Full rewire 2-bed flat

Electrician prices for full rewire 2-bed flat

Electrician prices for full rewire 2-bed flat: Disclaimer
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New metal consumer unit 15 way, 9 circuits (3 x lighting, 3 x ring, shower circuit, cooker circuit, water immersion heater circuit, 16 double sockets, 9 light switches, 6 switched fused spurs, 6 electric heaters, tv/satellite socket, 10 lighting points, electric shower / extractor fan / isolator switch / bathroom pull cord switch, earthing and supplementary bonding on water service pipes. Includes chasing brick walls, plasterboard ceiling and making good (ready for decorating). No access to the loft as a flat roof. 6 smoke alarms and 1 heat alarm. Estimated 7-9 days work including materials (Medium rated brand such as contactum/click - all white). Full Electrical Installation Certificate. All works carried out by an approved NICEIC / Part P Electrician.! £4,400 item/job London 2015-01-15
Full rewire, new CU, new accessories, full chasing of brick walls and making good. Approx 40 accessions/lighting points/elec shower/cooker/elec heaters. 6-10 days labour and materials. Take out old wiring. 17th edition / EIC. £4,800 item/job Croydon 2015-01-15
Full rewire fully furnished two bedroom flat. £2,800 item/job London 2014-11-09
Full Rewire of an empty 2 bed flat, Typically in the region of 1900 All jobs are different NICEIC £2,000 item/job Tyne & Wear 2012-11-09
We are NICEIC Approved Contractor quote for full Rewire include labour material and certification. We take great pride in our finished job and go to great length to make sure it is safe and meet all current regs 020 88441490. 07595410238 Ceselectrics@aol.com Www.civil-electrical.co.uk £2,500 item/job London W TW UB KT HA SW SL SM 2012-10-27
Full rewiring in 2 bad flat. Price include new fuseboard, all cable, all boxes. Plain white fascias. NICEIC Electrician 07402 55 60 65 £1,999 item/job Tyne & Wear 2012-09-25
Full rewire to 17th Edition and Part P regs labour material and NICEIC Electrical Installation Certificate issued. Smoke detectors and new Dual RCD consumer unit included. Alll accesseries MK white plastic also include installation of x4 recessed down light in your chosen location. We take great pride in our finished job and go to great lenght to make sure it is safe and looks good on completion Pls contact us Www.civil-electrical.co.uk 02088441490 £2,500 item/job London TW UB KT HA SW NW 2012-08-25
Full rewiring in 2 bad flat. Price include new fuseboard, all cable, all fitting box, connector, and plastic basic socket and switch. We give them safety certyficate by NICEIC. All installation well be don by currently 17th edition standards. We covering all London area. £2,599 item/job London 2012-02-07
2 bed flat, 60 outlets, 17thED CU, all building works (chasing and coring in brickwork), removal of all waste, moulded white accessories, complete rewire, certification £3,850 item/job Berkshire 2011-11-09
Wiring of 2 bed flat. Lights in all rooms and hall. 2 double sockets in bedrooms, 4 in lounge, 4 in kitchen plus 4 switched fused spurs and 1 double socket in the hall. Complete with a consumer unit and all certificates. Contact Plumelec@gmail.com £1,200 item/job Hertfordshire 2011-04-22
Full rewire of upstairs flat, 10 sockets, 1 two way light, 4 one way lights, 10mm bond, new consumer unit, wired smoke. Electrasafe call Liam 01254 605527 or 07581223401. www.electrasafes.vpweb.co.uk £950 item/job Blackburn 2011-01-31
Full Rewire for 2 bed flat which includes 2 beds, living/dining room, kitchen, bathroom - average 3 sockets per room - 7 sockets in kitchen, cooker point, shower point etc. All works conforming to the latest wiring regulations. Inspected & tested, notified local building control & issued Electrical Safety Certificate NICEIC registered Call Tabern Electrical on 01744883322 or 07790752457 or john@te-pm.co.uk £1,800 item/job St Helens/North West 2011-01-14
2 beds 3 socket 1 light and switch in each room. hallway sockets, liights and switches. kitchen spurs and sockets and lights and switches, living room light socket and switch bathroom extractor fan, light, shower if electric, pullcord? all main bonding 10mm new board and nic cert call 07936684758 £2,100 item/job London 2010-11-30
I had a full rewire to 17th edition with a certificate. i was very pleased with the work gareth did, and he done my telephone and tv points free of charge. i would highly recommend him. I can only give his e-mail which is elmecom@hotmail.co.uk. £2,500 item/job Hoddesdon 2010-07-04
price incloding first fix matrial £2,200 item/job Shepherds bush 2010-06-01
2 bedroom, kitchen, new consumer unit, 13 sockets, 4 lighting circuits £4,000 item/job London 2009-03-09
Full rewire 2 bed flat. Full certificate. Replacing/relocating multiple sockets. Adding correct rated outlets for shower, cooker, central heating boiler etc. New consumer unit. £2,200 item/job Devon 2009-01-05

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