Central Heating Installation Calculator

Central Heating Calculator

Whilst the price of central heating installation (new boiler, water tank, radiators and pipework) is dependent on the specific location and circumstances it is possible to work out example prices based upon information provided. So, in this calculator we will attempt to estimate the cost of a new central heating install if you tell us how many floors the house is, its approximate size and what type of boiler you think you require. It won't be exact, that's not the purpose of this site anyway, but will hopefully give you a good idea. If you are after some new central heating then why not use our free service to obtain up to 5 quotes for central heating from local contractors.

To work out how many radiators you need simply count the number of rooms and make a note of which rooms need more than one radiator and which don't need any.

For the purpose of this tool call the longest aspect of your property its length and the other its width.

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