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Plumbing prices for repair bath

Bath repairs may be necessary to your home bath. Typical problems include leaking bath taps, or even worse a leaking drainage pipe that may cause water damage to the room below the bathroom. Often the seal around a bath will also need to be repaired, this can be a tricky job and requires a lot of silicon sealant as well as patience to ensure that the area being sealed is completely dry.

Plumbing prices for repair bath: Disclaimer
Detailed Description of WorkPrice/CostUnitsLocationLast Updated
I have a new bath already installed. However when fitted it was not in the correct position so i need the bath to move up towards a wall slightly and the pipes underneeath re attached. £150 item/job Bimingham 2011-02-15
unblocking sink and bath £95 item/job Brighton 2010-05-24
Hot water feed under the bath was leaking 24/7 into the kitchen below. Plumber removed bath panel and changed incorrect fitting on hot water feed. In attendance for just under two hours (say 110 mins) £170 item/job Twickenham, Middx 2008-07-16

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