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Showers can either be electrically heated or can draw their hot water from the central heating. Electric showers take a lot of power and will always need their own electricity supply straight from the mains fuse box. Electric showers tend to provide a more controllable heat than hot water supply showers. Power showers provide much more water pressure and can be more enjoyable, but they do require additional installation work and use a lot more water. These prices include call-out fee, labour rates and materials costs (e.g. shower, shower tray, cabinet) unless it says otherwise.

Plumbing prices for bathroom shower: Disclaimer
Detailed Description of WorkPrice/CostUnitsLocationLast Updated
Came and replaced a mixer shower as my old one had seized at 8pm. He had with him which was a basic unit for 40, and only charged 25 to fit. So 65 all in. Really pleased as it's a nice shower and other people quoted over a hundred just to have a look. Proudfoot Plumbing 07967 567 394. £65 item/job Bristol 2016-12-08
remove existing shower tray, enclosure, trim, etc. reconstruct shower base platform in timber & 3/4 plywood fit new tray on cement bed and connect waste repair/replace damaged tiling fit new shower install shower enclosure & silicone seal fit upvc skirt around shower tray base £600 item/job Sussex 2016-11-09
Just paid 860 for Labour only to install shower cubicle,tray mixer and 2 splash panels. Total work time 2 1/2 days £860 item/job Bedford 2016-10-28
Gainsborough power shower was only running cold - so called trade - they sent 2 men who came,looked at it and said - you need a new one. They then left (after about 2 minutes) and charged me 50. What a fecking scam. £50 item/job Sandwell West midlands 2016-08-18
installing a shower pump to feed to showers at 2bar on a gravity fed system hot and cold. essex flange installed hot pipe run up into loft. pipework 50m in length for connection to pump with hot supply and cold supply for the pump and fed to both showers with paid electrician to install electrical supply for pumps and decommisioning non essential pipework runs £871 item/job Bideford 2016-05-06
Strip out old bath and install a new thermostatic shower with tray and cubicle including fixtures and fittings with some boxing in and new waste £860 item/job Nort Lanarkshire 2016-03-24
Leaking shower valve replacement. Provided full shower fittings and labour. £355 item/job Surrey 2016-03-10
Supply and fit new Thermostatic bar mixer shower with fixed head and hose on adjustable riser, pipework connected into existing feeds to bath taps. £538 item/job Essex 2016-03-03
Checking old electric shower to see if it can be repaired. When identifed that shower cannot be repaired, replaced with new one which i supplied. £60 item/job Manchester 2015-12-22
Mixer shower £100 item/job Croydon 2015-12-08
I want a bath taken away and a shower supplied and fitted with walk in cubicle, Maybe with tiles done also £700 item/job Glasgow 2015-04-19
Labour cost for installing shower tray and electric shower and removing old one less cost of refitting shower doors plumber spent 20.00 on small parts rest supplied by customer job was done as a Homer ,,that means in the plumbers spare time. £320 item/job Fife scotland 2015-02-07
Disconnect old boiler fed bar shower and waste. Fit temp inline cut off valves. Put aside shower rail. Remove skirting boards. Cut out old fibreglass shower cubicle, too large, and remove from upper floor to skip included in price. Re route waste to new drain position and make good Lino floor. Fit new 800 quadrant shower tray on legs, connect waste and fit plinth. Fit shower proof wall boards on two sides with trim to edges and corner. Fit new half round door frame and doors. Seal shower and make good skirting. Test. Seal floor. £1,700 item/job Sheffield 2015-01-18
install new shower mixer. call: Ali 07980901144 £60 item/job London middlesex 2015-01-12
Leaking shower tray where not sealed correctly. Remove shower tray and screen doors & damaged tiles, reseal tray and tile down. Second visit double seal tray and grout tiles £400 item/job Hampshire 2014-10-15
replace shower tray and cubicle, shower and tiles remaining, customer suplied matierials, 120 £120 item/job Wales 2014-06-06
take out shower tray. take of tiles. replace shower tray & tiles. keep existing shower. new shower door. £970 item/job Paisley 2013-10-29
Put a replacement pump on a shower £1,003 item/job Sandy 2013-06-06
Complete installation shower pump! Tel.07707863457 £400 item/job Northamptonshire 2013-03-22
Shower tray was cracked near the waste, tray had 20mm riser behind tiles. Removed tray with out effecting tiles or cubical. Fit new shower tray with legs, skirts and a frame.Price is labour and materials Call WTPS 07502416227 £329 item/job Leicester 2012-12-11
Replacement electrical shower unit. Remove existing 8.5kw shower unit, replace with customer supplied shower, replacing connection and replacing the shower rail and fittings. All tested. Labour and materials 50-00 Ashtons Plumbing Limited. 07595-826576 Rayleigh, Essex £50 item/job Rayleigh, Essex 2011-12-30
Installation of electric Mira shower in place of shower with pump £400 item/job Edinburgh 2011-11-20
Installation of thermostatic Mira shower to be fed from combi boiler £500 item/job Edinburgh 2011-11-20
intalled off mains shower above bath 07752400220 £200 item/job Cardiff 2011-10-24
