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The consumer unit is still what most people refer to as the 'fuse box' The prices shown here are to put in a new consumer unit (including test unless stated) of different configurations and include all the paperwork required, materials and of course labour charges. The cost of installing consumer units has risen dramatically in recent years due to increased safety legislation.

Electrician prices for consumer unit install: Disclaimer
Detailed Description of WorkPrice/CostUnitsLocationLast Updated
will replace 17th edition 10 way dual rcd consumer unit with an electrical installation certificate £225 private Shropshire 2014-01-28
Coulsons electrics - please see our website or contact us for prices / estimates, thanks £350 item/job Sunderland 2014-01-26
To supply and fit a hi-integrity dual RCD 10w Consumer Unit. Includes all testing, certification and notification to LABC via Elecsa/NICEIC Part P membership. Does NOT include remedial work. £400 item/job Newcastle 2014-01-15
Install 17th edition consumer unit upgrade earthing to gas and water, upgrade mains tails complete with inspection 300 Very good a tidy Job T&P Electrilcal Services 01502521940 £300 item/job Lowestoft 2014-01-14
Dual RCD consumer unit - replacement with completion certificate and EICR £380 item/job London 2014-01-08
Elecsmart Electricians Serving London 07841 230472 Replaced 10 way Consumer unit materials included 350 Tested and certificated. £350 item/job London 2013-12-15
Tests before installation. New 17th edition consumer unit, fitted. Upgraded incoming tails to 25 mm, upgraded earthing conductor to 16mm Full house tested after insulation. ze,pfc,zs, insulation resistance, rcd trip times - including all materials £280 item/job CORNWALL 2013-11-13
Number of Circuits 6 Description - Important! Infinity Electrical in Exmouth/Exeter area installed a new 10-way consumer unit to a badly converted flat. Very professional with good communication and attention to detail, Infinity is govt. registered with UKAS, NAPIT & Electric Safe register. Tel: 07809 610623 William £375 private EX8 1QA 2013-09-26
New 17th edition fuse box supplied and fitted from 450.00. This price assumes all bonding to gas and water are present and all fixtures and fittings are in good working order. For a free qoute call Gk electrical on 07886625495 £450 private North london 2013-09-23
I had a great electrician, friendly trustworthy and kind, needed a new fusebox as I moved into a new property and it was too old, charged me 285 inc all parts and labour and certificate, so felt assured and happy. £285 item/job Manchester 2013-09-04
just had 10 way consumer unit fitted fantastic price 300 really nice family run company, electrician was very articulate was done by MDM Electrical 07561 135665 or 01293 202918 £300 item/job Gatwick 2013-09-04
Remove existing consumer unit ,supply and install 10module MK 17th Edition Consumer Unit complete with 2 x RCD and miniature circuit breakers. Renew meter tails using 25mm2 issue certification. £340 private Somerset.West Wiltshire,Bath 2013-07-31
New 10 way consumer unit, upgrade meter tails, earthing and bonding, all tests, certification and Part P notification. £385 item/job Isle of Man 2013-07-25
Installation of 17th Edition consumer unit 12 Way, dual RCD protection, split load, Up stairs and down. Electrician carried out inspection and testing and issued full certificate once completed. Very friendly and reliable. Part P and fully insured. Offer great value for money and work guaranted Cost of materials: 100-200, Cost of labour 300 pounds with an average of 6 hours work. Highly recommended £380 item/job East sussex 2013-07-25
change over consumer unit £485 item/job Portsmouth 2013-07-03
Number of Circuits 6 Description - Important! most flats have approx 4-6 circuits ,usually a quick job to upgrade the consumer unit and test ,260 with maclean electrical 07739457372 £260 private BH16 5RE 2013-06-27
Wyre Electrical, Walsall, Supply and fit 17th edition consumer unit to replace old fuse box. NICEIC certificate supplied on completion. £250 item/job West Midlands 2013-06-26
Number of Circuits 8 Description - Important! Replacement, testing and certification. £400 private E18 2RF 2013-06-18
Number of Circuits 10 Description - Important! most sensible electricians will now only fit full rcbo boards due to nuicense tripping as advised in 17th edition £500 private AB21 0TA 2013-05-17
Consumer unit 12 way fully fitted and certified. 07710549667. SWANSEA £265 item/job Swansea 2013-05-13
NICIEC registered. Supply and fit a new 17th edition 10 way dual RCD consumer unit, upgrade tails and earthing, tested and certified N.A ELECTRICAL . 07976384482 £400 item/job London 2013-05-13
Water and gas bonded, 12 way dual rcd board with x2 RCBO fully tested and faults repaired. £650 item/job CF31 4PG 2013-04-05
Brand new 10way dual Rcd 17th edition consumer unit with supply tail upgrade if required from 275 Bright Electrics, Brighton 079 255 48 222 Part P registered,Warranty, Insurance £275 item/job Brighton East Sussex 2013-03-27
Number of Circuits 10 Description - Important! Supply, install and test 10 way consumer unit, upgrade earth and bonding if required (up to 3 M each). Certs provided. Denewood Electrical 07840 755244 £350 private NP19 9DY 2013-03-18
Upgrade consumer unit 10 way 17th edition split load board and upgraded tails all inspection and tests carried out and issued with a Niceic certificate very friendly and helpful company I will defiantly be using them again call Colin of Howdle electrical on 0800 567 7003 you won't regret it £280 item/job West midlands 2013-03-11
