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I had a loft with an en-suite bathroom done by Building Fixers (I got Tam’s number from here). I live in South London. I was surprised at the speed that the guys worked. The only thing that kind of held up things a bit was the drawings and structural calculations that I had had done by someone else. Before Tam started on the project she reviewed the drawings and expressed some concerns. Initially I just thought she was making a fuss about nothing so I asked her to continue with the drawings as was. However, after they started and she demonstrated to me what the final room will look like I agreed that she arranges for someone to amend as necessary. Had there been no initial delays because of the drawings, everything would have been done inside of 4weeks! I think this is very quick. I am very happy with how they worked. She kept me in the loop at all times. She is very open and pleasant. Discussed everything and made sure I was happy. One thing I really appreciated is the effort she made in getting discounts for fittings/tiles/flooring etc. She also gave me a chance to talk to one of her previous clients and visit one of her projects. I do not hesitate recommending Tam and her team. (Tam is a woman by the way). I was initially surprised about that. But after talking to her, I was confident going with Building Fixers. One thing I would say is be very clear about your drawings, as she will not work with shoddy drawings. She double checks everything. If I was going to do another project in future I would work with the builder’s architect and structural engineer as it makes such a difference to how quickly problems are resolved. Tam,s number is 07944932217. Tell her I referred you she might give you a discount. My name is Didi £30,000 item/job London 2013-04-23
Hip to gable 1 room and a bathroom £35,000 item/job London 2012-04-09
Loft conversion 6m by 5m full project the bast company £26,000 item/job Sutton 2011-08-16
we do simple and dormer loft conversion price start from £4995 £5,800 item/job East ham 2011-07-03

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