Loft conversion self-build

Building prices for loft conversion self-build

Assuming a high degree of competency (especially if you are making modifications to the exterior roof line e.g. putting in velux or similar windows) you can DIY a loft conversion. Obviously this will save you money but cost you your own time. As with any DIY job think carefully about your own ability before beginning and cost it according to materials and your time. This is the cost for doing a self-build loft conversion.

Building prices for loft conversion self-build: Disclaimer
Detailed Description of WorkPrice/CostUnitsLocationLast Updated
making floor for loft using three beams, staircase, dormer, bathroom, radiator, electricity and other small things in loft £19,000 item/job Watford 2010-02-26
For all of my conversion it cost me just over 4000. I did it myself over 10 weeks £4,000 item/job Maidstone, Kent 2008-04-05
bathroom £24,000 item/job Wansworth 2008-02-23
All labour and materials £9,000 item/job Midlands 2007-11-04
loft conversion on a first floor terrace flat. Convert the loft into a bedroom with dormer window. Radiator to be connected to existing central heating. £307 m2 London E12 2007-10-01

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