Replace 4 way consumer unit for economy 7 heating and all testing. Also made safe old unit whilst items purchased for job, and checked other wiring. £300 private South Devon 2013-02-26
we charge for supply and replacment of consumer unit 350 inclouding inspection and testing FA electrical Ltd 07809415856 £350 private N15 3PX 2013-02-18
Install 10 or 12 way, dual RCD protected consumer unit, check / upgrade earth bonding as required. Renew mains tails. Test and certificate. NAPIT registered and fully insured. Denewood Electrical, 01633676055 / 07840755244 £350 item/job Cardiff 2013-02-14
Comsumer unit replaced with 17th edition Dual RCD protection, installed by approved contractor. All work certificated Part P Elecsa and building control notified. Very proffesional and fast, would recommend. Zuza Electrical 07966068915 £450 private 01-02-2013 2013-02-14
Replacement consumer unit with 17th edition dual RCD fully qualified and insured electrician part. p with ELECSA 0151 5101734 £250 item/job Cheshire 2013-02-04
Supply & fit new Dual RCD Board Consumer Unit. £275 item/job London 2013-01-29
replace fuse box for one bedroom flst £400 item/job London 2013-01-21
Fusebox changed to new modern day one, prompt work and full day changing of board and inspect and test. Small repairs carried out at no extra charge. Would recommend Pyrford Electrical Ltd of Woking. £420 private Woking 2013-01-21
fully niceic electric safe reg we fit brand new 17th ed rcd split load boards from 250 fully certificated £250 item/job East mids 2013-01-19
installation price for consumer unit is 200 £200 item/job Ilford Essex, London 2013-01-17
Got andy to fit a dual rcd consumer unit, all in' only cost 200 and excellent job done £200 item/job Sunderland 2012-12-28
10 way dual rcd consumer unit,new tails,testing and certs. £450 item/job Cambridge 2012-11-25
New dual RCD unit installed to replace old fuse wire system of 6 circuits. 8 way leaving two spare. Repositioning of under floor heating power switch to accommodate the length of the new unit. Water had to be bonded, running an earth wire to opposite corner of house, difficult loft eaves access for earth wire and tight channel from loft eaves to stop tap ( needed some removal of kitchen unit back board to pull past kitchen worktop and lowering a pull cord on a lead weigth from eaves to stop tap. Tested new system to futherest light and power points. Certification and council retrospective planning. £243 item/job Nottingham 2012-11-16
Dual RCD consumer unit, 17th edition compliant New meter tails and update bonding. Full test NICEIC cert 07402 55 60 65 £250 item/job Newcastle upon Tyne 2012-11-08 ELECSA APPROVED PART P CONTRACTOR, TRUSTMARK REGESTERED . 17th Edition 10 way dual rcd consumer unit/fuse board, upgrade tails and earthing. Full test certificate and Building Control notification 300.00. All work guaranteed, friendly, local professional with 20 years experience. PAIGNTON TEL 01803 665215 MOBILE:07769657604 ELITE ELECTRICS £300 item/job DEVON 2012-11-01
Electrician prices for Replacement of existing consumer unit UP TO 10 way dual RCD fuse board to 17th edition regs.labour and materials included + NICEIC certified - Call ELECTRIGLIDE on 07989988097 £250 private NORTH LONDON 2012-10-26
Number of Circuits 6 £432 private PO12 4LW 2012-10-22
niceic domestic installer, city and guild qualified, alljobs certified and edition 17 as standats. taking any job any size, free quatation 9-5. competitive prices for the currant market £250 item/job Borehamwood 2012-10-13
Supplied & fitted a dual RCD, 10 way consumer unit, tested & certified by Mornington Prop. Serv's Ltd 0115 841 0481 £315 item/job Nottingham 2012-10-11
CIVIL Electrical Servcies Supplied and Installed my Dual RCD consumer unit last month for 300. They also issued me with NICEIC Electrical Installation Certifiate after testing and Inpection the whole house. Moreover, 2 weeks afterwards I got my Part P Notification from Ealing Council about the job done. This company is highly recommended 02088441490 07595410238 Contact Person I believe is Michael or Andy £300 item/job West London 2012-10-08
Upgrade consumer unit to 17th edition split rcd unit, including new tails and earth bonding upgrade done. Tested and certificated to Part p building control by qualifed Napit approved electrician 07960152152 £300 item/job Sheffield 2012-10-04
just had a new consumer unit fitted, used they got a napit electrician for a fixed price of 520 he came and changed consumer unit for a MK one, mains cables, earth to gas and water, put in new earth rod, sorted fault on garage roller door all for the agreed fixed price, no extras, no vat and he cleaned up after he finished!! £520 item/job Washington 2012-09-23
coulsons electrics fitted a new MK consumer unit installed an earth rod and erthed gars and water, tested everything and gave me certificate, did whole job in 1 day but getting a price for kitchen wiring next £380 item/job Washington 2012-09-20 new 10way dual Rcd 17th ed consumer unit with supply tail and earth upgrading issued a full NICEIC certificate, Sheffield Call 07920013804 £285 item/job Sheffield 2012-09-19
6 way Fuse box supplied and fitted from 280.00 including new installation certifivate. Earth Bonding to water and gas will need to be checked before any work is carried out. Call GK Electrical 0208 351 6246 for more information £280 private North London, edmonton 2012-09-15

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