Texaco Fuel Prices Today

Big expenses like fuel need to be carefully managed in order to make household budget stretch as far as possible. Handy fuel price checking tools are therefore a great way to take the guesswork out of locating the cheapest petrol and diesel at Texaco forecourts across the UK.

Simply enter your city or postcode into our interactive map to view up-to-the-minute prices at nearby Texaco stations from wherever you are in the UK. We monitor fuel costs hourly and provide daily averages to ensure you have the latest pricing information at your fingertips.

Whether you’re a Texaco Star Rewards member looking to maximise savings or just want to minimise expenditure at the pump, let our Texaco fuel price map guide you to the best local deals every time you need to fill up.

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Texaco Petrol and Diesel Prices Today (Updated Hourly)

Current UK Average Prices for Texaco Forecourts:

Whether you’re a Texaco Star Rewards member looking to earn points or just want to save money, our Texaco fuel price tracker helps you locate the lowest petrol and diesel costs in your neighbourhood.

Unleaded Average Price 145.8 (Pence Per Litre)

Diesel Average Price 151 (Pence Per Litre)

669 Texaco petrol stations

Most Texaco fuel stations offer convenient pay-at-pump facilities, allowing you to refuel and pay directly at the dispenser without entering the kiosk.

About Texaco Fuel

Texaco fuel prices today

Texaco’s history in the fuel industry dates back to 1901 when the Texas Fuel Company was formed. It became the Texas Company in 1909, which was eventually abbreviated to Texaco in the 1960s. Texaco’s iconic green T logo was introduced in 1936.

During World War II, Texaco fuel helped power the Allied air forces. Post-war, it pioneered innovations like unleaded gasoline and detergent gasolines. Texaco merged with Getty Oil in 1984 but filed for bankruptcy protection in 1987 due to legal issues related to the Pennzoil-Getty lawsuit. It emerged in 1988 and later merged with Star Enterprise and Saudi Aramco’s Motiva in 1998.

Chevron Corporation acquired Texaco in 2001, retaining the Texaco brand which continues operating over 800 stations in the UK.

Texaco Fuel Station Facilities & Amenities

Texaco fuel stations offer a variety of convenient amenities to enhance your refuelling experience. Facilities will vary between sites, so you should check your station independently online or by calling them before setting out to confirm if it has what you need.

Common handy fuel station amenities include:

  • Car Wash
  • Premium fuels
  • Air & Water Services
  • Vacuum Cleaners
  • Pay at pump
  • ATM
  • Parking Facilities

Fuel Brand Comparison

While supermarkets often undercut costs, leading petrol brands offer advanced fuel formulations.

Compare prices to balance performance with savings. View all brands

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Esso touts its fuels as engineered for maximum efficiency in modern vehicles. Locate the nearest Esso station and check today’s Esso fuel prices before filling up.

BP Fuel

One of the largest petrol station networks in the UK, BP is a prevalent option for fueling up on the go. Consult BP’s fuel price listings to find the most competitive rates.

Shell Fuel

Shell’s V-Power and premium fuel lineups promise improved energy output and protection for high-mileage drivers. View your area’s Shell fuel prices to factor performance into the value equation.

Texaco Fuel Price FAQs

How often are Texaco fuel prices updated?

We update Texaco’s petrol and diesel prices hourly to provide the most current costs across their UK network. Our tracker pulls pricing data directly from Texaco to ensure you have accurate, real-time fuel rates no matter where you’re searching from. Texaco can change prices at any time based on fluctuations in wholesale fuel costs and other external factors.

Can I pay at the pump at Texaco fuel stations?

Eliminate long waits and the hassle of checkout lines by refuelling and pay directly at the pump at applicable Texaco fuel stations.

Does Texaco sell premium-grade fuels?

Yes, Texaco sells premium fuels. They offer several types of high-quality fuels designed to meet the needs of modern motorists and improve vehicle performance:
Premium Unleaded 95: A high-quality fuel designed to keep engines running smoothly, suitable for all petrol engine vehicles where the manufacturer recommends a minimum RON of 95.
Supreme Unleaded: Contains a performance additive package to keep the engine clean, improve acceleration, fuel economy, reduce exhaust emissions, and ensure smooth performance and reliability.
Supreme Diesel: Also includes a performance additive package to maintain engine cleanliness, improve performance, and enhance fuel economy and reliability.

These premium fuels, particularly the Supreme Unleaded and Supreme Diesel, are available at selected Texaco service stations.

Do Texaco fuel stations have EV charging points?

Yes, Texaco has some EV charging points at a few of their forecourts. These charging points are supplied by third-party companies such as InstaVolt and Genie Point. However, Texaco has not yet established its own dedicated EV charging network, and the presence of these charge points is limited.

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