Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance Advice

We all like to keep our travelling as simple and inexpensive as possible. Sometimes we even think we can get away without buying travel insurance but the truth is you need to be insured for travel. Much of this advice is just common sense but there is also quite a lot here that you may not have known.

Buying Travel Insurance

Why should I buy travel insurance? Because it should cover you against medical emergencies, theft/crime, accidents, cancellations, and repatriation. In worst-case scenarios your travel insurance should provide emergency flights home. If you are thinking of getting away without buying travel insurance consider how much will it cost you to find:- a replacement after theft, legal representation, medical assistance or a way home?

One of the best advertisements for travel insurance I know was an old travel agent colleague of mine. When anyone asked her about the necessity for travel insurance she would simply hold up her hand to reveal a missing finger and would tell them "If I had had adequate travel insurance, my finger would have been saved". Not sure how true that was but she always sold travel insurance!

Check the Travel Insurance Detail

Do ask your travel agent for details before buying travel insurance. Always check what is covered and what is not and for how much. Check the fine print and look out for exceptions. Do not assume that a cheap travel insurance policy gives you adequate cover - when comparing prices be sure to compare like for like - there is no point in buying cheap travel insurance if it does not give you adequate cover. In the case of government travel warnings some travel insurance policies will only cover you if the warning has been issued within so many days before you are scheduled to travel. Some travel insurance policies completely exclude the U.S.A and some even exclude transit through the U.S.A.

Buy your travel insurance when you pay for your travel and ensure you are covered for the cancellation clause.

Travel Insurance Excess Waiver

Check how much extra it costs to waiver your medical excess - some travel insurance policies have a low waiver fee that makes making medical claims more viable - for instance if the excess if £50 and you have not paid your waiver then you will not be able to claim on anything less than £50 whereas if you have paid the waiver you can.

Be aware that most travel insurance policies (except annual) expire if you are returning to the UK. so you cannot make multiple trips on one travel insurance policy.

Length of Travel Insurance Policies

Do not think you can cheat the system by purchasing inadequate travel insurance for your trip - for instance if your are travelling for 21 days do not buy a 20 day policy because it is cheaper than a 31 day policy as when you make a claim you will need to provide evidence to prove your dates of travel - your claim will not be honoured.

If you do travel several times a year then look for a good annual travel insurance policy. Do check how long each trip is covered for though as some annual policies only cover you to be abroad for up to 60 days on one trip (for example).

This article is intended to be of interest to travellers from the UK. who need travel insurance. This is advice and the writers cannot accept responsibility for the travel insurance purchases that our readers make. Travel safe, travel with travel insurance!