Loft Building

Building a Loft Conversion can be a huge project

There are a lot of things that you should consider before you start building a loft conversion to your home. 

This is a project that can really break the bank so to speak.  The first thing that any one should consider is all of the licenses and permits that you must obtain.  A project of this magnitude is highly regarded when it comes to having the appropriate permissions.  There are many organizations that will have to give their permission before you can start the construction of the loft. 

 You or the contractor will be required to submit your plans to the Local Building Authority, as well as several other building code companies.  There are strict codes rules on the building of a loft conversion in every state and local government.  One of the most pertinent regulation codes that have to be considered is the minimum standards code that is delegated by each individual state government. 

These areas tend to be mostly affected because they are the ones that are under the greatest jurisdiction of the local governments in every state.  Besides obtaining the approval of such public officials there is also another matter of significant importance that you must think about.  You will be required to be in all fire safety regulations to.   The fire safety board will have to come out and inspect the plans before the beginning of the construction starts.  They will also be allowed to come in and inspect as the construction proceeds on a regular basis.  This is to insure that the addition will meet all of the fire safety codes.  This is a good idea, because you will want your building a loft conversion, to be done correctly so that it is safe for you and your family.  Once your construction plans are completed and you have submitted them for review, you will be happy to know that the headache is half way over for you. 

When it is decided by the various organizations that you plans are up to code and your home meets all of the pertinent requirements, then you are ready to have the crew come in and get started right away.  The contracting crew should first decide where to start the foundation.  This is especially important if they are constructing a loft from scratch.   You will want the floor boards to lie even and flat.  If they do not lay flat then your floor will slope and be unstable when finished.  The stability is very important and the professionals that are doing the building a loft conversion should be meticulous about the placement of the boards. 

The next step in the project will be securing the floorboards.  This will require the most amount of time and effort.  Once the floor boards are down, then it is time to install the rails.  The height of the rails is very important, especially if you have small children that will be in the space.  It is a fact that the rails job is to provide the stability of the space, and will be a big concern of the fire inspectors.  There are many requirements that will be considered by them to.  They will look at the treatment process of the wood, and the safety issues, that will pertain directly to the height of the beams.  Beams that are too high can be considered as a fire risk, and beams that are to low can be a falling issue.  This is why building a loft conversion should always be left up to the professionals.     After the floors and the rails are securely in place the final step will be to paint and inspect the work with a fine tooth comb.  Make sure that the loft is everything that you thought it would be.  Check the work over and get a second opinion.  Make sure that the floorboards are stable and secure.  Test the railing, to make sure that they are not too tall or too short, to fit the individual needs of your family unit.  It is always a good idea to inquire about a money back guarantee or if a warranty will be offered. 

A warranty can give you the ability to rest assured that if anything were to go wrong with the addition that your investment is covered.  Most good contracting companies that are in the business of building a loft conversion will supply you with at least a practical warranty for a limited amount of time.  These special warranties may include: reimbursement if the project is totally wrong, the ability for you to have them correct any problems that might come up at a latter date in time, or even the guarantee that the stain of the products can be refurbished within the first year, free of charge.  After all of the drama that you have had to go through the last few weeks is over, you will have a beautiful new expanded living space to enjoy.  Worth the time and aggravation that you have had to endure, you will be left with a spectacular improvement to your home.  By building a loft conversion to your home, you have given the property a new and exciting addition.  Not only do you have a place that you will get countless hours of use out of, but you have also just increased the value of your home.  In most cases the conversion can increase the property value by at least twenty five percent.  This is a great return on your investment.  The transition of the space was an effective way to stabilize the resale value of the home, and you will make more money off the flipping of the house.  When you ever get ready to sell the property, you will be absolutely amazed at what buyers will be willing to offer you, after adding the building a loft conversion.  By sticking through all of the down falls, of having to suffer through many grueling evaluations, and weeks of construction.  It is now time for you to take a deep breath, and revel in the creation, of the new addition to your current living conditions.   A permanent upgrade to the property, which will serve its place well, for you everyday.   You should be filled with an overwhelming sense of pride, that your design has been put into your home.  

Those are the special touches that most home owners only dream about.