Price Calculators

Price Calculators - Estimate how much UK services should cost

This page provide access to a range of free tools that will allow you to calculate a rough estimate of how much UK service jobs should cost. The number of calculators is building fast so check back here regularly for new tools to use.

All the calculators are free to use and do not require you to register or login. You can also embed these tools FOR FREE on your own website. Please scroll down through our list of tools shown below.

Room Decorating Calculators

We have added several decorating calculators each one specific for a different room in the house. They all assume wallpapering, some undercoat and gloss painting and two coats of emulsion on the ceiling. For each calculator you can choose the cost of the wallpaper, the size of the room and specify where in the country you live which modifies the price.

Paths & Pavings Calculator

The paths and pavings cost calculator allows you to choose between different types of paving material (tarmac, York stone paving, pre-cast concrete, etc) and whether an existing path needs removing. It will then show you a breakdown of the cost of the paving weighted for the part of the country the work is being carried out in.

Replacement Window Calculator

The replacement window cost estimator allows you to choose between softwood, hardwood and uPVC window frames and then select the size and quantity of all the windows you need in your house. It will then calculate the cost of replacing those windows weighted in price for the area of the country that you live in.

Garden Wall Calculator

The garden wall cost calculator allows you to select a type of garden wall (thickness, height, piers etc), choose a quality of facing brick based on price per 1000 bricks, say what length wall and where in the country you are ebfore estimating the price for building a garden wall.

Wall Tiling Estimator

This wall tile calculator allows you to select a basic colour of tile, tiles of different sizes and thicknesses, whether you or a contractor will do the work, whether any existing tiles are to removed and then the calculated tiling costs are found including the cost of adhesive and grouting. It is assumed that most of the area to be tiled is plain, flat walling without too many projections.

Roofing Costs Calculator

The roofing calculator allows you to choose the type of house (detached, semi- or terraced), whether it is gabled or hipped, enter the dimensions of the roof, choose a type of roof tile or slate and say where in the country that you live. The calculator will then estimate the total cost of the project including removing the existing roof covering and labour plus materials.

Plastering Costs Calculator

The plastering cost calculator allows you to choose the dimensions of the room that requires plastering, the numbers of doors and windows, whether to plaster the wall and/or the ceiling and enter your geographic location. It will then calculate the estimated cost including materials and labour to plaster the walls, ceiling or whole room.

Patio Costs Calculator

The patio cost calculator is a fairly simple calculator that allows you to choose the dimensions of the patio you require, decide on the size and material you wish the patio to be made of and enter your geographic location. It will then calculate the estimated cost including materials and labour to build the patio you desire.

Loft Conversion Costs Calculator

The loft conversion cost calculator is an easy to use, free tool for estimating the cost of converting your loft. It includes factors such as where you live, the floor space of the loft conversion, the number of roof windows, the number of dormer windows, number of storeys of your house and whether you want a bathroom or not. The output is an estimate of the total costs and cost per square metre or foot for the loft conversion. Hopefully, whilst not exact, this will give you an idea for budgeting before approaching builders.

Home Building Costs Calculator

The house building cost calculator is an easy to use, free tool for estimating the cost of building a home. It includes factors such as where you live, the type of construction (brick or timber framed), the total floor area, the number of bedrooms in the house or bungalow and what type of garage you want to include. No online estimator can give you an exact price but this will give you some guidance without having to approach builders for quotes when you have not yet started to cost the price of building your dream home.

Home Extension Costs Calculator

The home extension cost calculator is a free tool for estimating the cost of an extension based upon where you live, size of the extension, type of roof and number of storeys required. It cannot give you an exact figure but at least allows you some guidance without having to approach builders for quotes when you have not yet started to cost the project.

Conservatory Cost Calculator

The conservatory cost calculator allows you to specify the size and design of your conservatory along with type of glass, air conditioning and blinds and provides you with a rough estimate of the cost to have built.

Car Running Costs Calculator

With the car running cost calculator if you provide us with some basic information about the type of car you drive and your driving habits this will tell you how much you car costs overall to run each year, plus how much it costs to drive per mile. Note: It currently doesn't include anything about those pay per mile road tolls. Here's hoping they don't happen!

Central Heating Costs Calculator

Be prepared for the high cost of installation with our central heating calculator. We will need to know how many floors your property is along with its external dimensions (length and width) in metres, how many radiators you think you need (just use your common sense) along with what type of boiler you require (gas or oil). We will then calculate the rough cost of installing some new central heating with some explanations at the bottom of the page about the assumptions we have made.

Room Decorating Costs Calculator

This calculator will work out how much of each type of paint you will need and estimate the total cost of decorating a room based upon the dimensions, number of coats of paint, type of paint, numbers of windows and also doors. We hope it is useful whether you plan to get a decorator in or simply wish to work out roughly how much paint to buy.

