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Plumbing prices for central heating radiators

Sometimes radiators corrode, leak or get blocked and need replacing. Or maybe the radiator is too big or small for the room. In which case the entire central heating system may need draining down, the old radiator removing and a new one installing. The central heating system can then be re-filled, perhaps including some chemical agents to reduce the risk of rust and lime scale build up. These are prices people have paid to either have an existing radiator replaced or a new one fitted. The cost will vary with the number, type and size of radiator and the difficulty in integrating them into the existing central heating system. the price includes materials and labour rates unless otherwise stated in the price description.

Plumbing prices for central heating radiators: Disclaimer
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The lads number was given to me by a friend who said that they where so straight forward talking, everything was made easy. They dropped three trade catalogues of with some fantastic products and offered to use there trade account to get a better price. They converted my old central heating system to a new combi with 6 radiators after it was explained these radiators come free with some deals. There labour rate was based on price work and this job cost me 750 (labour)...bigmac/heating £1,900 item/job Manchester, england 2015-07-01
Just had 5 radiators replaced upstairs,henrad curve radiators,very neat,fitter is called Keith 07929776671 All five supplied and fitted with new valves and thermostat valves 950 £950 item/job Stirchley telford 2015-06-27
Replace 5 radiators with 5 new ones. Inclusive of small pipe work £550 item/job Cardiff 2015-06-25
Power flushed 9 radiators for my 4 bed house. £400 item/job Sutton, Surrey 2015-03-22
remove old radiator and fit already bought new radiator 1200 x 600mm job needed std 20mm extension to fit existing pipe work. Price seems a bit steep, considering plumber put new brackets in wrong place and spent time measuring & drilling new holes. £87 item/job North Lincolnshire 2015-03-03
I had a boiler upgrade from back boiler to 24 kw combination boiler. 8 radiators with thermostats room thermostat and programmer all new pipework including gas supply changed from lead to copper for 3600. From oasis gas and plumbing solution's Ltd. Bristol. For a small company it was Amazing service and clean workers very polite. . God send! 07837 777640 you should all call them. £3,600 item/job Bristol 2015-01-23
Supply and fit new radiator 1200 x 600mm £200 item/job Southampton 2014-09-13
Provide 3 radiators and fill system,adding fernox inhibitor,h j heating telford,great job,tidy polite and hoovered up as well,495 £495 item/job Wellington telford 2014-09-09
Changed old Radiator for new 1200 x 500 aprox, had to extend copper pipes to fit new radiator, Excellent service, clean and professional. SR Property Maintenance. £80 item/job Colchester, Essex 2013-09-08
Iv had a full central heating system installed in wirral area. I was reccommended on this site so thought id give them a try. They done a brilliant job and were done in 3 days. very hard working and clean and tidy which is a must so would highlt reccommend them. Plus they are Approved Villant installers so i got 7 years warranty so happy all round I had a Vaillant 831 fitted with 7 radiators and all thermostats, wireless room thermostat and a magneclean filter on the boiler. Super job and well worth the money £3,300 item/job Birkenhead Wirral 2013-07-10
boiler, 8 double radiators yto be supplied and fitted £2,750 item/job Bolton 2013-05-22
8 radioters including fit the boiler £2,200 item/job Middlesbrough 2013-01-31
2 radiators replaced £90 item/job East Sussex 2013-01-28
replaced one rad straight swap £50 item/job Leicester 2013-01-06
powerflush for 8 radiator central heating system £600 item/job Blackpool 2013-01-03
Powerflushed my 12 radiators, was clean tidy very friendly and professional, young but very experienced, very highly recommended by everyone i talked to, Matthew 02088862325 £500 item/job North london 2012-12-26
I had 8 radiators on my system and had it powerflushed. Mat was very friendly tidy and professional, he offers other services while he does the flushing, i had him replace my bathroom taps only cost me an extra 25 because he offers a good discount because he is already there. very reliable, i'd highly recommend him, Mat 07725 137 442 £425 item/job North london 2012-12-26
replace two radiators one inbathroom one in onsuite replace cistern in toilet and shower tray waste. £400 item/job N ireland 2012-12-18
My plumber installs any 1 radiator,themostat and lock shield valve with slight pipe work adjustment for 75 (labour only). He replaced 10 of my radiators with thermostatic valve and lock shield valves for only 750 I was so happy with the price and work I gave him 100 moor so call my E.U.PLUMBSAFE on 07401993322 £750 item/job Darleston 2012-10-05
Radiators hung by homeowner. Plumber bled system, altered pipework (exposed), fitted valves and connected new radiator and towel rail to system. On completion re-filled system and bled radiators. Approx 2.5 hrs. £150 item/job Plymouth Devon 2012-07-26
Removed old radiator, replaced with new, fitted Thermostatic Valve, balanced system. Was just warm, now piping hot. 60 labour only. Call John at Vision Concept 07890 213980 Hull and East Yorkshire £60 item/job Hull, East Riding 2012-07-19
