Repair burst pipes

Plumbing prices for repair burst pipes

Burst pipes can be extremely damaging and potentially dangerous if in the loft. These are examples of prices others have paid to plumbers to get the to fix their burst pipes. These costs include (mostly) materials and labour rates.

Plumbing prices for repair burst pipes: Disclaimer
Detailed Description of WorkPrice/CostUnitsLocationLast Updated
replaced pipe inc call out 47.00. 07850432210 £47 item/job Essex 2012-09-12
replaced damaged pipe approx 1.5 meters for mains water 07752400220 £60 item/job Cardiff 2011-10-24
repair hot water leak £450 item/job Good 2011-10-11
183.60 call out including 1 hour labour on Saturday. Burst pipe above ground. Never turned up!!!! then phone call to say couldnt come until Monday. £184 item/job Cornwall 2011-01-29
repair 7 burst pipes and one joint after recent freeze £400 item/job Gl19 2010-12-31
Had a burst pipe, local to where i was, on a sunday charged 70 including new pipe Call For quote Jack-knight 07904563276 Robertsbridge EAST SUSSEX £70 item/job Robertsbridge, East Sussex 2010-12-26
Burst pipes - repair 4 burst pipes in loft refilled system. 6 hours £300 item/job Cardiff 2010-12-17
1 pipe under floor boards £450 item/job Romford 2010-08-11
Repair or replace pipes from 65 (Labour Only) Tel: DPS 01322-271185 Mob:07743-793180 £65 item/job Kent 2010-07-08
called plumber to replace damaged flexi horse leaking under the kitchen sink £120 item/job Chatham, kent 2010-04-06
replace pipes on 1 radiator with cooper pipes £350 item/job London 2010-03-06
Call out to repair one leaking central heating pipe which had a nail through it, refill heating system & relay floorboards + carpet (70) Call for a quote:-07807787623, Paul-Midlands area. £70 item/job Birmingham 2010-01-06
call out to burst pipes. repair 4 burst pipes in loft refill heating system call out charge and 5 hours labour £350 item/job Macclesfield 2007-12-23

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