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Plumbing prices for call-out charge

Quite often a service engineer, whether they are a plumber, electrician or heating specialist, will have a standard call out charge. This call out charge is to cover their costs of coming to visit you, and will often vary depending on the time of day and the day of the week. When calling a tradesman out remember to ask them whether they charge a call out fee and how much it is before getting them to come to your house.

Plumbing prices for call-out charge : Disclaimer
Detailed Description of WorkPrice/CostUnitsLocationLast Updated
55 Call out charge after 6pm, 45 1hr labour 15 materials Locate and replace section of burst water pipe £115 item/job Anglesey 2016-11-04
Called out a gas engineer to look at boiler which was flashing an error fault. Onside Plumbing and Heating arrived with their initial quote of 35 for a call out and 1st hour. Was a very quick job to do and he said just call it 20, very decent chap. £20 item/job Trafford 2016-06-30
Called out a gas engineer to look at boiler which was flashing an error fault. Onside Plumbing and Heating arrived with their initial quote of 35 for a call out and 1st hour. Was a very quick job to do and he said just call it 20, very decent chap. 07900288452. £20 item/job Trafford 2016-06-30
wow he do my bathroom very cheap and high standard. toilet, basin , shower doors , boxing tiling. he do amazing projects is young but with big knowledge just u will send pic and measure he send u good quote £1,000 item/job Londom 2016-03-05
Overflow running from header tank in loft, ball valve replaced with new, all guaranteed for 12 months No call out charges, ho hourly rates, just fixed cost plumbing repairs, 24 hours, 7 days a week £48 item/job Preston 2015-07-16
Fix First Ltd - 35 per hour flat rate - no call out charges, all plumbing undertaken plus handyman work charged at 25 per hour flat rate - (Minimum 1Hr) Call: 07521 570 121 Larger Work may be Charged at 25.00 Per Hour Call For more Details £35 item/job Kirkham, Lytham 2013-09-13
1 hour of work to fix a macerator pump £95 item/job London 2013-06-20
CL Domestics... Plumbing & Heating. Any time, any day flat rate of 60ph. Free quotations given for bigger/non urgent £60 item/job London 2013-05-09
Rob from Simpson's Plumbing Solutions south wales (cardiff) was brilliant, I had a leak within what i know was a hot water pipe which near enough caused the ceiling to my kitchen to come through. I called Rob who was very pollite and helpful on the phone and turned up within 1 hour of hanging up the phone. he had to make a fairly big hole within my ensuite wall to locate the leak but the leak was found and he even repaired the wall to a high standard afterwards. All this and for an amazing price. first hour 30 and 25 an hour thereafter £185 item/job Cardiff, mid glamorgan 2012-11-06
Had water leaking on floor Xmas day, only charged 50 quid call out. Very impressed . Ring 07904775359 £50 item/job Lincoln 2012-10-24
Free call out from 8am til 8pm. 40 call out between 8pm and 8am. Call L Marlow plumbing services on 07532243211 £40 item/job Cannock/west midlands 2012-09-03
Any call out fee night is 10 more £40 item/job Liverpool 2012-04-21
Call out service inc 1st hour was only 45 plus parts. PLUMBFORCE LTD 07711240244 / £45 item/job Preston 2012-02-10
had a leak under sink £155 item/job Preston 2011-12-12
30 call outcharge as it was after 7pm, then 30 per hour. he came out to fix sink that was knocked of a wc wall, 150 in total the job cost, well worth it would, I recomend to any one. His email is £150 item/job Peebles 2011-08-24
To be honest we do not charge for a call out unless the repair is not in our in our area. WE always try to give a high class service that will get our services noticed. Liverpool Plumber £50 item/job Liverpool 2011-03-23
30 inc 1hr labour call paul at pwplumbing 07807825395 01270 624898 £30 item/job Crewe/nantwich 2011-01-28
