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This page contains links to pages that give cost estimates for all kinds of building work and also articles about various aspects of getting building work done. From general home improvement to building a conservatory all the way to completely building a new home. Thinking of buying a new garage? Getting some roofing done? Conservatories, glazing, or just building a garden wall? You should find all the building prices here! First of all you may wish to look at our main building work page.

The following table gives some of the building prices that our visitors have recently submitted. Please click on the prices to get more details.

Building Costs: Disclaimer
Type of job Sub-category Price Units Last Updated
Bricklaying Wall £4400 item/job 2015-08-16
Plastering Ceiling Skimmed £170 item/job 2015-08-15
Plastering Ceiling Skimmed £420 room 2015-08-15
Bricklaying Wall £1150 item/job 2015-08-13
Repointing   £60 m2 2015-08-10

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Building Articles: Disclaimer
Maintitle About the article Date
Bedroom Quotes Get up to 3 quotes for bedroom work... 2014-12-30
test test... 2014-12-27
CONTENTS ... 2012-11-18
PREFACE The current uncertainty in the housing market means that more home-owners are choosing to improve and enlarge their existing homes rather than move. This has led to an upsurge both in DIY activities a... 2012-11-18
Home Improvement e-book ... 2012-11-18
Window Repair Sash window repairs can reduce the overall cost of maintaining your home, while giving an opportunity to retain original features and help the environment.... 2012-08-12
Ebook Sample Sample page for Ebook... 2012-07-09
... 2012-05-13
UK Double Glazing Double-glazing reduces heat loss through your windows. You can save money on your heating bills. *However, it will be a long time before you save enough money equal to the cost of the windows*. If you... 2011-08-23
Getting Quotes Getting an honest quote is a worry for most people when they have to or wish to have some work done in their house, or garden or on their car. This article covers some advice on getting a good quote... 2011-08-23
Identifying and Dealing with Asbestos Asbestos is extremely bad for your health. This article explains why it is so bad for you, how to recognise it and how to go about safely removing it. ... 2011-08-11
Laying a Concrete Floor Concrete is a very versitile surface and can make a lovely smooth flooring surface in any home. This article explains how to lay the perfect concrete floor. ... 2011-08-10
Damp proofing your house All houses need to be protected against damp. There are many causes of damp and there are various ways to protect your home from the damage that damp can do.... 2011-06-05
Rising Damp Rising damp is very common primary cause o f decay to masonry materials. No brick, concrete block or mortar is safe from rising damp. Rising damp is caused by moisture from the ground seeping into po... 2011-06-05
Making Payments Payments up front are not recommended! It is hard to imagine any circumstances where money should be paid out before the work commences. ... 2011-05-21
Plastering Discussion on the cost of plastering walls and ceilings in the UK including details in metre squared costs, labour rates and materials costings... 2011-05-18
Party Wall Surveyor's Fees Party Wall Surveyor's fees are the forgotten cost of home improvements. If you are planning to undertake a building project such as a loft conversion, basement conversion or an extension and live in a... 2011-05-18
Loft Conversion Costs Loft conversions can be comparably cheap way of adding extra living area to your existing property and dont often need planning permission. How much do they roughly cost and what makes up the price br... 2011-04-30
Home Improvement An increasing number of people are making the most of the current low interest rates to borrow money to improve their home, and see the spending as an investment for the future. But pouring cash into ... 2011-04-30
Constructing Your Own Home Advice on the things and people to consider when building your own house. The author offers vital information regarding what a novice builder should think about and avoid when trying to construct his/... 2011-04-29
Finding Land There are a huge number of different ways to find land or a building plot. This article lists and discusses a lot of them so you get the widest choice of plots for building your dream home... 2011-04-29
Loft Conversion Are you planning on converting your loft into a habitable space? Well, you need to know that most loft conversions do not need building permits. However, if the loft is meant for an extension of your ... 2011-04-29
Loft Conversion More and more people are opting to convert their lofts into liveable spaces because, it's cool to have a loft and it's easier to build a loft than move to a new and larger house... 2011-04-29
