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Online Flower Delivery 4th Jan 2007

I am looking to send a dozen red roses within the UK to a friend. Following are the results of six different websites, rating their costs, ease of use, time taken to find what I am looking for, any hidden costs or optional extras.

 Flower WebsiteFlower Cost  Flower Delivery Cost  Time to Find Flowers
 interflora 34.99  4.99 5 mins
 bunches 29.99  free 5 mins
 netflora 35.00  4.99 4 mins
 eden4flowers 29.90* 3.99 6 mins
 Tesco 30.50* 30.50 3 mins
 flowersdirect 29.00 3.99 6mins

Interflora Flowers

An attractive looking website which makes you want to spend money! It has some lovely bouquets pictured which you can simply select and order. There is a menu of occasions that you can also select which will bring appropriate pictures of bouquets up to order. I selected "Romance" since I was ordering red roses and quite a lovely selection of options came up. From there I selected the red rose bouquet and the next screen then gave me options of ordering with a vase or without and a choice of rose colours. Once I selected my choice the next screen showed any additional extras that I may want to order to send, such as vases, balloons, champagne, chocolates etc. The final page confirmed my delivery details and what I had ordered, and also showed a delivery fee with the final cost. I was able to do next day delivery, with the delivery fee being GBP 6.99 for same day delivery. International deliveries are available. Overall a very easy to use website - I will use them again.

Bunches.co.uk Flowers

Another attractive looking website to spend all your hard earned cash! This website was a little "busier" looking than Interflora but no less enticing. The home page featured a range of bouquets that can be ordered with the main information being that orders within the UK are sent free and also get a free gift message and chocolates delivered with them.
The search bar on the home page allows you to search by occasion, price or type of flower. This I found very handy and fast. I selected "roses" and a beautiful selection of bouquet options came up. Under this were options for extras such as a teddy bear, birthday cake, birthday card etc including their cost. Once sender and receiver's details have been entered there is the option to write your message for a gift card before finalizing the transaction. The only downside to this site was that I could not do next day delivery if ordering in the evening. This company does not offer International deliveries. I will definitely use this website again especially since they were cheaper than Interflora and offered the free delivery and chocolates!

Netflora.co.uk Flowers

A very fast and easy website to use. The home page displays customer comments and also points out that they will do same day delivery if orders are placed before 12pm UK time. International deliveries are also available. The menu bars on the top and side of the web page allow you to search by occasion, designs, seasons, roses etc. Once you have selected your bouquet the next page is very clear and concise, giving you a visible order number, then requesting delivery address, offering extras such as teddy bears, balloons, chocolates etc and allowing space for a card message. Overall another excellent website which I would be inclined to use.

Eden4flowers.co.uk  Flowers

So far this website has taken the longest to order a bunch of 12 red roses. The site itself offers a lot more than just flower delivery. They also do such things as birthday cakes, hampers, fruit baskets, silver jewellery and the list goes on! The home page itself appears a bit cluttered with so many options going on. The roses were easy enough to find however the ordering process seemed a bit tedious. On my first attempt even though I had only selected 1 quantity the invoice page said I had 2. I then backclicked to check I hadn't made a mistake, reselected 1 quantity again only to find the next page showing 3! So I had to delete my shopping basket and try again which then worked ok, however the invoice page did round up the price of my roses by 10p for some unknown reason. This company was closed over the Christmas/New Year period and was reopening on 7th January with the first delivery starting on 9th January, however their website does advertise same day delivery. There is no mention about International deliveries. Personally, if it was just flowers that I was looking at sending I wouldn't bother using this website.
* Special Sale price for month of January - normal price GBP 39.90

Tesco Flowers

A fast and easy website to use. The Flowers home page shows a selection of bouquets which can be ordered. The side menu allows you to select by price or occasion and also has a "plants" option. The closest occasion I could find that may offer my 12 red roses was "Anniversary" under which I did find what I was looking for. Once selected you can also include a range of other gifts to be sent with the roses such as chocolates, teddy bears, champagne etc, all with the prices listed. A very quick and easy site to use offering 5% online discount. If you are already registered with Tesco for online shopping you just need to put your details in otherwise you sign up as a part of the ordering process. Delivery is free within mainland UK however they only deliver Mon-Fri and cannot guarantee delivery on the nominated date. They do not deliver Internationally. Overall, an easy site to use however I would be more inclined to use some of the above mentioned companies before I used Tesco.

Flowers Direct

Another website offering loads of choice! The front page displays selections of bouquets which can be ordered and the menu on the left hand side allows you to make selections by occasion, type, price etc. This menu also shows a variety of other gifts that are available. I did a few different searches to find what I was looking for, but in the end found that they do not offer a simple bouquet of 12 red roses. They did however offer a bouquet of 20 red roses for around the same price as all of the above sites offered 12 for!! A very good bargain. FlowersDirect also offered some very beautiful but more expensive bouquets which were very tasteful. The website offers 5% online discount and can do same day delivery, however there was no mention of International deliveries. The ordering system seemed straightforward and was the first one I have noticed ask for funeral details if you happened to be ordering flowers for a funeral, which I thought was good. Overall a very good website. I would definitely go to this one again to at least compare what I can get for my money.

Buying Flowers Online Conclusion

Bunches.co.uk were the cheapest for sending 12 red roses offering free delivery. However FlowersDirect did offer better value - 20 red roses for approximately the same deal! If I were looking at ordering flowers I would use the Bunches website and Interflora (if I needed an international delivery) as I found these to be the most appealing websites out of all of the above. I would then of course compare them to FlowersDirect as they seemed to have some really good deals. Good Luck and Happy Shopping!

"Please make sure that the florist does deliver your order! In November I ordered flowers from flowers-for-all-occasions.co.uk, not only the flowers were not delivered (and until today there is no explanation how it happened),they haven\'t either refunded me for this failure!despite many telephone calls I made! (a month after the order was made)"

Lenah Susianty

"That's quite an interesting and helpful way on getting the best money well spent for flowers"

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