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Electrical and Rewiring jobs on new builds and self build homes

Q - I would like to have my three-bedroom house rewired including external lighting and power to the garage (which is attached to the house). How much could I expect to pay for this?

A - You should expect to pay between £4,000 and £5,000 for rewiring a three-bedroom house but obtain two or three quotes to get the best price..

Q - I am currently trying to get electricity connected to the house I am building in a suburban location but I have been quoted a huge sum for this work. The quote is approximately twenty times more than the gas connection for similar work and more than the entire brickwork for the house!

A - A short connection is possible crossing a neighbours' property and I have a covenant over this property to allow this and the neighbour does not object. However, the electricity company does not want to cross any private land to make the connection but prefers taking a route that is five times longer in order to stay on public land thus making the connection more expensive. The electricity company tells me that I have to accept their choice of route and I would be grateful if you could tell me whether this is true.

Unfortunately, Public Utilities are monopolies and seem to charge what they can get away with and I'm sure that they could produce strong technical reasons why they have chosen that route so they will have the last word. However, they are sensitive to political criticism and, as a last resort, I would have a word with your local councillor or MP.

Q - What would a reasonable estimate be for the electrical work for a barn conversion of approximately 150 square metres divided into two floors with a landing. There are three en-suite bedrooms upstairs and an open plan kitchen/dining/sitting room downstairs plus a further bedroom and a bathroom. The heating is to be oil fired and radiators upstairs with underfloor hot water pipes controlled by electrical wall mounted thermostats downstairs.

A - Depending upon the quality of the fittings you choose, you should budget between £4,000 and £6,000 for this work but get two or three quotations from electrical firms to be sure.

Q - There are some overhead power lines above our plot. I have contacted the local electricity distribution company but they will not give me any idea of options and costs to limit the risks from the cables ( such as insulating the wires, re-directing them, laying them underground etc) without a site visit in about four weeks time. I only want to have a broad understanding of what is involved for budgeting purposes. Any suggestions?

A - Power supply companies are a law unto themselves and appear to be detached from normal commercial practices. So unfortunately you are completely in their hands because of the monopoly they hold. Also, be prepared for what will seem to be an over the top quotation for whichever course of action they propose.

Q - How much should I expect to pay for the electrical work on a six-bedroom house size 300 square metres?

A - Assuming that it is a new building and not upgrading an existing house, the cost depends on the quality of the fittings you will be installing but for budget purposes, I would work on between £6,000 and £7,000.

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