Repair leaky tap

Plumbing prices for repair leaky tap

Leaky taps are often caused by over tightening of the washer seals. If you have a tap that is leaking then try not to over tighten it when turning the tap off otherwise you may make the leak worse. This price is mostly labour rates but may include some materials for example if the tap needs replacing.

Plumbing prices for repair leaky tap: Disclaimer
Detailed Description of WorkPrice/CostUnitsLocationLast Updated
washer changed kitchen cold tap Plumber Paul Holroyd 07745021069 £35 item/job Peterborough 2013-09-17
Called round 6 local plumbers who either would not answer or didn't really want to come out. Called Stuart who came out same day striped tap changed washer and re greased it, tap now working fine. Stuart 07983432031 £20 item/job Co Durham 2012-11-27
replace washer to stop taps dripping. kitchen and bathroom. 25 per pair £25 item/job Reading 2011-06-15
washer changed kitchen cold tap.Andy A.W plumbing 07535455746 £35 item/job Redditch 2010-11-12
tighten bolt on toilet pipe that was leaking with wrench. reseal shower plug hole which was leaking, and replace hot water tap washer which was dripping. 30 min job in total. £72 item/job Inverness 2010-11-04
Replacing washer on tap - kitchen sink plus call-out fee. £53 item/job Hove 2010-09-11
I had a coldwater tap in my kitchen that was dripping quite a lot.Only problem was the washer.Very polite workman.I would use again and reccomend champak from md building and plumbing £20 item/job Reading 2010-08-23
i had a hot water tap in my kitchen that was dripping quite a lot.the problem was the washer.excellent service and very polite workman.would use again and reccomend michael from md building and on 07951841156 £40 item/job Rotherham 2010-03-16
replaced worn washer on cold tap in kitchen tap now stopped dripping.good service from young michael of md building and plumbing for good job on 07951841156 £40 item/job Rotherham 2010-03-12
Repaired a dripping hot water tap, replaced washer and greased tap mechanisms inside.Now works like brand new.By ryan at RS PLUMBING SERVICES 07963058819 £40 item/job Chesterfield 2010-01-12
outside tap leaking, tap replaced within hour, between Christmas and new year. not a bank holiday. classed as emergency by plumber. Advert seen in Buy and sell as no call out rate, 10% discount given for OAP £89 item/job Cheshire 2010-01-01
Fit new washers and re-seat leaking kitchen and bathroom taps (ie. 4 taps). DWM Plumbing £30 item/job Llanelli 2009-11-11
1) Replace washers on two leaky kitchen taps 2) Reseal bathroom taps to repair under bath leak £42 item/job Milton Keynes 2009-10-09
The Bath tap was dripping quite badly , I do not quote by an hourly rate just by the job itself , between 9-5 pm. Materials extra . £50 item/job Leeds 2009-05-10
A pair of tap reviver's supplied and fitted to a sink which the hot and cold both had local isolation. £60 item/job Stockport, Cheshire 2009-05-05
replaced two tap units and fitted one screwdown service valve just under the basin £40 item/job Basingstoke 2009-03-02
repair leaking tap -hot £40 item/job Borders 2009-01-15
Fix non working tap by replacing valve. £49 item/job Ayr 2008-12-19
replace ceramic quarter turn cartridge hot & cold £55 item/job Stevenage 2008-05-15
replace a push fit fitting £80 item/job Eastbourne 2008-01-30
Assuming it's a leaky washer £55 item/job   2005-08-17

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