Loft Conversion With a loft conversion, the value of your house will definitely increase. When you intend to sell it, you will get better response from the potential customers.... 2011-04-29
Contemporary Home Designs A modern contamporary home can come in many different styles. This article defines the different contemporary styles used when building a house. ... 2011-04-29
Wall Repair Costs This section deals with the cost of minor repair work to external brick walls and the replacement of chimney pots.... 2011-04-29
Building Costs The great thing about building your own house is that you get to integrate your personal specifications in the design. You only have to confer with your architect so that you can give him (or her) you... 2011-04-25
Roof Prices Laying roof tiles and slates is usually a job for an expert but the range of work being undertaken by DIYers seems to be increasing every year... 2011-04-25
Explaination of Terms Description of table terms in the costs section of this site... 2011-04-24
Roof Repair Costs There is a wide variation in skill needed to carry out different types of roof repairs.... 2011-04-24
Building Materials DIY enthusiasts are now able to buy materials at levels that were previously only available to trade customers.... 2011-04-23
Driveway Prices A new driveway for your house can be an expensive addition to your home... 2011-04-23
Tarmacing a Driveway Tarmacing a driveway can be a simple way of giving a smart finish to your home. This article will help you to decide if its the right thing for you.... 2011-04-23
Driveways Driveways come in a variety of length, width and materials. A driveway can enhance and complement your house boosting its aesthetics and value. ... 2011-04-23
Driveways Ideally, it is recommended that you enlist the help of a professional for installing a drive way but this does not mean that you need to relinquish all responsibility for how the drive way turns out. ... 2011-04-23
Building Contractors Everyone has heard stories about builders being unreliable, careful thought should be given to appointing a builder because he will become part of your household for a while so you must make sure that... 2011-04-23
Planning Permission After you send in the planning application forms and paid the fees, your application will be acknowledged and place on the Planning Register so that it can be inspected by members of the public... 2011-04-23
Planning Building The need for forward planning in any type of construction project cannot be stressed enough. At its simplest, it would foolish to waste time appointing a painter before you had someone in place to dig... 2011-04-23
Home Improvements Is it worth spending out to improve your home?... 2011-04-23
Building Regulations Building regulations approval is required for almost all building work.... 2011-04-22
Regional Prices Details of how prices may vary by region and by type of company... 2011-04-22
Home Improvement Contractor Careful thought should be given to appointing a builder because he will become part of your household for a while so you must make sure that you are happy with every aspect of this arrangement... 2011-04-22
Tradesman Contract Most contracts are in a written format, a verbal form is just as binding but much more difficult to prove if a dispute ends up in the courts... 2011-04-22
Using a Contractor If you have no DIY skills at all, or if you do not have the time to undertake home improvements, then you must employ a contractor to do it for you.... 2011-04-22
Planning permission Details of current requirements for planning permission... 2011-04-22
Glossary The following glossary of terms is intended to help anyone not familiar with the construction industry to understand the meaning of the words most commonly used.... 2011-04-22
Building Prices Example UK house building and repair costs in the UK... 2011-04-13
House Extension Prices Average prices on home or house extension costs for various size and type properties... 2011-03-22
Prefabricated Buildings In a nutshell a prefabricated building is a type of construction that make use of pre-made or factory built parts or components that are then transported in the site to be assembled. There are vario... 2011-03-05
Soundproofing a Room This article covers the building regulations you need to follow and the method you can use to soundproof a room in your home. ... 2010-08-29
Flat roofs (on houses and extensions) Many homes have flat roofs but do you know what materials it takes to make one. Our article explains what materials to use and what to look for in a contractor. ... 2010-08-29
Repointing a Wall This article explains what repointing is, the best way to go about it and which materials to use. ... 2010-08-09
Repairing a Tiled Roof Replacing a broken tile is very easy and can be done by anyone with little or no experience. This article describes the tools you will need and the best way to go about repairing your roof. ... 2010-08-07
