If you are hiring the services of a Tradesman...

If you are hiring the services of a Tradesman...Read this!

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This page is the aiming to be the definative guide for anyone who is thinking of hiring a tradesman to do jobs and services around the house and home. It contains pricing information for the common jobs that you would want to get done, and articles on what to look out for when employing tradesmen/contractors. Hopefully it will help you avoid being ripped off by those cowboy traders out there!

Tradesmen Prices
Hiring a Contractor

The prices for tradesmen services varies a great deal from job to job and from trader to trader. With such a wide variety job quality and levels of service it is difficult to gauge whether you are getting a good deal or whether you are being ripped off. The costing pages below give examples of the prices that people have paid for certain jobs in the past and so can be used as an indicator of the price you should be paying. Note that there may be good genuine reasons for paying far more than these prices, perhaps due to much higher quality workmanship, or for paying much less than these prices. In either case if you have had a job done and would like to share the price that you paid, please let us know about it.

Cost estimates for general building work
Prices for everything including the kitchen sink!
Rough estimates for painting inside out outside of the house
Call out charges, new fuses boxes, and complete wiring
Go to the general household page for more details
From patios, to decks, from turfing to garden sheds.
Automobile parts and servicing prices
More Coming soon!

The following articles give helpful advice if you are thinking about hiring anyone to do a job or service for you. They give tips on what to look out for, how to make sure you get the right quote at the right price, anduseful contact emails and addresses. Basically everything you should need to know to make sure you dont get ripped off by those Cowboy traders.

Trade Associations
A valuable list of all the relevant professional bodies that monitor tradesmen
Getting Quotes
Essential reading before you get tradesmen in to quote for jobs and services
Ten useful tips to bear in mind when hiring contractors
New House
The builders have left, and you have moved in. But what if they haven't done the job properly?
Double Glazing
How to avoid being ripped off by dodgy double glazing firms

Cost estimates and essential advice for hiring tradesmen

Note that these pages are intended for guidance only, the price estimates are only an indication of the true price that you may pay, and do not consider the individual requirements of the job. They should however help you avoid the Cowboy Traders!

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