House building

Home building

How much will it cost to build my own house, or to renovate my old house. Can I afford to pay for the barn conversion? How about adding a loft conversion to my property?

The table below gives an idea of the average prices for house building we have received. It is recommended that these are used only as a rough guide and a you put a lot of research into building a house (particularly on costs) before you begin. 

The size of the house is the interior floorspace (upstairs and downstairs for a 2 storey house).

The building costs per square metre can vary hugely depending on the quality of build. By quality we mean how much extra is spent on that expensive kitchen or plumbing or fancy brickwork or slate roof, etc, not whether the build is rubbish or not.

The links on the left hand side take you to more dedicated pages that show in detail the prices we have had submitted.  

House Building Prices: Disclaimer
Click below for detailed prices House size Price Range* Units Last updated
1-bedroom £50 per house 2011-09-10
1-bedroom £150 per m2 2012-07-07
All materials 1-bedroom £90-93000 per house 2011-10-14
All materials 3-bedroom £72460 per house 2007-10-19
All materials 4-bedroom £78400 per house 2007-10-19
All materials 5-bedroom £61750 per house 2005-02-01
Fees/hire 5-bedroom £100-10900 per house 2005-02-21
Labour 1-bedroom £800-6000 per house 2012-08-16
Labour 5-bedroom £420-13700 per house 2005-02-10
Total cost of project 1-bedroom £80-126500 per house 2012-01-16
Total cost of project 1-bedroom £24000-130000 per item/job 2011-08-10
Total cost of project 1-bedroom £57 per m2 2012-06-05
Total cost of project 2-bedroom £42300-58500 per house 2005-01-20
Total cost of project 2-bedroom £560 per m2 2005-03-02
Total cost of project 3-bedroom £51700-71500 per house 2005-01-24
Total cost of project 3-bedroom £500-1600 per m2 2007-10-19
Total cost of project 4-bedroom £65000-91000 per house 2005-01-27
Total cost of project 4-bedroom £500-1600 per m2 2007-10-19
Total cost of project 5-bedroom £94000-130000 per house 2005-02-25
Total fees/hiring costs 5-bedroom £17540 per house 2005-02-11
Total labour 1-bedroom £15000 per house 2011-04-17
Total labour 3-bedroom £59300 per house 2007-10-19
Total labour 4-bedroom £64125 per house 2007-10-19
Total labour 5-bedroom £23320 per house 2005-02-02

Price Range* - Depending on the amount of data we have we may not have a price range only a single entry! You can help.

We will keep refining this page and adding new prices as we get them.

"Hi With regard to house building costs you obviously havent got a clue what you are talking about."

Peter Dewhurst

"Hi am a student taking BSC Quantity Surveying. My question is that are you only dealing with Houses only? What about larger Building such as Hotel and Office? Does the prices applied also?"


"very good information as im and student studing brickwork, all the infomatin is here, it would be better if you had the prices all away though "


"Updated with suggestions. Thanks again."


"I was surprised that there was no indication of the date that these costs were calculated therefore the information is essentially worthless"

D S.

"Thanks. I'll review the prices we have on this matter. However, I would disagree that the prices shown are out by 50%! Depending on the quality of the fixtures and fittings and materials used there can be a 100% variation in per metre squared costs (or more...) but whilst the displayed prices are perhaps a little low, I do not believe they are that low. I'll look at implementing a displayed range instead of an average as I think that'll help clarify things up. If you have any specific prices try our feedback form or email us through our contact address. Thanks very much for the feedback."


"your avarage cost per metre sq. are far to low to be realistic, no allowance has been made for plans, building control, engineers fees, energy calcualtions. based on you cost the materials and labour are about about 50% belowe a true cost per meter of £850 to £1400 excluding any VAT. "