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Laying a patio involves a lot of hard work. First the surface must be levelled out and dug down to a depth that will allow the base sand to be spread onto it. Then the patio slabs themselves must be positioned spaced apart to give a neat pattern. Finally the gaps between the slabs must be filled with a sand, dry mix or wet mix filler. All in all be prepared for a lot of lifting and bending, so watch out for that bad back when laying a patio!

Building prices for patio laid: Disclaimer
Detailed Description of WorkPrice/CostUnitsLocationLast Updated
Patio 1.8m x 3.6m. The ground was prepared and dug out. The quote included putting subase, compacting it then laying flagstones 60x60cm on full mortar bed (the flags not included in price) £650 item/job Reading 2015-05-04
50 sq metres £4,500 m2 North west 2015-02-05
labour to lay slabs only £40 m2 Surrey 2015-01-12
13m2 patio at end garden. Dig away 1.5m3 soil, pick-axe up old patio found underneath so it falls into disused fox-set below. Create weather-boarded containment edge around 3 sides, railway sleepers to front & dig in. Some refill soil/rubble to level. Thin layer sand on which to sit geotextile weed-prevention layer. 120mm type-1. Whacker-plate. 80mm sharp-sand/cement bed, tumbled 600x600 + some 600x300 sandstone paving. Cutting of 6 slabs at edges to fit. Angled for run-off. EasyJoint Mushroom pointing. PRICING FOR MATERIALS ONLY (labour was free); incl. w/e hire of cement mixer, pick-axe, whacker-plate, 5 railway sleepers, gravel boards for surround, sand, cement, grout, geotextile. £1,090 item/job London SW 2014-12-10
To lay 2X2 slabs just labour is 20m2 top quality work wolverhampton and surrounding areas 07804461574 £1,224 m2 Wolverhampton 2014-11-30
Patio area 10'5 x 27' needs slabs lifting, ground levelling, slabs relaid and cemented. £1,000 item/job Bristol 2014-09-03
excavate spoil lay 150mm mot stone lay 25m2 of indian stone with cement pointing on a mortar bed £1,200 m2 Leeds 2014-06-29
Re laying a patio 50sq mt with indian stone.needs raising a 35sq mt area and extending to 50sq mt build a 7.5mt by 3.5 mt base for a garden office £10,000 item/job London 2014-04-22
clear and prepare ground with sub base and wack down lay 30m2 patio with a path to the patio in total 39m2 with a 600x600 buff slab £1,850 item/job London 2014-02-17
35 m2 , £1,400 m2 Hove 2013-04-22
25 per square meter prepare and lay patio slabs and paving. slabs not included. 07446330060 Mathew. £25 m2 Chesterfield 2013-01-29
50m2 patio re-slabed, with Riven type slabs, 3 sets of steps built, inc disposal of old patio, all materials and labour, Total 2,200. Some people were quoting anything from 2,500 to 4,000. Found on Freeindex website which gives previous reviews and info about the quoters, up to 5 tradesmwn will quote you so can compare prices! £2,200 item/job Birmingham 2012-11-28
Black Kadafa patio with granite sett edge. Lift existing concrete. 20tonne. £155 m2 Isle of Man 2012-09-21
I just got a quote recommended by people at work. 62sq metre of removal of old slabs and replace with block paving. I have to sit back and watch. Everything included. 1800. The contractor has been doing trade for over 35 years. I'm in dudley, west midlands. £1,800 item/job Dudley, west midlands 2012-08-18
transformed a waste ground into a double tiered bliss. 36 m squared.All labour and supplies inc. Facebook page Generation Construction for pictures and feedback. GEN CON 07428060848 £1,800 item/job Cornwall 2012-08-16
hi im looking for work, anything from gardening, laying patio's or even decking, im hard working, trustworthy, reliable, Always do a excellent job and always leave customers very happy, GOOD RATES. NO JOB TO SMALL PLEASE CALL FOR FREE QUOTE OR ANY QUESTIONS 01483 850426 07910200550 Rick £35 m2 Surrey 2012-07-29
To install patio including path either side of chalet and path to kitchen door approx 40 sqm Clear site erect frame lay and compact scalpings using a heavy duty plate. To supply and lay Indian Sandstone in random pattern with slight gradient All slabs to be laid on a sand and cement mortar base. Point all joints. £4,082 item/job Dorset 2012-05-31
