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Whatprice are actively collecting Utility prices on gas, electricity and soon water. We will soon be expanding to other areas such as phone connection, TV bills and internet connection.

For each utility bill we have given the type of house and the location, so you can see whether you are paying significantly over the odds for you gas, electricity or water bills.Here is a summary snapshot of utility prices based on Whatprice Feedback

Utiliity Prices: Disclaimer
Utility Type of House Number of Bedrooms Average Bill
Gas and Electricity Type of property? Flat How many bedrooms does your house have? 1 Gas & Electricity Supplier British Gas private £954
Gas and Electricity Terraced 1 £610
Gas and Electricity Detached 4 £1162
Water Type of property? Bungalow How many bedrooms does your house have? 1 Water Supplier Yorshire Water private £222
Water Semi-detached 1 £361
Gas Detached 3 £793
Gas and Electricity Flat 2 £744
Electricity Bungalow 3 £741
Gas Semi-detached 2 £611
Water Type of property? Flat How many bedrooms does your house have? 4 Water Supplier Southern Water private £504

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Utility Articles: Disclaimer
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"Severn Trent Water are blackmailing consumers to get a water meter fitted, How? By charging them above average charges for a 1 bed flat and say that they cant charge you the standared charge unless you request a meter fitted. Heres the Blackmaile bit, Severn Trent water state that if they cant fit a water meter in your property they will consider charging the standard charge, other wise they will charge what ever they want until you get a water meter fitted. I am in the process of taking matters to court. What is astonishing is that when I contacted the Consumer Council for water they made excuses for Severn Trent Water , Instead of challenging them on the consumers behalf. I will be complaining to the appropriate organisations about the CCW too, People, complain please if you dont they companies know that we need them and they dont care what they charge. If you let them rob you they will. Check your bills and also check your own readings for gas and electric on line as they can put any price they want because most people dont know what the figures mean, me included. Need to know more E-Mail me happy to help."


"im am disgusted with the bills that i pay i am switching from british gas to e energy good day."

ronnie back scratcher

"Is the average bill quoted yearly?"


"So a 4 bed terraced uses more gas per year than a detached according to this rubbish chart!!"


"Why do you refuse to answer the basic common enquiry - what period is this? "


"I agree with the others. Monthly, yearly, what is it. I\'m about to move to Scotland from Holland and I really need to know the prices. But please, make it clear!!"


"What is the time frame for the utilities breakdown? Is it annual, quarterly, or monthly?"


"useless...the table confuses further "


"We convert all the utility prices to equivalent annual bills either per household or per bedroom (stated). But the actual amount depends of course on usage rates and occupancy levels. I will amend the tables to make it clearer."


"Can someone please tell me if this is for a year or 6 month? Thank you."


" orry, not helpful at all! is it yearly average? and what about small flats, single poeple live in.? are water rates nearly as high as electricity?It doesnt make much sense to me. "