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A patio is a regular or irregular (crazy or going out of fashion) arrangement of concrete or stone slabs laid onto the ground in your garden. The slabs can be laid directly onto the earth, or onto sand and or hardcore or concreted in place. One thing to note is that wherever there are patios there will be ants and weeds keen to grow and infest your new construction. Patio's make a great addition to your garden, providing somewhere to sit or even dine outside. Patio's also require minimal maintained, just the occasional weeding between the patio slabs and sometimes a good hose down to clean them.

Gardening prices for patio : Disclaimer
Detailed Description of WorkPrice/CostUnitsLocationLast Updated
80 squ mtr removal of old patio and old subase incuding 6 tons of concrete, laying and wacking 12 tons of infill sloping away from property,laying indian stone on an aggregate mix including a slope finishing off with an epoxy pointing method £110 m2 Wales 2013-11-26
28 m2 indian sandstone dig out and put in 100mm hardcore and lay paving on 50mm screed mix and point all joints including all materials labour plant hire and waste removal £2,000 item/job Evesham 2012-11-12
to dig up lawn & replace with 80 slabs already suppled just need the labour & to make a two step for a conservotary £400 item/job Cambridgshire 2012-08-07
new patio area with retaining wall dig out 800mm deep 40 sqm dig out for foundations for wall/ under pin along side garage no foundations under garage lay 2500 new bricks with pillars up to a hieght of 1.3 to wall then pillars up to 1.9 high concrete new foundations for garage wall then face off with brick wall //lay concrete base for new patio due to very soft ground // lay 40 sqm of sand stone paving with a sun dial circle pack in middle all layed bye a company call N E MAINTENANCE TELPHONE 07415022311 there was no pushy sales men just come had a look give me a price then showed my previous jobs they had done then said give them a ring if i wanted to go ahead thank for a excellent job N E MAINTENANE@YMAIL.COM £5,833 item/job North shields / newcastle 2012-05-05
dig out 25m2 lawn to depth of 150mm , fill and level scalping, lay slabs on bed of sand and cement, point with sand and cement . no access to garden so all materials carried by hand down long narrow path , £1,700 item/job Isle of wight 2011-11-29
Lay granite paving to 80 sq meters £1,650 item/job North Wales 2011-08-24
29m2 patio, The area will be excavated and a compacted scalpings base will be installed over a ground stabilising membrane to a depth of at least 125mm. Construct steps to both doors, replace manhole with recessed cover. adjust lawn height to blend. £92 m2 Reading 2011-04-11
10 per 600 x 600 i bought materiels £300 item/job Devon 2011-03-26
2 circular paved areas in lawn 2.7 and 1.8 and 12m ap path slabs in lawn £1,500 item/job Nottingham 2011-03-20
To lift old patio and dig out to a depth of 125mm. Bring in 75mm of scalpings and compact. Bed down Indian sand stone on 50mm of mortar under complete slab. Point patio. £90 m2 Henley 2010-11-01
dig up the lawn about 2m by 3m estimate, then put down concrete flags down, cost for everything £750 item/job Warrington 2010-08-31
Quote to supply and fit 11m2 patio. # To clear site. # To lay and compact hardcore using a heavy duty compactor plate. # To supply and lay riven buff slabs in a random pattern. # All slabs will be laid on a wet sand and cement mortar base. # To remove existing step. # To create a step outside the back door. # All joints will be with a sand and cement mix Installation works out at 120 per m2. £1,320 item/job Milton Keynes 2010-04-28
Paving with bricks £1,700 item/job Kingston london 2010-03-07
Dig out 3 cubic mt of soil put in foundation for retaining wall 60cm high lay sub base and compact build walls from block and brick. then render block and lay 20 square meters random of indian sandstone and point, cap wall with 300x600 sandstone all done by createascape local firm £75 m2 Pembrokeshire 2010-02-05
materials and labour £35 m2 Warrington 10m radius 2010-01-18
12m2 patio, oakham buff pavers, 2 sizes (600x600, 600x300), ground work & materials, ie cement, sand etc Edit: Changed to per m2 was 700 £58 m2 Hope valley 2009-02-19
4x4m patio with concrete slabs £600 item/job Cambridge 2006-12-17
6 x 4m patio with concrete slabs £900 item/job Cambridge 2006-12-17
6 x 6m patio with stone textured paving slabs £1,500 item/job Cambridge 2006-12-17
8 x 4m patio with brick paving £1,750 item/job Cambridge 2006-12-17
DIY patio included removal of material (filled a 6 yrd skip - hire inclided in price), levelling (1 week wacker plate hire included), laying slabs, pointing and constructing, rendering and painting wall surround (2 coarses 10m long approx). Main supplier of materials Travis Perkin smaller items from B&Q. We had trade discount - 10% from Travis Perkin and our own cement mixer which helped cut down costs £41 m2 Guildford 2006-06-12
Ground leveled, patio laid and pointed £60 m2   2005-06-10
DIY £6 m2   2005-06-09

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