Took up old patio and path, dug out and leveled out for new patio, base laid and compacted with machine,24 m2 slabs laid in a sand and cement based bed and pointed up. All materials supplied apart from slabs. £920 item/job Hucknall 2012-04-26
patio 30 m2 + drive 50 m2 ,, well done for 40 m2 , london southeast...all materials include call fez 07828078760 £3,200 item/job Eltham ,london 2012-03-26
1oo m2 £50 m2 York 2012-02-20
job (1)liad 45sq mtr 2x2 slabs to a prept area 35 quid per mtr totel cost 1575. job (2)complete bathroom refit. i.e everything took out and replaced with new. all walls and floor prept and tiled 15mtr totel price 1200. based in kidderminster. phone me for a qote. 07719002753 rick. £2,775 item/job Kidderminster 2011-08-10
dig old patio to depth 125mm,lay 600mm by 600mm slabs on sand and 50mm bed of sand and cement. Also laying concrete edging down one side and pointing afterwards £414 item/job Glasgow 2011-04-28
replace drive 520 sqm £15,000 item/job Kent 2010-11-20
Excavated 4 inches, laid concrete pad and laid 64sq/mtrs of 400mm x 400mm slabs, with 2m of ACCO drain, 1:80 fall for drainage, shingle borders, laid extra course of bricks to back garden wall, repaired some damaged brickwork on the outside of the house. Labour only. £2,500 item/job South East 2010-11-19
Cutting and laying 25m2 of 60cm x 45cm x 4cm stone slabs over existing brick patio. Re-cementing 2 bad drain holes and ensuring correct 'fall' for patio drainage. Cost of job included all equipment and materials except the actual stones which we provided. Intermittent rain so job took 5 days. £750 item/job SW London 2010-09-16
complete remodel of rear garden 60m2 laying 30m2 patio in sandstone 7m2 of garden walls railway sleeper border walls 18 recessed led spotlites full planting of new raised borders all patio sealed all materials and labour inc in price £2,800 item/job Blackpool lancs 2010-08-25
Patio's installed to the highest standard from 115.00 m2 by Craftwork Construction, Milton Keynes 01296 713532. Dig out site to 200mm depth, compact 125mm type one hardcore, Lay slabs on sharp sand and cement bed, joint with soft sand and cement. £115 item/job Buckinghamshire 2010-07-21
Removed old patio 3 x 3 metres. Entended new patio area to 4 x 8 metres and removed soil to depth of 15cm below ground level. Added 10cm scalpings, compacted and then cemented slabs down and pointed with mortar. £883 item/job Bristol 2010-07-14
18 m2 patio job. No materials inclusive. Call 07751240011 £600 item/job Mansfield 2010-07-08
excuvated comppact laid 130 400mm slabs in 3 days removed all old slabs. £1,500 item/job Nottingham 2010-06-28
A 30 m2 patio with a man hole £4,850 item/job Northants 2010-04-19
Lay patio including all materials and costs except slabs £55 m2 Coventry 2010-02-11
Rip up existing patio and dispose in skip relay approx 20 m2 of Indian Stone with 8 metres of block edging. £1,900 item/job Manchester 2010-01-28
Indian sandstone inc groundworks to remove soil and replace with min 150 base. laid on an agrigate mix not on sand inc cement pointing 80 per meter or using a poymer pointing 90 cost of paving extra £3,400 item/job Pembrokeshire 2009-10-23
Removal of old 75m2 patio stones, laying of a further 25m2 of concrete then laying 100 m2 of patio stones (sandstone). £100 m2 Devon 2009-08-18
Ground levelling, including 66m2 of earth removal, compacted and laid on bed of concrete. Flags included £85 m2 Berkshire 2009-07-06
flagged garden 2-weeks some bad weather all random india stone 48 sqm Edit: Changed to price per square metre, was 3000 £48 m2 N torkshire 2009-01-10
Decking 70m2 £50 m2 Camberley 2008-08-08
Ground levelled, compacted crusher run and laid on a bed of cement. Pointed. Flags not supplied. All other materials supplied including skips hire. £70 m2 Liverpool 2008-04-29
This is about as close as I can make it based upon recent work, the type of slabs and the area. £58 m2 Kent 2006-09-22

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