Window Fittings

Costs for Getting Windows Installed in Your Home

Windows - Prices for window and glass replacement, repair, and refurbishment

The following table gives some example prices for repairing and replacing windows in your house. Examples include costs for installing double glazing and all manner of work on Sash windows

Category Description Units Price Info 
Double Glazing Based on 8 windows at once per window £387 info
Stain Glass window Glass in average household windows m2£30-35
Sash Windows Recondition Sash Box per window £180-200 info
Recondition Sash Casement per window £60 info
Replace Sills per window £80 info
Replacement Glazing per pane £25 info
Renew Sash Windows per window £1000 info
Draft Seal Sash Windows per window £100-£120 buy
Convert to double Glazing per window £450 info

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"Have a lot of windows to install (44 in total). Ventrolla do a lovely PVC sash, best looking I have seen. Some windows are pretty large (on average 1mx 1.7m). They must offer a discount. What is a fair cost including installation?"


"These prices seem to be about average for windows in london. It all depends on if the customer service and installation backs up the price."

Anthony Berkut

"Hi, we got our Windows installed recently by Express Joinery, our property is a mid terrace and they charged us only £799 for 4 windows,they were very quick and everywhere was left clean and tidy. The tradesmen protected all carpets and were polite and helpful. Thanks to Danny and the team. You can contact them on 07538989698"

emily rochester

"It gave me a price for something I didn't select - and a very expensive quote, too!"


"are the prices quoted including or excluding VAT "

anson lane

"I followed your advice, got 3 quotes form independents in my area all over email, so no pressure selling, all the independents offer insurance backed warranty, it is easy to check the independents actually has the insurance backing, one email Full house, 8 windows, composite front door, 2 windows half bricked up and a bi-folder patio door, supply only 3 fitted 6K all insured, shop around "

"for a massonette west London front and back and sides total fitted price double glazing pvc windows ,all in. 2k this price from 2 companies end result good and all old removed and new installed in day and half . Big companies hard sell and 1.5 times cost if I signed on the day!"


"can anyone indicate how much more expensive it would be to get a bespoke double glazed window? In process of buying a flat which needs windows throughout - most are standard size but the lounge window is huge and i'd like to to be a sash in the middle with panes down either side"


"these prices are mad i make and fit pvc windows for pro tect in malton and we do full houses including doors betwwen 2500 -3500 depending on sizes "

m. jackson

"I have just had 15 large windows and a French door fitted for under £7k. Anglian and Everest quoted 3 times that!!! There was one survey visit that lasted just over an hour followed by a written quote, the job was started and finished on time and the standard of the work was really excellent! Try Sonic Services Tel 01495 246313"


"Hi, i just had a quote to replace double glazing glass as they are steamed up, basicly its 6 windows and one half of french door which adds up to 10 units cos some windows are split towards top, most of them are 24mm thick and french door one needs toughening... £500 what do we think about that price???"


"the prices for stained glass are ridiculous,£60.00+ per/mt2 are reasonable"


"At last- that was easy. It's so infuriating dealing with double glazing companies who refuse to give a rough qoute and expect you to sit through hours of tosh before they invent a made up price."


"Anglian quoted list price as £11k for 5 upvc double glazed windows and 2 doors. Then with lots of fake discounts they got it down to £4,900. When said not interested they lowered to £4,250 and then £4,000. Not sure if this is a good offer but said we'd think about it. On seeing this site, perhaps £4k is still too high a price?"


"i think your prices are over rated "


"Thank You, Thank you, Thank you. Now I can decide whether to buy the house I want or not. "

Another grateful house buyers

"Hi, Is the double glazing window replacement charge includes VAT and all taxes. "


"the prices quoted here for stained glass repairs or replacement seem extremely low."

Ross Samson



"Thank you for being the *only* webpage I could find that would give me a ballpark figure without having to divulge personal details."

A very grateful house purchaser!

"hallelujah - the only way of getting an idea of how much a new window costs without being bored by a spotty youth in his first suit"

no idea about diy

"To supply & fit 2 x upstairs double glazed units (70 ins long x 40 ins wide) I was quoted prices from £770 - £1300. The builder I finally chose charged £900 for whole job."


"We don't have as much info on windows as central heating but will look into it in the future. Ideally all prices pages should as you describe and ideally for different areas as well, but thats a way off still!"


"For Central Heating you have both an average price, and an upper and lower end price guide. You also state the date that the price was updated so we can see how up to date it is. Is it possible to add the same here at all as I'd find that really useful. Thanks"


"Thanks for the price guide. Do you know the price for Screenline windows, that are double glazed with blinds in the middle?"


"We don't sell windows or in fact anything else for that matter. If you can get decent double glazed windows supplied and fitted for 85 each then good for you. "


"your prices are way more expensive that another company I found they only charge 85 pounds per job/window!!!!!!!!!!!!"


"That's OK. I'll get some flak for this but it's likely you can't get even a rough idea from the companies because they want their sales person to talk to you - which of course makes business sense to them. However, consumers also need an idea of the cost to understand whether they can consider having new windows put in - will they be £1k, £5k or £10k. Surely a company could give you a range of prices over the phone considering the large number of installs most of them are doing?"


"Thank you so much for this page, I have found it impossible to find anyone who will give me even a ball-park figure of a window will cost to replace without coming out and doing a full consultation!"