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Online Free Painting and Decorating Quotes

The cost of hiring a professional painter will vary depending on the scale of your project, the company you hire and where you live. To get the best price it’s a good idea to compare quotes – simply fill in the form below and up to four local painters will call to discuss your project and provide a free, no-obligation quote.

If you want to spruce up your house a little then you might be thinking about getting the painters and decorators in. The form below will help you to get a quote for all the common painting and decorating jobs around your home

Online Quote for Painting a room

Perhaps the easiest painting and decorating job is simply putting a few extra coats of paint onto the wall. These sorts of jobs are very easy to quote against and the price will typically depend on the size of the room, how many windows and doors and what the detailing is (e.g. skirting, picture rails etc). It should be very simple to get a quote for painting a room.


Quote for Painting the Outside of a House

 Painting the outside of the house is much more difficult than painting a room, and you'll find that the quotes for this type of job are far more expensive. The exterior walls of the house need to be painted in special weatherproof paint, and access to all parts of the outside of the house can often prove difficult. Beware extremely cheap quotes for painting the outside of your house, you may find that they don't do a particularly neat job or use the wrong sort of paint


Decorating with Plastering Quotes

Plastering is one of the hardest home improvement jobs to get looking perfect, we at Whatprice recommend getting a professional plasterer if you want a high quality finished plastered wall. Its best to shop around for plastering quotations as the price can vary a great deal. Typical plastering quotes will depend on the type of plastering that you want (e.g.full wall plastering or just a plaster skim) and the size of the walls to be plastered.


Why Painting and Decoration Quotations Can be Helpful

When looking for a house painter or decorator, the major thing that you should consider is the contractor or company that will provide the services is reputable. The service provider should be able to perform quality work using quality materials and paints.Getting a professional house painter or decorator is essential because professionals will perform high quality work unlike non-professional painters who may perform work that is not very good.

Before deciding to use the services of a decorator, painter or plasterer, it is important to get a quotation. The quotation will allow you to know how much the contractor will charge for the services that you want. It will allow you to get an estimate on the entire job allowing you to be more prepared. Most licensed contractors will quote for you how much it would cost to paint a 12 by 12 feet room using quality brand name paints. The quotation will let you know the preparation work that will be associated with the job.

It will also let you know the amount and type of paint that will be used in the decoration. It will also let you know whether there will be charges incurred for moving heavy furniture away from the room that is being painted. Another thing is that you will know the type of brush or roller that the painter will use. This can help you make a decision regarding the best type of brush or roller to use so that the completed work will be attractive. By getting a decoration quotation, you will also be able to inquire whether the painter offers any discounts that can enable you to get a better deal.

A decoration or painting quotation can also be helpful in that you will be able to find out if you can comfortably afford the decoration project. Painting quotations are often cheaper during the winter months, late fall and early spring and slightly expensive in the summer season. When getting such a quotation, it is essential that you get one from a painter who has a proven record of customer satisfaction by asking for references from previous jobs that the painter has performed. In this way, you will be able to get decoration services from the best painter.

Changing the color of the house on a regular basis (say every 6 months) brings in the refreshing feel that makes the interiors of a house interesting and lively. There are professionals who get it done for you with a minimum level of fuss and in a manner that would bring about the wow factor in the décor.

These professionals have ample experience in colors and home décor and they can also help you with the right shades that you would want on the walls. The feeling of a paintjob done is refreshing and makes you want to do something more creative with the house.

Painting and decorating is an integral part of a modern house and the interior décor can be enhanced in a variety of ways. This does not necessarily mean by the use of different furniture, curtains and other accessories. But, unless you are a professional, you will find that neither a paint job nor a wall paper can be fixed right despite all your efforts.

It takes a certain level of experience and skills to do painting and decorating, and hence it is suggested that one should seek professional advice and assistance when repainting and decorating a house.