Guttering and guttering materials

Proper guttering is essential to avoid leakage and water seepage and to ensure that the roof, walls and the foundation of the house remains undamaged. There are several establishments that offer gutter protection and also a variety of guttering materials to choose from, so here is are some guidelines on what you should look for when buying guttering that will provide years of hassle free service.

Guttering Requirements

Should be able to withstand environmental factors: The guttering is constantly exposed to a myriad of environmental factors that can cause serious damage such as sun, cyclonic winds, debris thrown around by gust and heavy rain showers so it is imperative to pick guttering that will be resilient to such factors and will also be able to withstand the onslaught of flying debris.

Should meet the local council fire ratings: If the town or city that you live in has a local council fire rating for gutter protection systems, you need to ensure that you buy a product that meets these standards. Generally, guttering made from rust proof steel mesh has a very high meting point and is non flammable so it can withstand high temperatures like those encountered during a fire.

Should not accumulate debris: If the guttering accumulates debris, you will need to clean it every time heavy showers are predicted in your area and this in itself can be arduous enough to make you purchase a good guttering system that has a feature which prevents debris accumulation. A good quality guttering protection system will feature a raised profile for the twigs, leaves and other debris to slide over. The raised profile also helps to slow the water flow so that it can be captured easily.

Keeps pest and vermin at bay: Make sure that you choose a guttering system that can effectively ward off pests and vermin. Ideally, go for rust proof metals such as copper, aluminium or steel that cannot be easily damaged by weather or pests. Also, ensure that the gutter protection system spread over the entire gutter area so that vermin and pests cannot enter the gutter making it their home.

Should provide recycling of rain water: If the guttering system is good, there will be no accumulation of debris in it, since this will prevent the build up of soggy debris that the water will eventually percolate through, the end result is cleaner drinking water from recycled rain water.

Installation: There are several DIY options in the market when it comes to guttering; however, because this feature is so essentials for the longetivity of your home, it is advisable to enlist the help of a professional. A gutter specialist will be able to offer you accurate advice after evaluating the profile of your home and the amount of money that you want to spend. Also, when you call in the professionals, the installation is done faster and without any hassles. You could also choose a company that offers cost effective or free installation if you purchase their products.

Should be UV Resistant: If you have to replace the guttering within a short period of its purchase, it will not only be extremely expensive but also incredibly cumbersome. Ensure that you choose a product that is manufactured with high quality material and is UV resistant so that it does not get damaged by the harsh rays of the sun.

Require little or no maintenance: This is also an essential factor when choosing a guttering system for your home. Make sure that you go for a product that is practically maintenance free; unless, you do not mind climbing on top of a ladder to take care of the guttering system at the prospect of a rain shower. Choose a product that has steel mesh installed, so that you don't need to clean the gutters often.

The Warranty: Since guttering systems don't come cheap, you should definitely take a look at the warranty being extended to you. A good product should come with a warranty of at least 25 years; given the length of the warranty, it becomes essential to ensure that you are dealing with a reputable establishment that will not shut shop in a few months.

The guttering material:

This is another vital factor that should be analyzed when buying a guttering system. The material will have a direct bearing on the life span of the guttering so you need to choose wisely. The most popular and durable materials for guttering are steel, copper and aluminium.

Steel: Steel guttering is among the most durable and has a longer life span than guttering made of aluminium. The durability comes with a higher price tag but the fact that the steep gutter guards are thicker and will give you years of service without worrying about the wear and tear; make them ideal. If you are not keen on spending a small fortune to replace the guttering every few years, steel guttering is the perfect solution for you. Galvanized steel gutters are among the most popular types of guttering products in the market today.

Aluminium: Guttering made of aluminium is light weight and fairly durable, if you are looking for an affordable guttering solution; aluminium would be the metal of choice for you. Aluminium guttering is particularly suitable for DIY projects because it is quite easy t work with

Copper: Copper guttering is often seamless so you can get years of maintenance free service from it. However, this type of guttering is often at the higher end of the price spectrum; yet, its long life span makes it a preferred choice for most home owners

Vinyl: Vinyl is fast turning into a favourite guttering material due to its ease of installation and its non corrosive and rust free surface. Also, they are among the cheapest guttering solutions; the sections are light weight and can be easily snapped together which makes them ideal for DIY projects. This type of guttering is easy to install and maintain and work well in areas with milder climates. Vinyl guttering is a suitable choice for homeowners who are looking for a guttering solution on a tight budget.