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How to protect your home from burglary

Is your home secure from burglars? Do you have a security alarm system? Statistics show that in the UK, the BCS (British Crime Survey) there is an estimated 730,000 burglaries in 2006. In 2008-09, the figure slightly rose by 1 %. In the USA, the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigations) reported that there is a burglary being committed every 15 seconds in a house, an apartment or a condominium. Statistics also show that one out of six homes will be burglarized this year.

An average of 60 seconds is the only amount of time before a burglar could enter your house. It is also ironic that the reason for this is that most burglars enter homes through open door and windows because one out of every four burglaries involves forced entry. Try to put yourself in the robber's shoes. If you were accidentally locked out of your house, would you be able to get in without trouble? If the answer is "yes", then it's a more sounding "yes" for any burglar too.

Burglary is preventable. You can observe and implement some precautionary measures to minimize the risk of being burglarized. There are three situations that a burglar looks for when planning his move. First, the house has the potential of having something worth stealing inside. Second, the house has an easy accessibility and low visibility entry points and last, the house seemed unoccupied.

 Why do break ins occur?

Most break-ins happen during the day because most homeowners are at work or doing errands. To help deter burglars you can do the following:

  • Make your home looked occupied all the time- You can do this by observing and doing what you normally do at home. Park your car inside the garage then close the garage's door. Install automatic light timers and set radios on automatic too. Lower the volume of your phone's ringer together with the answering machine.
  • Rid of potential hiding places- Light up your yard and its perimeter. If you have bushes or shrubs, make sure that a burglar cannot hide himself in there.
  • Practice common sense - Always, always see to it that you lock your doors and window when going out. Do not let other people know of your schedule. Refrain from leaving notes outside your door that indicates that you are not home. Do not give house keys to service repairmen. Instruct everyone in the house especially the young children not to talk to strangers more so not let them enter your house.
  • Install a security alarm system - It is best to change locks when you move into a new house. Consult a qualified locksmith to make sure you install the correct types of locks in your doors and windows. Better still if you can install some form of security alarm system in within and outside your house.

Installing security alarm system is becoming a widespread practice in the UK today. A government funding amounting to £ 6.5 million Safer Home Funds has been allotted to secure some 60,000 homes of elderly and single parents households.

 How to protect your home from burglary

There are three general categories of security alarm system based on its wiring. There is the wireless, hardwired and self-contained. A wireless system uses radio waves to establish communication between the control panel and its accompanying detection units. A hardwired system has wires running from the main panel to the each sensor. A self-contained system is a single unit set apart from each sensor and looks like any other appliances say a DVD player or radio.

A basic alarm system includes a main control panel, a sounder or a siren and at least one detection device. The control panel receives signal from the device or devices after which it processes its next course of action. It could be programmed to sound an alarm immediately after intrusion or silently alarm a monitoring company or even a law enforcement unit. The control unit also controls the arming and disarming of the devices. It can also be programmed to exclude some areas in the alarm zone in your property.

There are plenty of options in security alarm systems. Newer models are also designed as fire alarms aside from its basic function of motion detection. There are systems that are also hooked up to CCTVs (close circuit television) for surveillance. The different types of alarm systems available in the market today are the following.

  • Magnetic Switch Sensor - This type is most commonly used in doors to apartment buildings. The system calls for a close circuit and if a break happens without the owner's permission, an alarm is sounded. This system could also be installed in windows. The best kind of this type is a magnetic switch sensor that could not be closed once it has been opened without the owner's permission.
  • Security Sensors and Motion Detector System - This system detects movement in areas protected by the security sensors. This type differs in the kind of system used.

o High frequency radio waves

o Infrared light sensors

o Photoelectric beams or lasers - This system uses light-sensitive cell from a directed light source. The light source sends out invisible light beams to another sensor. If the light beam is broken, an alarm sounds off. It is best to crisscross beams from one source to another to make it difficult for an intruder to cross the light beams.

  • Passive Infrared System (PIR) - This system is a type of surveillance system where an area can be viewed with CCTV with infrared light sensors. This system is perfect for poorly lit areas, or in the house's perimeter. This system can also be used outdoor and for fire alarms as the infrared sensor can also detect changes in temperature.
  • Acoustic Sensors - This type can detect the pattern of sound wave created by a noise. This is typically placed on windows and glass doors with suction cup device.
  • Digital Security System- This system uses digital electronics to protect zones or areas in your homes. The system can only be deactivated by punching in numeric codes. The system is integrated with a computer and operated by keypads. This system is commonly integrated with close circuit television too.

Your choice of a security alarm depends on your needs. If the cost of the system is a point of consideration, then choose the best system that you can afford.

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