Weatherproofing a House A well weatherproofed home is cheaper to run and saves on expensive maintenance at a later date. This article covers the best was to weaterproof your home and how to maintain it. ... 2010-07-25
Guttering Replacement/Installation Tips on what to look for in new guttering, advice on what you should look for when choosing someone to re-do your guttering for you as well as details on the problems of old 'sectioned' guttering.... 2010-07-17
UPVC Guttering This article explains all the terminology of guttering and breaks down the types and choices of guttering, so you know what you need to buy. It also gives good tips on where to get the best value for ... 2010-07-17
Installing and Maintaining Guttering Without guttering your house can suffer from damp and rot. This article explains how to fit guttering and maintain it once fitted. ... 2010-07-03
Installing Fascias and Soffits Follow our guide to installing fascias and soffits to make your house look and feel like home... 2010-07-03
Planning a Fitted Kitchen This article is a good summary of the key things one should consider before getting a fitted kitchen. Very useful information for anyone renovating their kitchen.... 2010-06-26
Porch Designs This article covers the different porch designs as well as which materials work best to help you decide which porch is right for you. ... 2010-06-26
Types of Internal and External Doors This article explains the different types of internal and external doors available. ... 2010-06-26
Underfloor Heating This article explains the different types of underfloor heating available. It also outlines the advantages and disadvantages of underfloor heating over conventional heating methods. ... 2010-06-26
Window Styles and Designs This article explains the different window styles available to enable you to decide which would look best in your home. ... 2010-06-26
Converting a Basement If you have a basement then you may be sitting on a whole new living space for your family. This article covers the benefits of basement conversions and how you go about doing it. ... 2010-06-26
Basements and Cellars In this day and age of economic turmoil; buying a new house because you do not have adequate living space may not be the most feasible option; however, most people fail to realize that a cellar or a b... 2010-04-27
... 2010-04-14
Guttering Proper guttering is essential to avoid leakage and water seepage and to ensure that the roof, walls and the foundation of the house remains undamaged.... 2010-03-28
Types of House Styles in North America This article outlines the different house and building styles in North America. ... 2010-03-21
Dealing with Roof Damage and Roof Leaks Roof damage is bad news for any home owner. This article highlights the most common causes of roof damage and the areas that need specific attention to avoid leakage in your roof. ... 2010-03-21
Guttering Gutters are often taken for granted, but they are actually important for protecting our homes from water damage. If your house doesn't have gutters, water may seep into the sides of the house and cau... 2010-02-17
Ideas of Things to Do in a Loft Space So you have just spent a fortune converting your loft space but now what do you do with it? Here are a few suggestions of what you can do with your exciting new living space. ... 2010-02-14
Requirements and Types of Building Foundations Every building needs good strong foundations. This article covers the different types of foundations and when they should be used. ... 2010-02-14
Storm Proofing a Building Storm damage can cost home owners lots of money, not to mention the time and effort it takes to get it fixed. This article covers the materials required and how you can go about protecting your home ... 2010-02-14
Window Styles Windows are very important components in designing a building. Windows are not just means of looking at the view outside, or worse, for those outside to look in! Windows are essential for natural lig... 2010-02-14
Building an Extension Building an extension can be much cheaper option than moving house but before you start it is important to know what you want from your extension and the rules and regulations you have to comply with.... 2010-02-13
Protection against Lightning for Buildings Lightning is one of natures most impressive phenomenom but it can cause damage to property if not properly protected. This article covers the types of buildings that need lightning protection and how... 2010-02-13
How to Get Planning Permission If you are planning to expand your home do you know if you need planning permission? Our article explains when you need to apply for planning permission, how to go about applying and how long the pro... 2010-02-13
uPVC uPVC doors and windows new homes are practical and inexpensive as such are quick and easy to fabricate and install. Its smooth and porous-free surface is very easy to clean and practically requires n... 2010-02-08
