Dental Insurance Compared

Dental Insurance Policies Compared

Our secret shopper has been out checking out the dental insurance providers and comparing their prices and the ease of use if their websites.

What Does Dental Insurance include?

Dental insurance polices not only cover any emergency dental work but also routine examinations. This allows the user to budget for their year round dental costs by paying their monthly insurance premium.

All policies provide the following benefits:

Accidental cover - this pays for injury in the case of an accident e.g. sporting injury

Emergencies - in case of a dental emergency whilst at home or abroad

Money towards crowns or cosmetic dentistry

Routine examinations - this pays for your regular six monthly routine examinations. Some policies will cover the NHS cost only whilst some cover you to go to a private dentist of your choice.

Dental Insurance Cost

Here we get quotes from the most popular dental insurance companies. Dental insurance does not vary much with the patients age although most will not cover children.

Our quotes were run for a 25 year old female with no pre existing conditions using an NHS dentist. All quotes were obtained in August 2010


Cost per month

Time taken for quote



2 mins



3 mins



1 mins

>Axa PPP


2 mins

>Den Cover


2 mins



1 mins



Tesco policies cover all NHS examinations and 50% of any private treatment. They offer emergency cover of £200 which applies both in the UK and abroad. Tesco have a qualifying period on their policy so that no conditions identified in the first three months of purchase can be treated under the policy. They also state that if you have not been to the dentist in 12 months then anything found on the first examination will be exempt from the policy.


The Bupa policy is the most expensive in our test because it does not only cover dental treatment. Their plan gives you £150 towards any dental treatment and routine examinations. However their policy also covers any optician costs, prescription charges, chiropody and physiotherapy.


The WPA policy covers routine examinations at both NHS and Private practices allowing you to choose the best dentist for you. They offer £1000 in case of emergencies and have a very generous £20000 injury payment should you need dental treatment as a result of an accident or sporting injury.


The AXA PPP policy offers the same benefits as the WPA policy but is a little bit more expensive. AXA PPP are also responsible for running the Tesco dental insurance policy but obviously under the Tesco branding.

Den Cover

Their policy was quite pricey when compared to the others and did not seem to be able to offer the high level of benefits of some of the larger companies. Their accident and injury payment is only £1000 each and they offer a £500 emergency payout.


Boots offer an emergency payment of £22 but the number of times you can claim this in a year is unlimited, something unique to Boots. Their injury and accident payout is only £1000 each.


If you are looking for a standard NHS policy then the Tesco dental insurance policy appears to be the best buy, however it pays to visit the dentist before you take out the policy or else you could find your condition excluded anyway. If you are looking for dental costs as well as additional benefits such as opticians and prescriptions paid for then it is definitely worth investing in the Bupa policy. For private patients the WPA policy appears to be the best value as it covers all private examinations.

All the websites are easy to use and you can get a quote and purchase a full policy in only a few minutes.

For more information on dental prices check out the site Dentist Prices


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