Exsisting bathroom staying. Fit new 800mm quadrent shower cubical and combi shower including all pipework, move toilet to accomadate new shower 350 labour only. customer suppled equipment. £350 item/job Moxley West Midlands 2011-09-16
Charged 215 for only the plumbimg work for a new shower over bath. The invoice is for 2men @2.5hours plus parts and VAT. So am I right in assuming that plumbers now charge 60 plus per hour and 2 men are needed to do the plumbing for a new shower? What is wrong with our society. We pay plumbers 60 per hour but will only pay a qualified nurse 12 per hour to look after the sick and dying.Where are our values? £215 item/job Kinross 2011-08-26
Removal of bath, fixings and wood panels. Removal of old pipework to bathroom, including to bath and appliances, then re-routing from adjacent room through wall including installation of stopcocks in utility room. Re-routing new pipework in wall cavity for new concealed digital shower. Digital shower installed and all new pipework bonded and drain offs installed where previously absent. New waste pipes and fittings running through then along exterior wall to gulley. All tested and conforming to new regs. Flow now much better to entire house due to re-routing. Price for job. Plumber purchased desired shower (top of the range digital concealed) at 300 less than rrp (normally 700), saving passed to owner, so job including all parts 900+300(shower) £650 item/job South east 2011-06-18
Installing a new shower, and a water pump, £1,500 item/job London 2011-04-05
Have just been quoted 4000 to replace a bath with a shower in an on-suite bathroom in a house only 2 years old, think I'll be going elsewhere. Oh and we have already bought the shower.... £4,000 item/job Newcastle 2011-01-11
My electric shower is faulty, the power light is on but no water is coming out. £80 item/job London 2010-11-15
Replace shower tray, shower cubicle and thermostatic mixer shower including parts £900 item/job Hertfordshire 2010-06-04
install power shower 150 WTF PLUMBING 0777 58 58247 Newbury £150 item/job Newbury 2010-05-22
Supplied and fitted new electric shower (8.5kw) after call out to see if current shower (leaking then stopped working)could be repaired. Removed old shower (water had leaked into controls, shorted circuits and was dangerous!). (Also popped a washer in a leaky tap for me!) £220 item/job Staffordshire 2010-05-12
installing shower piping etc £150 item/job N . i. 2010-03-09
Supply new electric shower and replace existing - type for type. Contractor purchased new unit - approx price 100.00. Alteration to water feed necessary. £220 item/job Soputhampton 2010-01-11
shower cubicle: new riser, shower tray, tiles, door and 16 hrs labour.(icl. vat) £1,184 item/job Midlands 2010-01-10
I installed thermostatic shower(not electric, runs off cold mains+direct hot water off boiler)+pipework to it+installed shower tray, cubicle & tiled inside cubicle-absolute stunning finish(500 labour only) Call Paul for a quote:-07807787623. Midlands area. £500 item/job Birmingham 2010-01-06
Bought an electric shower for 75. Asked a plumer to install the shower. I didnt think to agree on a price prior to him commencing the job. He did a few odd jobs for me in the past so I had trusted him not to rip me off. After completing the job he billed me for 80 saying it took him over 1 1/2 hour to install it. At that time I had tennants living in the property in question and they informed me that the job took less than 30 mins!! What a rip off swine he was I thought and paid him only 40 which is a fair price for 30 mins work. £40 item/job Tyneside 2009-10-20
Replace a shower (any type) Call Peter, electrical plumber 077 8032 0058 £100 item/job Luton 2009-09-13
Swap old electric shower for new same kw. contact john 07701047028 leeds £100 item/job LEEDS 2009-05-23
Supply and fit new showers - remove old electric shower and replace with upgraded model / electric power shower:- prices from 300 including fitting depending on shower type chosen. Jonathan 07977 181777 £300 item/job Nottingham Area 2009-02-25
isolate leaking shower, 2nd visit to fit nre non-electric shower and make good tiles. Price inc VAT £407 item/job Yorkshire 2009-01-15
Fit new top of the range 10.5Kw electric thermostatic shower, re-tile wall, refit old shower screen, fit new bath panels, fit new bath mixer and new towel rail. All materials supplied by plumber, price including labour and VAT. £1,050 item/job Cumbria 2008-09-06
Im having my old shower removed and a new one fitted for 270 + VAT (plus of course the original call out charge to see if it could be repaired) so 377.10 in total £377 item/job Glasgow 2008-08-25
Replace old shower cubicle with new, reseal shower tray. £185 item/job Stockport, Cheshire 2008-08-01
Replacement shower pump (including parts and VAT) £784 item/job London 2008-06-18
quoted 375 to fit a shower I have already purchased!!! surely not right.. obviously i didn't give them the go ahead!! £375 item/job Dundee 2008-04-22
remove old electric shower and replace with new one £85 item/job Swansea 2008-04-07
To fit an electric shower £94 item/job Leicester 2007-12-07
Removed old bath, sink and loo Replaced old plasterwork around the bath installed bath with shower over; basin & pedestal and cistern & pan Tiled around the bath and shower area £1,200 item/job Lanarkshire 2007-11-22

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