford heating. Highly recommend because left the place spottless. Nice guys. £479 item/job Tarporley 2012-09-18
supply and fit new pump £200 item/job Stafford 2012-05-21
fit new central heating pump. told me price of pump was 60 looked on internet can buy this type of pump for 30 ( CP5 primoflow) he also had to change valves and bleed radiators x 5 downstairs £216 item/job Redditch 2012-03-16
Track down intermittent fault (no hot water)turned out to be the pump,drain down, fit new pump costing 42 inclusive of vat, refill system, bleed 6 radiators, Gas bar pressure test and wait until he was certain all was functioning correctly before plumber left. 2.5 hrs labour charge 55.00 Pays to phone around. G.H Plumbing + Heating (Torquay) 07846040897 £97 item/job Torquay 2012-03-05
Pump needed replacing valve welded on so had to drain system 11 rads. Replaced a valve also on a previously non working rad. 4 hours. Labour was 125 the rest parts pump being grundfos 50 cost 88 pounds £205 item/job SW London 2011-11-25
Emergency call out to fix leak above pump. Return following day and fit replacement 15/50 pump with 2 yr warranty. Old unit seized solid, gate valves not closing down, used ecofreeze to isolate and remove entire setup. Bench vice to free off nuts, cleaned up and refitted. Make new electrical connections back to centre and refilled. Bleed air from system, check inhibitor level in water, set programmer for customer. Replace floorboards, carpets etc, vac round and finish. Job well done by trustplumbing.co.uk in scarborough. Time taken Inc Call out 4 hours. £199 item/job Scarborough 2011-11-15
My company will replace the C/H pump with a Grundfoss 15/55 (55-70 inc VAT) supplied & fitted for 120 within a 20miles radius of Stockport (South Manchester) CALL ANTHONY 07540706669 £120 item/job STOCKPORT 2011-02-22
Pump and valves. Grundfos 15/50 with brass gate-type 22mm valves. Full drain down/refill/vent/test. 2yr warranty. Materials 94 Labour 70 He tried to replace without draining but valves passed by. 22rads to drain and fill on gravity circuit. No extra charge,just cost of valves. £164 item/job Nottingham/Grantham 2011-01-31
I used a Laing (ITT Lowara) pump unit only 1 moving part and "A" rated payback within two years, took an hour to fit £60 item/job Worcester 2011-01-27
got a estimate for replacing cost for a pump, this was 45 call out charge+ parts . i asked how much in total . i was told with parts and labour the lot would be 150 .well what a rip off . so what i did is got 2 wrenches from wilko ,got a pump from screwfix and shutoff both sides of the pump and replaced it my self in total 35 for pump and 7 for wrenches and 1hour to doit its easy we should all have a go £42 item/job Nuneaton 2010-12-23
Had a quote for 185 to fit a new pump and he was not sure it that was the problem. So I bought one from B&Q (so could take back if needed for 75) plus spanner 10 and did it myself. £85 item/job Surrey! 2010-12-16
plumber fitted new pump salus mp100 ,half price of grundfos was 35 pounds,same to fit total 70 pounds in all. 30 mins. to fit, did not drain system , (satified customer) £70 item/job Sheffield 2010-12-04
293.75 for fitting pump 40 minutes work £294 item/job Aylesbury 2010-11-07
remove gas meter, remove floorboards in cupboard under stairs simply to gain access to dead pump !, drain system. replace valves on either side of pump then replace pump. (grunfos pump). £200 item/job Glasgow 2010-11-04
Supply and Installation of heating Pump Call DPS Tel:01322-271185 Mob:07743 793180 £200 item/job Gavesend 2010-10-27
Central heating pump failure.3 bed/7 radiator semi.Estimated 90-100 by Arnold Local Plumbimng..or about 50-60 to fit.I checked this site and thought it was a good deal.Ended up having to drain system as pump was practically welded in place.Needed to remove pipework with pump, refill system,bleed everything and fit pump and pipework.Told it'd cost more. I explained I had a budget to stick to and with cost of pump(Terrier pump at 74.50,though since googling they cost @40) paid 134.50...gave them 140 as I thought they'd done me a favour..plus left me to re-bleed radiators to keep cost down.Fair prices compared to others but I do think that 50ph labour is too much.Just wish I'd mustered the courage to do it myself now! £140 item/job Nottingham 2010-10-20