Heating Pump,umder floor boards, failed. CH engineer discovered pump in standing water, isolated electrics and reccommeded plumber. Happened 27th December but charge was bank holiday rate !!! £160 item/job Liverpool 2010-12-29
emergency call out in west yorkshire 65.00 call out including 1hrs labour then 20ph there after billed in 15 min intervils £65 item/job Leeds 2010-12-27
Boiler service £70 item/job Coventry 2010-11-30
leak to radiator £30 item/job Derry city 2010-10-29
gas fire repair £165 item/job Derby 2010-10-01
plumb in washing machine £60 item/job Cardiff 2010-09-27
Call Out charge including 1st hour (not parts) Chamberlain Maintenance £40 item/job Uxbridge 2010-09-27
Dear Admin I guess this means I am right. Rob £50 item/job Somerset 2010-08-02
Hi Rob again, just to respond to the above comment from admin. I was not suggesting that 100 an hour was a reasonable amount at all unless it's unusual circumstances!! I was just pointing out overheads and that my example (changing a gas valve) involves more than just pulling it off and putting a new one on. The engineer would first have all gave to get there and spend maybe half hour to an hour fault finding then ring around for price and availability. Then of course he/she has to order it then pick it up for a return visit unless he has it on his van (unlikely) so potentially 2-3 hours work plus fuel used, phone bill etc. I just wanted people to realise that it's not just a case on popping to B&Q paying a 10 then charging it out at a ridiculous rate. I have never charged 100 an hour!! Chance would be a fine thing, I charge 45 call out then 40 there after. I would also like to add I hardly ever charge for time picking parts and spares up (takes forever sometimes) I spoke to a chap the other day that charges 60 to clean an oven and he's got no qualifications for that and apart from chemicals and a van, no real overheads and it takes him less than an hour. £50 item/job Somerset 2010-08-01
Emergency call out charge at 23.00 on a Thursday. This included the first 1hr of labour, then he charged 25 per half hour after that. £75 item/job Newmarket 2010-07-01
emergency call out charge including first hours md building and plumbing on 07951841156 £40 item/job Rotherham 2010-05-27
30 call out 25 fix problem under bath £55 item/job Birmingham 2010-05-11
Emergency call out btd plumbing swindon £45 item/job Swindon 2010-02-28
Plumber replaced float valve 15 for the part & labour 60 very good service Mark Sumner Plumbing Services Ltd 07711240244 £75 item/job Preston 2010-02-12
Replaced float valve part 2 Plumber is M Sumner Plumbing 75 £75 item/job Blackpool 2010-02-12
Emergency plumbing and electrical services no call out charge just a fixed price. 8am till 5pm 49.00 1st hour 2nd hour 29.00 6pm till 10pm 69.00 1st hour 2nd hour 39.00 10pm till 8am 103.00 1st hour 2nd hour 49.00 Contact JAB Heating Solutions on 07751666101 or email £49 item/job Midlands/ South east 2010-02-09
call out charge £45 item/job Cardiff 2010-01-30
Emergency call out and 1 hour labour to fix any job 50 then 20 after 1st hour. RS PLUMBING SERVICES 07963058819 £50 item/job Chesterfield 2010-01-08
call out including 1 hour labour(time including their travel!) £55 item/job Macclesfield 2009-03-09
pin hole in 15m pipe cold water. under floor boards. coming from bathroom. normal hours £45 item/job Dudley 2008-09-08
No hot water. Call-out charge 65 per hr £65 item/job Wales 2008-05-05
central heating £80 item/job Billericay 2008-01-27
call out £30 item/job Derbyshire 2008-01-23
central heating £75 item/job Kent 2007-12-29
call out to leak under bath £70 item/job Kingston 2007-12-01
One leak £20 item/job Bristol 2007-09-16
Call out charge to investigate faulty heating pump £70 item/job Cambridge 2006-12-12
Costs for even the quickest job £35 item/job   2005-08-19
Initial charge for coming to see problem £60 item/job   2005-07-28
Initial charge for coming to see problem £35 item/job   2005-07-27

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