Dry Rot Dry rot is the term used for identifying timber decay. The “dry” rot was called as such for it was believed that the decay was caused by internal infestation not brought about by an external element s... 2010-02-08
Wet Rot When wet rot decay is discovered it should be immediately identified so as to that the problem could be properly addressed. ... 2010-02-08
Treating Wood In general, wood, treated or untreated are vulnerable to infestations of insects and woodworms. ... 2010-02-08
Roofing Contractor When it comes to repairing or replacing roofs you should never try to do it yourself unless you really know exactly what you are doing.Hiring a contractor for any type of work can be difficult, and th... 2010-01-28
Choose Nails When it comes to selecting the right nails for your projects, you first need to know a little bit about each type of nail available.... 2010-01-24
Types of Loft Conversions Loft Conversions are becoming more and more popular. There are many different types of conversion that are suitable for different styles of property. This article outlines the main types of loft con... 2010-01-23
Types of Roofing There are many different styles and types of roof. The materials used to form a roof are wide ranging. Here we explain the different types of roof and roofing material. ... 2010-01-23
Loft Insulation In a loft conversion unit, insulation takes on a new direction as the need to fully insulate the area: roof, floor and walls become imperative.... 2010-01-02
Home Building Building a home for your family or yourself is a huge step. It is as many say "a giant leap" and can be quit long and exhausting process, for your nerves and for your wallet as well, if you don't plan... 2009-11-29
Cowboy Builders What are Cowboy Builders? Why do we want to avoid them? Are they honestly that big of a deal? Well, to be honest, yes they ARE that big of a deal. ... 2009-11-29
Earthquake Proof Scientists and engineers are constantly working on several technologies and methods in order to come up with the best protection of buildings and structures against earthquakes. ... 2009-11-29
Concrete Floor Adding a new room is fun and exciting but making a new garage for all your tools and man cave is even more exciting. You need a concrete floor but don't want to have someone else do it for you because... 2009-11-29
Plastering Walls Plasters used for building construction are of three types: gypsum plaster (POP), lime plaster and cement plaster... 2009-11-29
Prefabricated Buildings Prefabricated Buildings are buildings which were manufactured and put together in one place (in regular sizes and proportions) and later transported and positioned on their final locations ... 2009-11-29
Old Home Restoration A great number of individuals are now well-aware of the need to preserve and conserve old homes. It is indeed an immense project to restore a historical building. If you think your house is a historic... 2009-11-16
Preservation of Historical Building There is an urgent movement to preserve and conserve historical buildings, worldwide. In the UK the preservation of historical buildings started in the 17th century. ... 2009-11-16
The Importance of Building Foundations When the house foundation begins to fail then that is the time that you may notice the following - panic!... 2009-11-16
Types of Houses in the UK There are many types of houses all over the world. Whatever their styles are, the type still boils down to four categories. There are four basic types of housing in the UK. There is the detached, the ... 2009-11-16
Double Glazing a Window Glazing is the actual "glass" pane in a window. A glaze is mounted on a window and held in place by the frame itself and the glazing putty used. A glazier is the one who installs the glass on a frame... 2009-11-16
Creating Home Building Plans The modern floor plans that we could buy ready-made or have custom-made are the product of centuries of building planning evolution. Today, planning a house can be done online. There are free software... 2009-11-16
Building Codes Relating to Access Points In the UK the Building Regulations have set minimum requirements of building designs to ensure that the health, safety and welfare of people using the facility and people around a specified facility o... 2009-11-16
Building Insulation Is your house properly insulated? Insulating a house was not a major concern 30 years ago. Before the energy crisis in the 70's most homeowners just turned up the heater when it was cold and turned u... 2009-11-08
Concrete Building The Egyptian used clay and hay for bonding materials and were said to have built the great pyramids using lime and gypsum. The Ancient Romans were the first who mixed small gravel and coarse sand mixe... 2009-11-08
Building Roofing The design of the roof is dependent on its usage and the region or country in which to build it. A roof may be designed primarily as protection against rain, sunlight, snow and wind. Other roofs may b... 2009-11-08
