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Building prices for plastering room skimmed

User submitted example costs for skimming all the walls (and ceiling if specified) in a single room. This price will include all materials and labour - again unless stated otehrwise.

Building prices for plastering room skimmed: Disclaimer
Detailed Description of WorkPrice/CostUnitsLocationLast Updated
Board a ceiling (board supplied by owner). Skim ceiling and walls. Room is 4x4m height 2.7m £380 room Bath, somerset 2016-12-12
Board a ceiling (board supplied by owner). Skim ceiling and walls. Room is 4x4m height 2.7m £380 room Bath, somerset 2016-12-12
24 square metres, plastering wall and ceiling of a 2m X 4m small room £250 room Yorkshire 2016-11-28
Skim 180 square metres of plasterboard provide plaster £1,200 room Manchester 2016-11-13
22 m2 of walls to be skimmed 11 m2 of ceiling artex to be skimmed 11 lm of new gyproc coving skirtings remain client to remove one radiator £550 room Scotland 2016-11-02
2 walls re-skimmed (over previous bad job), approx 4m x 2.5m £340 item/job North West 2016-09-21
Plastering and rendering and K.rend 150 James 07767720765 £300 item/job London 2016-06-24
Had the whole house skimmed (3bed semi) which included downstairs & upstairs hallway, living room, dining room, 3 bedrooms, bathroom and new ceiling to kitchen £1,850 item/job East Midlands 2016-06-14
Ceiling boarded over old lath/plaster (cracked). 4 walls and ceiling skimmed. Bedroom size~ 4.4x2.4m with high ceilings and one chimney breast/ firepalce. All material and labour inc in price £350 room Newport 2016-04-18
Full room with ceiling skimmed £350 room Colne 2016-03-24
ill plaster a Standard 12x14 ft room including ceiling re skimmed including all materials required. 400 07713045581 £400 room Goole yorkshire 2016-03-01
20sq meter £600 room Ilford essex 2016-01-30
Single bedroom (box room, wall and ceiling plastered and skimmed £250 room London 2016-01-24
For a Full room to be Plastered 250 Call 07341554149 £250 room Lincoln 2016-01-04
2 windows and 1 door 4x4m room £385 room Caterham 2015-10-01
6 bags of Finnish Pva beads for windows £350 room N.ireland Belfast 2015-09-03
I have a small room roughly 11x8 .I have been quoted for the wall and ceiling with a new patch approx2x2 put on the ceiling as we had a leak.The walls being only half ones as we have a wooden bottom £580 item/job Neath 2015-07-27
PVA and 2 coats multi £550 room Devon 2015-07-19
room approx. 10x10 - 2,4m high - one large window - £250 room Wolverhampton 2015-05-26
4.5 mt X 2.5 mt ceiling unibond and skim, chasings bonded then all walls unibonded and skimmed 1 chimney breast 2 doors 1 Window Including materials £435 room Rugby, warwickshire 2015-05-05
3 bedroom terrace house in the North West of England - 250 - 300 to plaster/skim to a good clean finish a master bedroom. £280 room North West of England 2015-04-30
Bonded one was and put up Mede angles and skimmed whole room £200 item/job Northeast 2015-04-23
Bonded one was and put up Mede angles and skimmed whole room David 07738054051 £200 room Northeast 2015-04-23
2.5 by 3m wall plastered both sides. £80 item/job Midlands 2015-03-04
Had my full bedroom plastered .... It was skimmed over the old plaster .... I got a guy recommended through a friend and was not disapointed ... Excellent job, reasonable price, reliable and the most important thing was clean .... Would recommend all day long this guy was the best I've seen .... Dan king ... 07976955570 £320 room Sale 2015-01-24
Small bathroom one radiator . Just a rough guess £500 room Cresswell 2014-12-26
Sheet up pva 2 times 1 window 1 door 2 coats multifinish clean up 1 radiator take off an put back £460 room Norfolk 2014-12-26
ceiling 5x4, 2 walls 5x3(1 window and door on wall), 2 walls 4x3. 2 guys 1 day. labour £350 room Barrow in furness 2014-10-16
Pva walls reskim bed room 10 x12 feet £250 room N.ireland 2014-08-23
3 bedrooms £600 room West Midlands 2014-07-01
One radiator, chimney pier skimming around windows and around sockets and it's a living room £350 room Edinburgh, Scotland, Midlothia 2014-06-19
2 or 3 bedrooms skimid all rooms £1,000 room Kent 2014-05-23
Room 3m x 3m prepared beaded/ 2 coats of pva skimmed including ceiling 350.00 very clean and quality work, J C Renovations, Chelmsford,Essex. Jason 07748324257 £350 room Essex 2014-05-13
3x4x2.5 room re skim £400 room Kent 2014-05-04
4.5 x 3ms room ceiling and walls. Over original plaster 51ms x 6 per meter 300 Very professional, 1 man 1 day. He took the carpet upend cleaned up at the end of the day and carpet laid back down! Very pleased indeed! Mordecai plastering services 07545215701 £300 item/job Swindon 2014-03-24
50 squre metres £250 room Grimsby 2014-02-14
Pva walls and re skim the room clean up after.12 feet x15 feet. £325 room N.ireland 2014-02-10
Skimmed whole kitchen including ceiling approx.3m x 2.5m 2 days work £360 item/job Bath 2014-02-05
A 4m x 5m room by 5m high. 4 walls and a ceiling, together with a narrow stud wall for an integrated wardrobe openning.Breast wall was bare scratch coat, while all other walls were pre skimmed and in an OK condition but not brilliant with screw holes and minor blown patches where the screws and nails were removed. All sockets and raidator were removed for ease of access. Total price 400 for labour and approx 80 for materials. £480 room Torfaen 2013-11-11
25 m2 £200 room Beds 2013-06-14
5x5m room re skimmed including ceiling £400 room Essex 2013-06-02
I was recommended to Dal by a friend. I needed the ceiling boarded and then the whole room skimmed (ceiling and 4 walls). This was a 4mx4m square room. I purchased the materials myself after Dal told me what to buy and where to buy from, I was quoted 220 but it was money well spent and he was very professional and clean... the finish was fantastic. Dal can be contacted on 07817279371. £220 room Birmingham 2013-05-20
Large living room prepped with 2 coats of pva , skim beads to window and chimney reveals, room fully skimmed to high quality finish and job left as clean as we arrived £300 room Stockport 2013-05-12
50m2 plastering walls, plasterboard ceiling. £300 item/job Stoke on trent 2013-05-04
16ft by 17ft square £450 room South Yorkshire 2013-05-01
New kitchen FULL re skimmed only. Very happy £1,000 room West Yorkshire 2013-04-22
1 Room and hallway £350 item/job Rochdale 2013-03-29
I had 1 Room and hallway done. The guy was very nice and did a fantastic and clean job. He was also very cheap which was helpful. The company is AN nawabi Builder and his number is 0744816212. I hope you find him as helpful. £350 item/job Rochdale 2013-03-29
Skimmed bathroom ceiling and whole kitchen on new plasterboard. Joins were already taped and filled. Large Victorian terrace. £340 item/job Lancashire 2013-03-14
SMALL BATH ROOM £250 item/job NW LONDON 2013-03-11

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