Full rewire 7 bed house

Electrician prices for full rewire 7 bed house

Example re-wiring costs for a 7 bedroom house! Lot of kids man, me thinks headache. Anyway the price should include labour and materials.

Electrician prices for full rewire 7 bed house: Disclaimer
Detailed Description of WorkPrice/CostUnitsLocationLast Updated
29 double sockets, 1 single socket , 11 normal lights, 7 em lights 3 ex fan, 12 heating and smoke dectors, 17 switches, 1 immersion boiler! £6,000 item/job WD25 2015-01-17
NIC EIC registered Electrician CIVIL Electrical Services did a full Rewire for us. They where very professional and the finished job was excellent. Labour material and certification email: CESElectrics@aol.com. contact Michael on 02088441490. 07595410238 £6,000 item/job London TW UB KT HA SW SL SM G 2013-02-09
Full rewire,empty property,40 twin sockets,lighting new consumer unit earth bonding four smoke alarms 1 x shower circuit,labour and material 4500-07591724173 £4,500 item/job Birmingham 2012-07-17
Total rewire.38 lighting points, 42 dual sockets, 1 cooker, 2 immersions,new 17th edition board,bonding and testing. £11,460 item/job Harpenden 2012-06-15
Rewiring a 300 year old house with 7 bedrooms, including 3 bathrooms, and new kitchen. £8,000 item/job Bristol 2006-12-16

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