Heating Building Have you ever wondered how people centuries ago heated up their homes, or shall we say, their castles and mansions? Fireplaces were the only means of heating up draughty rooms in those days. You can j... 2009-11-08
Concrete Flooring You might be in the process of extending your house by adding a new bedroom or building a bigger garage or just wanting to spruce out the garden by laying a concrete pavement or walkway. For any DIY, ... 2009-11-08
Flat Roof The first thing that you have to know about flat roofing is that it is not entirely flat. A roof pitch of some sort is added to prevent the pooling of water in the roof that could and would eventually... 2009-11-08
Plaster Finishing Plasterwork or plastering has been used as a building technique for centuries. The pyramids of ancient Egypt have plasterworks that are made of calcined gypsum more than 4,000 years old. Greek and Rom... 2009-11-08
Building Ventilation Ventilation is the movement of air from the outside to the inside of a structure. Ventilation air is the term used for acceptable indoor air quality. ... 2009-11-08
Portable Buildings Portable is defined as capable of being transported or conveyed as in a portable stage. It is also defined as easily carried or conveyed by hand as in portable typewriter. What then is a portable bui... 2009-11-08
Concrete Buildings There are many buildings and bridges which are made up of concrete. It is used in reinforced form and mostly for the engineering projects.... 2009-11-04
Planning Permision Planning permission is basically the permission to construct or extend a building that is already constructed. This is the responsibility of the local authorities.... 2009-11-04
Building Costs In order to estimate the costs associated with the construction of a house, a person needs to carry out a comprehensive analysis on this matter. The methods below probably won't help much:... 2009-11-04
Loft Building There are a lot of things that you should consider before you start building a loft conversion to your home. This article doesn't deal with them very well.... 2009-11-01
Wooden Deck When you are building a wooden deck, it is always important for you to first have a detailed plan, this article doesn't really provide one....... 2009-11-01
Building a Home Building your own home can be very vindicating and is a project that can unite a family together for a single purpose. ... 2009-11-01
Building Materials Building materials are made of many natural products such as clay, leaves, twigs, rocks, sand and many more. Besides this, some man made products are also used for making the building materials... 2009-10-29
Building Renovation In recent times, more and more buildings are being built so it has become a necessity for the old buildings to be renovated with the time instead of being demolished and even added to the ever growing... 2009-10-29
Building Jobs The promising factor of the building industry is that it offers lots of jobs to people belonging from different fields of life. The construction company will require many of skilled and semi skilled l... 2009-10-29
Garage Building Taking it from a builder's perspective, it is sometimes easier to build a new garage than do an expansion. Building a garage is also profitable as it will increase the value of your property in case y... 2009-10-28
Planning Permission Many homeowners get quite confused if they actually need to get planning permission if they intend to do home improvements. When do you need to get one, exactly? ... 2009-10-28
Building Renovation You bought a house that looks like a time capsule for the 1980's-apple green paint, mosaic-tiles bathrooms and red wall to wall carpeting, should you renovate? The answer is a resounding yes.... 2009-10-28
Building Materials Building materials are classified according to its source, so they are either natural or synthetic. Materials that are either unprocessed or minimally processed by the industry are classified as natu... 2009-10-28
Cowboy Builders According to the Office of Fair Trading, UK home owners had incurred losses in the amount of 1.6 billion British pounds as remedial costs due to the unsatisfactory or substandard construction work don... 2009-10-28
House Extension It can be so easy to just jumpstart a house extension project without even considering how this new space will be interacting with the rest of the house. You need to first think about why you need th... 2009-10-28
Home Building Plans When planning on buying a new house, it is best to also consider building one from scratch so you can finally realize your dream house. If you have decided to build your own house, here are the necess... 2009-10-28
Building Contractors You've finally decided to hire a building contractor or company but your part does not end there. You are eager to get the ball rolling and want to dive into the project fast. But being certain that... 2009-10-28
Earthquake-Proof Buildings We cannot help but wish that buildings and other structures were built better and stronger especially when we see or watch the results of an earthquake in the news. Numerous people are killed annuall... 2009-10-28
