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Building prices for planning permission extension

If in any doubt about an aspect of building work please consult professional advice. This is especially true if planning permission is needed as if you go ahead without planning permission and subsequently find you need it, the new build could be forced to be taken down. Except of course if you are a large corporation, in which case getting post-build planning approval or building something bigger than the planning approval may be ok!

Building prices for planning permission extension: Disclaimer
Detailed Description of WorkPrice/CostUnitsLocationLast Updated
Obtaining Planning and Building Control Approval. £850 item/job Northern Ireland 2012-05-07
Budget Architects fees for preparartion of Planning documents for simple 25k domestic extension. Excluding Council and Structural Engineers fees and other minor expenses and allowing for minor amendments 1000(4%) Building Control for above 1200 with basic spec excluding council fees etc. £1,000 item/job Norfolk 2011-03-10
Lawful Development Certificate for Loft Conversion with full width dormer. Full plan building control for loft. Also full planning application and full building control for rear part double storey extension with pitch roof £1,150 item/job Ilford 2009-07-07
rear extension £800 item/job London 2009-04-03
2 storey side extension, garage and kitchen with 1 bedroom and bathroom over. Architect fees to draw up plans, planning fees, sort out with local authority, redraw and resubmit to final permission granted. £1,200 item/job Bedford 2009-01-21
Plans for planning and buiilding regs permission, 600 £600 item/job Lancashire 2008-12-27
Two Storey Rear & Side Extension, not including planning fees £1,200 item/job Maidstone 2008-09-15
Inspection charge for 20 meter extension £250 item/job Cambridge 2006-12-17
Building notice submission for 20 meter extension £500 item/job Cambridge 2006-12-17
Plan Charge for 20 metre extension £100 item/job Cambridge 2006-12-17

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