Plastering wall skimmed

Building prices for plastering wall skimmed

The price that a plasterer would charge to make good a wall by skimming it smooth onto an existing dry-lined wall. This price does not include the dry lining only the skimming but includes both the plasterers labour rates and materials required (unless stated).

Building prices for plastering wall skimmed: Disclaimer
Detailed Description of WorkPrice/CostUnitsLocationLast Updated
Full Bungalow - 1400 sqft 2 coats PVA, 2 coats plaster 3 bedrooms, walls skimmed Inner hall, walls skimmed lounge, walls and ceiling skimmed Dining room, walls and ceiling skimmed Hall, , walls and ceiling skimmed Kitchen and utility, ceiling over-boarded, walls skimmed W/C, walls skimmed Archway between lounge and dining area changed to square opening, also new partitioned area boarded and plastered. £3,050 item/job Bolton 2015-07-16
3 walls to skim £200 m2 Hereford 2015-04-29
I wall £20 m2 Swindon 2015-04-09
12m2 area £250 m2 Essex 2015-03-07
Skimming 17sq metres £400 item/job Blackpool 2014-07-07
40 metres squared of backyard wall skimmed and sealed. Replacement gate included in the price. £850 item/job Liverpool 2013-06-03
We will beat any genuine quote in West Yorkshire no job too small 07957670812 patch repairs, re skims walls and ceilings ,dot and dab, polymer rendering £100 m2 Huddersfield 2013-05-15
Pva and skimmed a 4m x2,4 wall to a very good standard, very polite and clean, also silupplied materials his name was james 07780663910 £60 item/job Hereford 2013-04-30
Width 9feet length12feet height 9feet, 1 window 1 door in room £466 room Scotland 2013-01-31
300 daily rate £300 room Aberdeen 2012-10-03
the two walls are 15 ft each hight 8 ft £210 room Liverpool 2012-09-03
3 square metres of plasterboard need skim coat £200 m2 Cheshire 2012-08-28
Just had full Terrecd house re-skimmed 7rooms plus all ceilings 1000 cash,20 bags of multi finish,208ft skim beads,3Bags of Bonding for Damaged walls fantastic job Total cost of products 135 £1,000 room Oldham Manchester 2012-08-25
remove 13mtrs of tiles and replaster walls £450 item/job Paisley scotland 2011-08-10
11.50m2 in cumbernauld £3,000 m2 G67 8tg 2011-07-19
plasterer room £500 item/job Southampton 2011-02-23
Reskims from 6 per sq M Rough and skim from 10 per sq M Dot and dab from 6 per sq M (minimum work required 10m2) All materials included Free quotes given on work under 10m2 Call Scott 07526822252 £6 m2 Barnsley 2011-02-11 walls back to the brick roughing coat and skimming coat in a room 100 metre square includeing materials £950 item/job Rotherham 2011-01-23
2 walls skimmed, around existing window and door. £200 item/job North west 2010-11-08
skim walls in one bedroom £550 item/job Dg3 2010-10-16
Full reskim to walls and ceilings after rewire - kitchen, lounge, conservatory, 3 beds, bathroom, stairs and landing, including removal of all old coving and installing of new, 3 bedroom ceilings and bathroom were all artex. Large 3 bed semi £1,400 item/job Ipswich 2010-10-15
4 walls to plaster 9 foot by 12 foot room £450 item/job Dy1 3ru 2010-09-17
Large hallway extending 30 feet, stairwell walls, first floor landing, second stairwll walls leading to attic rooms, 2 bedrooms, all skimmed. Plasterer applied Thistle Bond-It before skimming the walls - as this provides a better key. Walls pollished and look terrific, much better than the sanded down artexing that existed previously. £1,800 item/job Huddersfield 2010-07-12
1930s house - Double bedroom skimmed (walls and ceiling), coving supplied and fixed. Hall and landing - walls and ceiling skimmed over artex. Coving supplied and fixed. Lounge with bay window - ceiling plasterboarded, walls and ceiling skimmed. Coving supplied and fixed. £2,200 item/job London 2010-04-19
four rooms,one living room,one dining room and hallway £4,500 item/job Kent 2010-03-15
price per m2 for skimming walls £13 m2 Hawick 2010-02-21
40square meters £400 item/job Hemel hempstead 2010-02-19
hall and lounge kitchen wall and a bedroom wall £730 item/job Bedfordshire 2010-02-13
3 storey hall including corridors. Remove and refit 2 radiators, beads, scaffold, skim to stair ceiling too, protection and clean down. £690 item/job North 2010-02-13
box bedroom, re-skim £220 item/job Teesside 2009-12-16
1 mid size bed with ceiling 280 up north of materials. £280 item/job Huddersfield 2009-11-11
Lounge 4M x 3M Approx 47.5M2 including the ceiling (Allowing for omitting doors and windows) Included adding covings to ceiling. Price 460.00 £460 item/job Sussex 2009-11-04
21m2 total. All walls and ceiling. Walls needed bonding. Included the metal corner strips for corners and window surrounds. Paid for 2 days labour. £300 item/job Croydon 2009-09-24
Skimming 2 rooms and 3 walls 4x3.8 and only charged me 400 including materials. £400 item/job Northamptonshire 2009-09-17
70m2 (Admin: was 620) £9 m2 Yorkshire 2009-08-16
living room and dining room skimmed, ceiling and walls, kitchen also skimmed £600 item/job Reading 2009-07-30
bathroom wall 20 metres (Edit changed to m^2 was 160) £8 m2 West Sussex 2009-06-26
All walls and ceiling skimmed, room 5.5m2 by 4m2. Completed in a day. £330 item/job Whitehaven 2009-05-15
prepare hallway stairs and landing in 1950's semi approx 50 square meters. sink several electric cables and remove old alarm wiring.Skim all walls and patch/repair several portions of artex ceiling. £340 item/job Leicester 2009-04-02
1970's semi detached house. 4m x 2.5m Hall and 4m x 2.5m landing& Stairs + 1 Dining Room wall 4m in length, Electrical light fittings left fitted but hanging, worked round radiators. Landing / stairs easy no intricate work Hall very fiddly supports and intricate under the stairs Size of house 1970's semi detached. £300 item/job Ferndown 2009-01-20
Walls of one room 10' x 15' skimmed (artexed walls skimmed) £350 item/job Edinburgh 2009-01-02
standard skimming 8 square metre (plasterboard) Edited to meter squared price Total: 350 £8 m2 Glasgow 2008-12-10
room 5mx3.5m fully skimmed - labour only (50 for plaster & beads) £300 item/job Wirral 2008-09-16
Labour only price per m including fixing beads £5 m2 Isle of Man 2008-04-06
3.50 per square metre all inclusive for all walls and ceiling about 45m for a bedroom in loft. £160 item/job North Yorkshire 2008-02-20
Re skim fire place , both sides, front face and inside fireplace recess. £100 item/job Worksop 2008-02-18
420 to include stripping paper and preparing walls £420 item/job Lancaster 2008-01-30
35 square metres £200 item/job Surrey 2008-01-06
Lounge 3 x 2.5 x 2.4m skimmed only, total cost 150 £6 m2 Midlands 2007-11-05

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