Plastering ceiling drylined + skimmed

Building prices for plastering ceiling drylined + skimmed

Either the total cost of completing the whole room(s) or per m2 cost for putting up new plasterboard on the ceiling and skimming it smooth. This cost includes materials and labour and may also (if stated) include removing any existing ceiling before making good.

Building prices for plastering ceiling drylined + skimmed: Disclaimer
Detailed Description of WorkPrice/CostUnitsLocationLast Updated
Had ceiling dry lined and skimmed then all walls skimmed aswell. 6x6m room cost 550 all in. He did a very impressive neat job, u can call him on 07972784198 his names gav £550 item/job Leicester 2015-01-02
To remove existing ceiling, add insulation, replace with new plaster boards and skimm with multifinish plaster to cover an area of about 20 square meter. £650 m2 London 2014-11-17
17 fr by 9ft ceiling reboarded slimed and recoved and a hall way ceiling reskimed £650 item/job Sheffield 2014-04-29
3 bed semi rip off old plaster dry line all over board old ceilings and skim 3300 including materials really good job polite and very tidy contact livewire electrical and plastering 07758963831 or £3,300 item/job Wigan 2014-04-26
Got to board a ceiling 3.6 by 4 meters then skim. Material, my 16 yr old labourer, and me for the day, I priced it at 325 and had my hand bitten off. All going well at the end I will earn about 210 for the day. Fine by me. Work is out there but people are getting to greedy. £325 item/job Essex 2013-11-23
1800 to dry line dot and dab all 4 walls .Tanking using hey di k11 . Ceiling plaster boarded and skimmed.Skirting boards replaced.Room 11ft by 14ft £1,800 item/job Barrow in furness 2013-10-15
kitchen 5mx5.5m. Had 2 guys , they took ceiling down, installed knauf suspended metal ceiling with insulation, plus vapour barrier , plasterboards, taping and jointing and mist coat on ceiling, 3 days 1550 inc materials highly recommended, His phone number 07557819868 £1,550 item/job Kent 2013-07-07
Boarded and skimmed living room ceiling - great finish and tidied up after himself - definitely using for more work: his name's Jason on 07921 381232 £190 item/job Cheshire 2013-05-19
2.4 x 2.2 ceiling removed, cleaned, re-wired for lighting, lagged, dry lined, skimmed, installed new lighting. £500 item/job Crowborough 2013-02-26
Kitchen = 12m2 plus lounge 16m2 ie about 30m2. 540 for labour 120 for materials. £660 m2 Kent 2013-01-31
3 bed rooms lounge , kitchen and bat room 737 plus materials £737 item/job Bristol 2012-12-07
Plasterboarded a ceiling approx 3m x 4m average height plus 2 coats of multi-finish.MARK 07518543218 £225 item/job Birmingham 2012-12-03
4mtr x 4mtr kitchen,,renew pbrd and tape joints £650 item/job Aberdeen 2012-09-09
Got an old hand and very experienced plasterer to part dry line room, i.e. external walls with thermal boards, using dot and dab method as walls were wonky. I drylined and preped all internal walls. Put 2 layers of plaster to ceiling and walls. His daily rate was 200 which included an experieinced apprentice/helper. 6 days to do 2 rooms with high vaulted ceilings. £1,200 item/job Ludlow 2012-07-21
Good job well done by Jameshay property maintenance of kilmarnock. 20 square meter ceiling redone with new feather edge board and filled n skimmed. next to no mess even when working, good clean tidy guys. Highly recommend. there number is 07760484731 or 01563 526286 £350 item/job Ayrshire scotland 2012-05-10
2 bedrooms, 2 living rooms, hall/landing, attic £3,500 item/job Nuneaton 2012-04-20
Ceiling overboarded, skimed two coats, two coats of emulsion, no tea or biscuits! £580 item/job South Cumbria 2012-02-21
Removal of old ceiling and coving. Reboarding, bonding, skimming and re-coving. £580 item/job Cheshire 2012-02-18
3 bed house £5,400 m2 Halifax 2012-01-11
