Wiring repair

Electrician prices for wiring repair

These are the prices people have paid for getting an electrician to repair the wiring in their house. The quoted cost mostly includes any materials that were used and labour costs (call-out and hourly rate), but see comments for more information.

Electrician prices for wiring repair: Disclaimer
Detailed Description of WorkPrice/CostUnitsLocationLast Updated
Replacing broken intercom and checking same to 6 flats in a Victorian ex-pub conversion. Repairing emergency lighting to communal stairway (4-storeys), checking smoke alarms on all floors, repairing lighting to communal meter room, installing and providing new security lamp to front door area. £1,400 item/job London 2010-09-27
check wiring in small bedroom,fit additional socket and refit trunking £115 item/job County durham 2010-09-16
remodeling a room getting it rewired £200 item/job London 2010-01-05
Tidying up wiring for an oven, that had been left in a dangerous state. £50 item/job London 2009-02-21
150 amp service £1,600 item/job Usa n.j. 2007-12-20
Replacing 10mm cable between shower and consumer unit. £230 item/job Wales 2007-02-24
Replace wiring and damaged shaving socket £125 item/job Cambridge 2006-12-17
Repair mains cable damage from DIY accident (nail through cable) £175 item/job Cambridge 2006-12-17
Repair faulty wiring to immersion heater £150 item/job Cambridge 2006-12-17
Replace faulty wiring up to electric shower £125 item/job Cambridge 2006-12-17
Repair burnt out garage lighting system £80 item/job Cambridge 2006-12-17
Repair wiring to outdoor security light £105 item/job Cambridge 2006-12-17
Repair wiring failure to wall light £175 item/job Cambridge 2006-12-17
Repair damaged cooker socket £100 item/job Cambridge 2006-12-17
Replace faulty wiring up to kitchen extractor fan £95 item/job Cambridge 2006-12-17

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