Tesco Fuel Prices Today

Finding the most affordable place to refuel is a top priority for motorists who want to be spending savvy when it comes to fuel costs. Our Tesco fuel price tracker takes the guesswork out of locating the cheapest petrol and diesel at the supermarket chain’s forecourts across the UK.

Simply enter your city or postcode into our interactive map to view up-to-the-minute prices at nearby Tesco stations from wherever you are in the UK. We monitor fuel costs hourly and provide daily averages to ensure you have the latest pricing information at your fingertips.

Whether you’re a Clubcard holder looking to maximise rewards or just want to minimise the cost you pay at the pump, let our Tesco fuel price map guide you to the best local deals every time you need to fill up

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Tesco’s Petrol and Diesel Prices Today (Updated Hourly)

Tesco Fuel Prices Today

Current UK Average Prices for Tesco forecourts:

Whether you prioritise locating the most economical petrol prices or want to earn rewards like a Clubcard member, Tesco aims to be a one-stop shop for all your fuel and grocery needs through their extensive network of convenience stores and forecourt sites nationwide.

Unleaded Average Price 144.5 (Pence Per Litre)

Diesel Average Price 149.4 (Pence Per Litre)

All Tesco fuel stations allow customers to conveniently pay for petrol or diesel directly at the pump using credit/debit cards, Clubcard, and mobile payments.

About Tesco Fuel

About Tesco Fuel Tesco first introduced petrol stations in 1974, allowing customers to fill up while doing their grocery shopping. Over time, Tesco expanded its fuel retailing operation, offering competitive pricing and promotions like the ability to earn Clubcard points on fuel purchases.

Tesco offers three main grades of petrol and diesel at their forecourts:

  • Unleaded: Regular unleaded petrol is suitable for most vehicle types
  • Super Unleaded: Premium grade fuel for optimal engine performance
  • Diesel: For diesel/compression engine vehicles

In addition to conventional petrol, Tesco also provides more eco-friendly fuel options like biofuels and blends with bioethanol or biodiesel components. This allows customers to choose a fuel type that aligns with their vehicle requirements as well as their environmental principles.

A key advantage of refuelling at Tesco is the ability to earn Clubcard points on every purchase. As one of the largest grocers, Tesco’s popular loyalty program enables shoppers to accrue points across their fuel, grocery, and household spending – helping them maximise value.

Tesco Fuel Station Facilities & Amenities

Tesco fuel stations offer a variety of convenient amenities to enhance your refuelling experience.

Facilities will vary between sites so you should check your station independently online or by calling them before setting out to confirm if it has what you need.

Common handy supermarket fuel station amenities include:

  • Car Wash
  • Air & Water Services
  • Vacuum Cleaners
  • Convenience Store
  • 24/7 Opening Hours
  • Toilets
  • ATM
  • Parking Facilities
  • Disabled Toilet/Baby Changing

Competitor Fuel Price Comparison

Savvy motorists will know that supermarket forecourts are often some of the most competitive fuel prices available.

Fuel prices do vary between retailer though, so take a look at our side-by-side price comparison vs other major supermarket/fuel brands in the same area.

Use the links below to see today’s supermarket petrol prices and diesel prices near you.

Tesco Fuel Prices FAQs

How often are Tesco fuel prices updated?

We update Tesco’s petrol and diesel prices hourly to provide the most current costs across their UK network. Our tracker pulls pricing data directly from Tesco to ensure you have accurate, real-time fuel rates no matter where you’re searching from. Tesco can change prices at any time based on fluctuations in wholesale fuel costs.

Can I pay at the pump at Tesco fuel stations?

Yes, all Tesco forecourts allow customers to pay for their petrol or diesel directly at the pump using credit/debit cards, Tesco Clubcards, and mobile payment options like Apple Pay or Google Pay. This provides a convenient refuelling experience.

Does Tesco sell premium-grade fuels?

Many Tesco petrol stations offer their Momentum 99 super unleaded petrol as a premium high-octane fuel option, in addition to their regular unleaded. However, Tesco does not currently sell a premium-grade diesel. Availability may vary, so check your local station.

Do Tesco fuel stations have EV charging points?

While Tesco has installed some electric vehicle charging stations at select fuel station locations, they are not available at every Tesco forecourt at this time. The supermarket is working to expand EV charging accessibility as demand increases for convenient charging options.

Popular Supermarket Fuel Brands UK

Filling up at supermarket petrol stations can be a great way to save money and also has the added convenience of being able to buy fuel at the same time as you do your shopping and earning rewards. Be sure to shop around and compare prices to get the best deal though with our fuel prices map above. As well as Tesco, we also track and report the following popular supermarket fuel brands.

Sainsbury’s Fuel Prices

Whether you’re a Nectar card holder looking to maximise rewards or just want to minimise expenditure at the pump, let our Sainsbury’s fuel price map guide you to the best local deals every time you need to fill up.

Morrisons Fuel Prices

Morrisons offers competitive fuel pricing too and frequently runs promotions like money-off vouchers when spending over a certain amount in-store.

Asda Fuel

As one of the big four supermarket retailers, Asda is well-known for undercutting petrol station prices through sheer buying power. Check Asda fuel prices before you shop and you can pay for fuel at the pump using your grocery loyalty card.

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