Day Rate Of 135. Tel: 07584550933 £270 item/job Sheffield 2011-12-08
38m2 £500 item/job Glasgow 2011-06-14
Pulled down kitchen ceiling re-boarded and skimmed and replaced the coving 3 meters square, good finish clean and tidy Paul 01642 530485 £240 item/job Teeside 2011-05-26
re-board ceiling with plasterboard and then plaster £600 item/job Northwest bury 2011-03-12
45 m2 £400 item/job Grimsby 2011-02-28
bedroom ceiling boarded and skimmed 3.4x3m 280, the lads are real professionals and id reccomend them to anyone. call andy 07940535867. very pleased with the job, Norman £280 item/job Birmingahm 2011-02-23
pulled down kitchen ceiling 15m2 boarded & skimmed,PVA'd & skimmed out larder 10m2,reskimmed 4x bedroom ceilings over artex and the landing totalling around 70m2, coving 16m2. Job done in 4 days. had to move a lot of furniture about, David at DA Plastering & tiling 07716870632 £885 item/job Leeds 2011-01-26
drylined and skimmed ceiling. Bonded 4 walls from bare brick using thistle bonding, then skimmed. price also included bricking in fireplace. £800 item/job West london 2010-12-12
Plasterer removed small ceiling 16 square metres . Reborded and 2 coat skimmed to lovely standard . Removed all rubbish and tidied!!!! His name is lee and he is tiling my bathroom once i have painted 07983958987 is his number . I want every room skimmed now £160 item/job Sheffield 2010-10-18
140m2 fixing plasterboard to ceiling joists and skim in 2 coat work labour only £1,500 item/job S wales 2010-10-06
to get a 3 bedroom house ames tape. the floor space is about 140m2 £2,400 item/job Aberdeenshire 2010-09-10
bedroom ceiling 10.5" by 11.5" £250 item/job West Midlands 2010-04-10
i plastered one ceiling roughly 25m2 and got charged 360 £360 item/job Chatham 2010-03-15
44 m2 fireline plasterboard and skimmed. £500 item/job Dewsbury 2010-03-13
Simon overboaded and skimmed my ceiling to a very high standard, the room was was 15m2. The room was left tidy and clean. I would highly reccomend him. His number is 07527586830. £450 item/job KENT 2010-02-01
Bathroom ceiling 2m2: polystyrene tiles stripped and replastered £150 item/job Scotland 2010-01-12
Removal of polystyrene tiles from 2 ceilings, overboard and skim. Overboard and skim, upstairs passageway and landing (small), dining room. Skim only lounge ceiling. Removal of cork tiles from walls (3) in large bathroom. Cash price £700 item/job Derby 2009-12-16
metal ceiling double boreded andskimed £300 item/job Sheffield 2009-11-19
batton a ceiling, insulate with 1 inch celotex, fix palster board and skim, 2 celing lights £500 item/job Teignmouth 2009-10-19
16msq Ceiling taken down, reboarded reskimmed to very high standard, you can call the guy on 07727807892 i think his name is rob, my dad sorted it out for me. £340 item/job Harrogate 2009-07-27
14m2 £350 item/job Hampshire 2009-05-03
Kitchen ceiling, 2.5m x 3.15m. Plasterboard and skim. £140 item/job Worcester 2009-04-28
overboard artex ceiling 4m x 3m and skim £9 m2 Leicester 2009-04-02
Ceiling drylined + skimmed + whole room skimmed £600 item/job 2009-03-25
ceiling 3,00x2,50,ceiling 3,40x3,70 £300 item/job Leicester 2009-03-17
120 including materials ceiling skimmed on artex by ao pro finish plastering the work was quality and done to a very high standard there number is 07809222098 his name is andy £120 item/job Bristol 2009-02-04
Removal of old ceiling, new ceiling skimmed walls skimmed and all decorated £1,700 item/job London 2008-09-22
15 m2 ceiling £650 item/job Suffolk 2008-09-19
plastering ceilings £500 item/job Caernarfon 2008-07-29
Pull down 8X2M ceiling damaged by water; re-board, 2 coat multifinish, pva joins £400 item/job Norfolk 2008-05-13
Removal of artec and plastering/skimming ceiling (4 x 3m aprox) £330 item/job London 2008-04-30

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