Install x2 new radiators provided by customer, had to run under floorboard pipes from landing to two rooms, material and labour 85 Call PipeDreams (mk) limited for a reasonable quote. 07985 829 786 £85 item/job Gloucester 2012-04-07
2 radiators,one in the bathroom and one in the bedroom,both with thermostats.New stainless steel kitchen sink,single bowl,with mixer tap £650 item/job Northumberland 2012-03-07
Supply and fit 3 radiators (2* double 1300*600)and one smaller bedroom. New with thermostatic valves. £580 item/job Warwickshire 2011-12-22
Needed two radiators replaced. Called KARA HEATING ENGINEERS, no call out, no messing around, very punctual and true to his word. He replaced it quick and efficiently. No mess! Very professional gentleman. I supplied the radiator like for like replacement. Only charged me 140. Great price. Definitely worth calling. In Gloucestershire area. Their number is 07854 001948 £140 item/job Cheltenham 2011-10-25
replaced double radiator scrapped old one 07752400220 £60 item/job Cardiff 2011-10-24
Will supply and fit radiator anywhere in London area including new valves bits and old radiators taken away. 300 X 600 70 500 X 700 85 500 X 100 90 500 X 1800 115 600 X 1800 130 Many more sizes available call Mark on 07980177708 or aquascot@sky.com £70 item/job London 2011-10-14
Very nice man replaced four large radiators for 200 labour and took all rubbish away. Name is Mark or Marc telephone 07980177708 from North London £200 item/job Southgate London 2011-09-17
To remove and replace 8 radiators 4 double 2000x400mm and 4 singles 1300x600mm. Change pipework to fit new rads. Fit thermostatic valves. Re-fill system with inhibitor and fit a new radiator on the system in another room. Call: 07920852677 £800 item/job Gloucestershire 2011-07-10
Fitted a radiator in my new conservatory Aquaheat 01744 751918 £220 item/job Warrington 2011-06-07
change a radiator for a smaller one and all underfloor pipework. fitted radiator valve and TRV. 6hrs £60 item/job Buxton, derbyshire 2011-06-06
To drain down heating, remove existing radiator. Extend pipework by 1 and half meters. Fit new radiator and fill and test £180 item/job Hampshire 2011-05-25
Removed 4 small rads and replaced with 4 1200x600 doubles. Relocated so 30m in all copper pipe included. Rads included too. Rads, pipe and labour for 880. A superb job took his time and all floors lifted were put back neatly. He looked young but impressed! Well recommended, lb plumbing 07723454831! £880 item/job Reading 2011-05-18
supply and installation of 2 new radiators. Installation of 2 own radiators. alterations to plumbing for loft conversion and tank. £860 item/job South wales 2011-05-18
power flushing 17 radiators with kamco Fx2 neutralizing the water to pH rating 7 finish with inhibitor it took 2 days for only 499 done by www.rekaplumbing.com 07877611149 £499 item/job Essex Grays 2011-04-25
supply 1 rad and fit in conservatory £280 item/job Hull 2011-04-21
supply and fitted 6 radiators plus towel radiator new valves 5 t/static altered pipework added inhibitor. good job (01642 281335) £850 item/job Middlesbroughh 2011-04-05
Removed 4 old radiators and installed 5 new radiators with TRV's, Some on same wall but rerouted new pipework to suit. Very tidy and very nice bloke. Radiator prices not included. Andy 07800 928 417 £550 item/job Leeds 2011-03-03
radiator replaced new thrmostatic valves an on side the pipe needed adusting only 70 very good service thanky rekaplumbing www.rekaplumbing.com £70 item/job Essex Grays 2011-02-13
Removed two radiators to allow plaster to plaster walls. Returned 3 days later to re-fit and bleed. £60 item/job Northumberland 2011-01-15
central heating,connect new large rad with new valves about 4m from existing pipe work in to new room £370 item/job Sussex 2011-01-12
Radiators needed changing around due to changed room layouts. Involved removing two radiators and re-installing one of them in new position with new thermostatic valve. i.e. mostly labour costs. £145 item/job Kendal, Cumbria 2010-12-21
Remove and replace 10 radiators, fit 9 thermostatic valves, drain and flush system and recharge, dispose of all old materials, chase into the floor some pipes that ran along the wall. First class job done by the company. Price was supply and fit, took 2 men 2 days. £1,350 item/job Essex, Maldon 2010-12-21
Fitting three radiators. All in existing positions but radiators smaller in size to originally fitted. Radiators were already removed. New radiators supplied by homeowner. £220 item/job Surrey 2010-11-19
1 new radiator and towel rail(heated) fitted plus some piping and water system emptied and radiators bled £140 item/job South yorkshire 2010-11-12
Remove 5 old radiators and replace with new including new thermostatic valves fitted and new piping were necessary. Radiators not included in the price. £330 item/job Lancashire 2010-10-19
one radiator, repair one radiator, draining system and refill with cleaner and inhibitor. £120 item/job Bristol 2010-09-11
Radiators 150 for the first 50 each there after.Labour only Tel DPS 01322-271185 Mob 07743-793180 £300 item/job Dartford 2010-07-01
New boiler, 6 new raidatiors, strip out old warm air heating system £2,400 item/job Fife 2010-06-14

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