Extension planning costs

Building prices for extension planning costs

Legal fee's associated with applying for planning permission to have an extension built onto your property. Legal fees can often be costly but they ensure that you do not get into legal trouble after or during your building extension.

Building prices for extension planning costs: Disclaimer
Detailed Description of WorkPrice/CostUnitsLocationLast Updated
Labour only, block work in London excel. 10000. 200 square mitre. Call: 07886461874 £10,000 item/job London 2014-09-09
Designer to draw up plans for Planning Consent (750)Prepare and submit Building consent drawings(1250) £2,000 item/job Essex 2014-01-16
1boiler,2 radiators,1 window nda kitchen £27,000 item/job Enfield 2010-05-02
Structural engineer's calculations/drawings. Submission of Full Plans and Building control to Westminster Council, surveyor's fees for Spec and drawings and PARTY Wall applications. Schedule of Condition for each neighbour's walls. £6,200 item/job CENTRAL lONDON 2010-04-01
Extend kitchen; rebuild unheated storeroom/conservatory into habitable office; convert carport to enclosed garage; replace flat roof with pitched roof, various internal alterations. Includes structural engineers fees. £2,000 item/job NE Hampshire 2008-08-14
Architect site visit and to draw up 3 proposals of plans a(incl revisions) and sort out with authorities 1100 (fees additional - building control fees 450 and planning fees 135) £1,685 item/job London 2008-05-18
2 Storey Side + Single Storey Rear Extension totaling 52 m2 £1,250 item/job Cheshire 2008-02-25
Cost of putting planning application in - architect time and the application fee £1,557 item/job Cambridge 2007-11-09
Cost for Architect to draw up plans and sort out things with authorities £1,000 item/job Newbury 2007-10-03
Draw up plans, planning permission, building regulations all sorted with council £3,500 item/job Stoke 2007-07-01
Architect costs £2,000 item/job Faversham 2007-06-23

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