Free Home Improvement Quotes

Select from the list below to obtain free no obligation quotes from local tradesmen

"I think this is an excellent page to give a "guide" as to likely costs, of course there wil be exceptions but too many so called "Tradesmen" expect to get paid top money for minimum effort. Why should a customer pay for a the time it takes to prepare a quotation!!! If more so called Tradesmen took an interest in building a reliable business instead of just trying to get home for 4pm, take tea breaks every couple of hours and take as many short cuts as they hope their clients will not notice, then this Industry would not have such a bad name. Thank god for the Poles, their work ethic is sound and workmanship generally OK at least their presence exerts some pressure on the lazy excuses for builders that we have bred to date. Great site keep it up and perhaps publish it in Polish so they have even more time to do the work at reasonable prices and as for the complainants, wake up business if tough an dif its too hot in the kitchen you knwo what to do. Well Done What Price"


"hey, I think is good site , and if someone dos not like it, why you are here? You do not have to read it! Buy estimator !"


"I asked our estimator off the cuff, 6m x6m by 3m high 1 door 1 window. He said £500, the calculator said £490. Cant argue with that. Spelling mistakes and poor english....get a lofe will you"


"Just compared the calculator with the time and cost it actually took me to decorate my own front room - I did an immaculate job, but I'm slow, I'm not a professional, and the room needed lots of extras, like beams on the ceiling, 18th century mantel piece, wallpaper stripping off, damp patches sealing. The site said it should take about 25 hours (chargeable time, I don't expect to pay someone for a quote, or for a decorator to visit the paint shop - I don't charge my own customers for the time taken to buy materials and prepare quotes in my trade - if you want more cash, put up your hourly rate!), and it actually took me 50 hours ... that works out about right I think. This site is really useful for working out a rough budget proposal."

Jon Bowen

"i think you,re all nutters. i,m trying to set up on my own after being in the building trade for years and years but i,m at a loss as to how much to charge for particular jobs and how much material to use whether it be to paint a wall or seal a driveway. i,m a multi skilled builder, master of none as they say! but am finding it very difficult to price work without the risk of losing on every job to compete with the cowboys. i think sites like this are good but agree with wendy on the poor english. all my work takes me longer than average as i put more into quality than quantity so i need to price my work lower to accomodate the longer period but higher quality and at the same time i need something to help me work out coverage of materials. more basic calculators would help. "


"It's amazing isn't it that people can be so useless with the English language. I've come to this site and am immediately unimpressed because the overall custodians of this site allow such poor quality material to be published. There may be honest and genuine comments here, but who can take things seriously when they are accompanied with such useless grasp of the English language? I certainly can't take this site seriously. It's rubbish.
(Admin: Thank you. We are working closely with the UK Government to improve the standard of web English. Please keep an eye on the site for the next 20 or so years as we start to see victims of this new scheme take their first brave steps out into society)"

Wendy Casey

"This site is a total waste of time. Who really would come on here and give out commercial information sensitive to their business? These prices are pie in the sky; you want to know a price get a quote from a tradesman. Once youve come on here for a nose about your going to have to get a quote anyway??? "


"Have enjoyed using your site. Read some of the comments and all are valuable. However, the likes of Mr Angry, if your decorator quotes £5oo for a job and it takes him a week, then its not too bad. If it takes him a day, you are going to be mighty cheesed off as you know he has more than likely done a shoddy job. I'm a plumber/tiler and know how long something takes to do well, some can do it quicker no doubt, but I pride myself in perfection, nothing less will do-ever."

H. Fitzpatrick

"i have never seen sucha bad ideal of pricing in the biulding industry this must be a child just out of collage with no ideal at all! next up date talk to people who do know what is going on and leave the keyboard alone please!!!"


"5 days?!! You're having a laugh aren't you?? It's slow coaches like you that milk jobs that give the trades a bad name!"

Mr Angry

"it would be great if there was an electrical calculator. One that includes number of sockets, electrical showers, consumer unit and outside get the jist of it!! Also one for plastering and skimming."

N Skene

"5 days for a single room? really? so say £500-750 for single room including painting doors in labour costs only? The times are calculated on basic coverage rates and of course don't account for fetching the paint nor indeed writing up a quote. They are best suited to a new build or perhaps when there is little sanding down of doors required. But even so, 5 days, really??!! "


"I am a proffessional decorator and was astounded that your site is telling me that I should carry out the job specification that I submitted in 11 hours. In short the spec is as follows, all 2 coat as standard never do less, ceilings, coving,all white. Walls (2 colour lots) ucoat and top coat throughout woodwork, a mix of both gloss and Satin wood white. M/g coving walls and woodwork, sand down as necessary. Sheet up completly. Cover furniture after centralising. Purchase paint, visit for quote attend client on telephone. Quantify materials and labour cost, write up specification and guide in colour choice and paint type and send out to client. Thats 3 hours of the 11 gone already. So now I have 8 hours to do that which I consider to be work that will tale up to 5 days carried out properly and methodically. Perhaps I can take the dog for a walk whilst I am there!"


"Just used your pricing calculator to decorate a room. Seems too low to me! Doesn't say if the prices are up to date or not? Are these 2008 prices and also, does area in UK affect labour costs?"

Mr C Sambridge

"would love to have a building (extension) average price calculator on the site also ..."

Steve K