Building Your Own Home Whatever the reason for building your own home, it requires a lot of work and a lot of planning. If you're not sure where to start, here is a simple process to get you started: ... 2009-10-28
DIY Fencing Well, even if you don't live in the country but have a backyard or a small garden, you could secure it by building a fence around it. ... 2009-07-20
DIY Kitchen Remodelling In remodelling your kitchen, the first step to remove all the old cabinets. Start with the kitchen base units or floor units. You should be able to do that yourself without enlisting help. ... 2009-07-20
DIY Decking Boards Traditional decking is run perpendicular to the framing to give a solid nailing foundation. In this case we will talk about running the decking at a forty-five degree angle to the framing. Running t... 2009-07-20
Mosaic Tiles Mosaic tiles are made out of a variety of materials. Whilst ceramic and porcelain are popular choices, you will surely love to hear about the glass tile counterparts. ... 2009-07-20
Wall Tiles Wall tiles are also considered decorative pieces for the home. The aesthetic value of the product comes out once you and your professional team start to work on the project. ... 2009-07-20
Kitchen Tiles Kitchen tiles are comprised of different types. Knowing these materials will help you gauge on what will be ideal for the entire project. Ceramic and porcelain are good selections whilst glasses and... 2009-07-20
DIY Bathroom Remodelling Here are some of the more practical and complex bathroom remodelling projects which you may not have thought were suitable for DIY projects for anyone but experts, but which really are.... 2009-07-06
DIY Plastering Plastering is a neglected art; few people realise the ease of this type of "art" and the value and importance of this rather easy task all of us can master.... 2009-07-06
DIY Loft Conversion A huge project such as loft conversion requires time and planning. There is also the important fact about the loft's position. Some loft openings are situated in the bedroom, and as building work will... 2009-07-06
DIY Re-pointing A re-pointing project is the name given to the method of replacing old mortar between the bricks with new mortar, matching it. It is done to maintain the strength and stability of the walls of a build... 2009-07-06
Types of Tiles Tiles are important items used not only to provide surface furnishing to floors and walls. They also serve in accessorising the look of the entire household. No residential or commercial project wil... 2009-07-06
Floor Tiles Floor tiles have been favourite materials to complete the look on your floor. Whilst some homes favour the use of floorboards, some of you would rather make use of tiles instead.... 2009-07-06
Ceramic Tiles Characteristically, ceramic tiles are said to be one of the most cost-effective types of tiles. They cost lower than the natural stone that some of you would prefer installed in the walls and floors ... 2009-07-06
Bathroom Tiles Manufacturers of various tiles know that you need such products to complete your bathroom's aesthetic appearance. Apart from that particular purpose, bathroom tiles are made in order to get rid of th... 2009-07-06
Home Valuations For many years now we have been espousing the virtues of residential real estate - the old reliable 'bricks and mortar', as the only way to confidently build significant wealth. ... 2009-05-04
Patio Doors As with most innovations, patio doors were once hailed the very latest development in their field: replacing French doors with the promise of an uninterrupted view of the garden, more natural daylight... 2009-05-01
Loft Ventilation Converting the loft will automatically change the roof space from being a ‘cold roof' to a ‘warm roof'. This will greatly effect the ventilation in the roof and is often overlooked when a householder ... 2009-04-15
Plastering Course Advice Plastering article describing the different courses that are available to you. These courses are suitable for all plasterer's whether you are wanting to do some home improvement or set up your o... 2008-06-20
Garage Building Cost estimates for general exterior building work in the UK. This category concentrates on external buildings such as a garages, a conservatory, and or for Roofing, as well as smaller jobs such as Gar... 2008-04-01
Sawing by Hand An explanation of how to use a handsaw for jobs that are unsuitable for electric saws. It describes the common types of handsaw available and their different uses in woodwork.... 2008-01-30
House building How much will it cost to build my own house, or to renovate my old house. Can I afford to pay for the barn conversion? How about adding a loft conversion to my property?...... 2007-10-30
Power Tools When it is time to purchase power tools for the first time or replace those you already have, an important decision is whether to buy cord or cordless tools.... 2007-08-29