Plumber replaced pump. Asked me if I wanted a good one, and told me it would cost more. I said yes so he fitted a DAB 55/130 (cheap one). Found out later pump is about 40 and it took him 25 mins to fit. Rip off... £140 item/job Hertfordshire 2010-09-29
Replaced pump that had died and tidied up boiler house....1 hours work. £100 item/job Bangor, NI 2010-09-28
Basis straight swap including relocating pipework etc. Ardleigh Green Plumbing and Heating 07989304094 £150 item/job Hornchurch 2010-09-09
4 bedroom house with 15 radiators. Replaced Central heating pump, (CP53 circulatory pump). Had to drain the system since the old valves were not working. Work done by Cromack central heating engineers. Work carried out on a Sunday £174 item/job Wymondham, Norwich 2010-01-31
Replace pump on central heating system. £170 item/job Buckinghamshire 2010-01-22
had a salus mp100 cirulating pump fitted by a local company. the guy who fitted it was here fo 45 min and charged me 180 for supply and fit. the pump cost 40 so he made 140 for less than an hours work. hope his van tyres turn square!! £180 item/job Livingston 2010-01-18
Had grundfos 25/55 pump fitted, pipework changed to fit as it was a replacement. system drained . Ballcock in f&e cystern changed . Plumber was onsite 6 hours over 2 days, 2 hours evaluating fault and 4 hours to rectify. Didnt expect to pay 500 ! £517 item/job SUFFOLK 2010-01-09
I supplied & reffited a central heating pump luckily i didn't have to drain it down as the valves either side of the pump actually shut the water for once as they don't always shut off the water off if they've been in the open position for years. it took less than a hour to fit & overall price with fitting was 80. Call Paul for a quote:-07807787623. Midlands area. £80 item/job Birmingham 2010-01-06
came out new years eve. no call out charge.120 to supply & fit pump & stop valve and stayed to check all well. I gave extra tenner. £120 item/job Merseyside 2009-12-31
drain hot water system, remove cylinder & re position cylinder, alter heating circuit by supplying & fitting 3 port valve, new remote pump & valves £1,025 item/job Hitchin herts 2009-11-20
Replaced faulty central heating pump with Wilo ,15-20mins. £70 item/job Co.Down 2009-11-10
Drain ch system, replace pump and valves, refill and recommission HW and CH. £140 item/job Surrey 2009-09-16
remove old and supply and fit new domestic central heating circulation pump £95 item/job Belfast 2009-07-07
Central heating pump replacements - we only use the best pumps (Grundfos Alpha + Alpha+).
Swap unit and wire back into system 110
£110 item/job Nottingham Area wide 2009-02-25
DAB VA55/130 checked them out can get from 25 to 35 each. did not drain system took just over 30 mins to do the work easy access to pump and electrics. rip off at 135 plus an hr labour if look at min charge 1 hr labour. booked in advance on monday came on tue. £165 item/job Peterborough 2009-02-18
replace wilco central heating pump and valves, system was pretty much drained, took an hour max... 180 supply and fit...fife scotland, a bit expensive i thought, considering pump costs about 50 inc vat, happy with job overall £180 item/job Fife 2009-01-23
Replacment pump from screwfix , Very very easy job only need a monkey wrench. Full 35k/w output. £37 item/job South Wales 2009-01-22
Supply and fit new Wilo central heating pump. Job completed within 45 minutes. Price includes VAT £240 item/job Essex 2009-01-07
Same day service. Invoice to be sent. never used the plumber before. £120 item/job Nottingham 2008-12-30
Fitted new pump, and didnt need to drain it down, the engineer said he bunged it, took half an hour and all is working fine. 100 £100 item/job Daventry 2008-09-09
replace heating pump £60 item/job N ireland 2008-06-28
Replaced a Grundfos Alpha+ 15-60 pump myself. Was easier than I thought. Pump cost 65 from e-bay including shipping. Used other heating for three days but worth the short. Slight leak in connector above led to water on circuit board. £65 item/job Harpenden 2008-04-15
worchester 24 i systen boiler. easy access to pump £132 item/job West yorkshire 2008-01-23
I feel this was reasonable. £200 item/job Lincolnshire 2008-01-18
supply and fit grundfos 1550 pump £150 item/job Luton 2008-01-15
This was to replace the central heating pump. It had stopped functioning. I think I got ripped off!! £325 item/job London 2007-12-12
Install hot water circulating pump £500 item/job Cambridge 2006-12-17

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