Hand Tools We can use tools – hand and power tools – to not only save money, but to trace our development from early, primitive civilizations to the contemporary lifestyles of today.... 2007-08-29
Building Stairs Building wooden stairs is not as difficult as you may first believe. With some very simple wood tools and a small knowledge of maths you can easily build your own wooden staircase. Things do of course... 2007-08-25
UPVC windows PVC is a strong and durable material and it has become a popular choice for modern windows and doors. Most people now replace old wooden window frames with unplasticised PVC.... 2007-07-23
Energy Efficient Building Methods How to determine the energy efficiency of various building materials and methods.... 2007-07-23
Planning Permission Changes New Government proposals (announced May 2007) should make it easier to carry out small changes to your home in future, without applying for planning permission. How will these proposals affect things ... 2007-06-04
Slate Tiles Slate stones are one of the most important and essential natural stones used by the people. Slate stones are one of the popularly used natural stone among the home owners and builders.... 2007-05-28
Choose Builder In this article we would like to discuss the most frequent questions asked by potential customers that often cause the conflict between a customer and a contractor.... 2007-05-28
Building Garage One of the simpler home improvement projects to tackle this coming summer is building a new garage.... 2007-05-27
Mitre Saw Back in the old days a miter saw held a blade that was attached to a box.The blade was perfectly angled to create 90 and 45 degree angles with a simple adjustment. ... 2007-05-05
Builder Examples It is very rare to find a tradesmen who will openly provide information on all their costs and charges, however we at Whatprice have found just such a company!... 2007-03-22
Cement Mixer A cement mixer - the more appropriate name is a concrete mixer - performs the function of mixing cement, water and either gravel or sand to make concrete.... 2007-02-16
House Improvements Many of us watch TV shows and see the miraculous transformation of homes and gardens by professionals and amateur do-it-yourselfers. Is it really that easy, we ask ourselves. Could I do it? Where do I... 2007-01-18
DIY House building If you are going to build your own house then the table below will give you an idea of the total DIY buildings costs for building a 5 bedroom house.... 2007-01-16
Window Fittings Windows - Prices for window and glass replacement, repair, and refurbishment... 2007-01-12
Contractors Ripped off? This is the year you're going all out. You're going to build a deck, add a porch, erect a gazebo or lay a patio. You've done the research. It's well within your cap...... 2007-01-08
Garage Door When looking for a garage door, you notice that there are two major designs: tilt-up doors and sectional roll-up doors. Sectional roll-up doors are more expensive than tilt-up doors, but the extra cos... 2006-11-13
Home Improvement Projects We have all heard about the horror stories associated with home improvement projects - untrustworthy builders, projects running way over budget, poor workmanship and disputes with neighbours. Before y... 2006-11-13
Building Your Home It is possible for anybody to build their own home, they just need to plan carefully and follow the steps outlined below.... 2006-11-13
Contractors When dealing with any real home improvement project there's no such help as that provided by specialized home improvement contractors. There are numerous home improvement contractors out there. And ea... 2006-11-11
DIY Home I often encounter people who believe that carpenters were born carpenters and plumbers were born plumbers. Regardless of my encouragement, there are many folks who don't think they have the ability to... 2006-11-05
Roof Replacement It's that time of year again - the weather is getting a bit cooler as the fall and winter seasons begin. The dropping temperatures will inevitably affect energy costs, and as you look at ways to keep ... 2006-11-03
Home Extensions Adding an extension to your home is becoming more and more popular as an alternative to moving house. Ever increasing house prices and the costs of moving can make adapting your current home seem an a... 2006-11-03
Installing Bricks and Pavers The use of Bricks or Pavers to create a walkway or patio complements a home in a way that is unmatched. It adds a level of quality and elegance to a home entrance that can not be achieved with either ... 2006-02-11
Building Dream Home For most of my adult life I had thought about someday building my Dream Home. Several years ago I finally got the chance. Here is a chronicl of my building experience...... 2006-02-11
Demolition and Building Part 2 to Mark Donovan's experience of building his new dream home!... 2006-02-11

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