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Not having a working toilet, is well, irritating to say the least. They flush mechanism can break with use. In which case buckets or bowl full of water can flush most 'effluent' down them until the unit gets repaired. If the bowl itself is cracked its best not to use as if it does collapse it will be messy and potentially dangerous to your nether regions especially if made of porcelain! This price includes the costs of any materials and labour charges during the course of fixing the toilet.

Plumbing prices for repair toilet: Disclaimer
Detailed Description of WorkPrice/CostUnitsLocationLast Updated
Push button syphon on small WC stuck and not working. Quote to replace - 250 + VAT. Ouch! Had to do it 'cos Tenanted property. £290 item/job Greenwich, London 2016-11-23
Replace flush siphon and bottom entry fill valve on close coupled WC. The potential reality: No where to isolate water supply, wing nuts securing cistern corroded on, coupling plate corroded, cistern fixing screws corroded, siphon linkage bar fused to handle, no where near to park the van, 10 for online marketplace referral, 5 diesel, 20 parts, 40 labour. £75 item/job Maidstone 2016-09-24
Toilet was leaking, toilet fixed cleaned his mess, quoted 70, including parts. £70 item/job Warrington 2016-04-14
DIY job. Fixed 2 toilets in my new house. Remounted cisterns to walls, replaced flush siphons with dual flush with internal overflow, replaced old worn out ballcock valves with silent fill types and replaced connector washers which were worn out, and fitted service valves to filler inlets.Learned everything I needed to know from books/internet. Price includes all parts - no labour as I did the job myself. Bear this in mind! Worked out around 22 each. You can do a lot yourself for 22, but you need to know what you are doing! £44 item/job Aberystwyth 2016-01-14
Flushing syphon don't flush plus water filling long time. So part cost 26. And video on YouTube and 1hour of work and done. £26 item/job Cardiff 2016-01-07
Used Really nice guy called Mark Slattery contacted us. The repair work was on the flushing mechanism, Mark explained what part needed replacement and why it was broken. First class service, thank you Mark, highly recommended so here is his number 07834182669 M.t.s £50 item/job Manchester 2015-09-18
toilet not flushing properly. was told by plumber it was a damaged diaphragm.Took an hour to resolve, also told me was using too much of the toilet blocks in cistern! never been told this before! £50 item/job Liverpool4 2015-06-07
Supply and fit siphon £50 item/job Orpington, Kent 2015-05-09
Removal of blockage from toilet pipe £100 item/job Slough 2014-12-23
Replace toilet system, parts and labour 55 nice guy, only took a hour,no call out fee and tided up after. I used pt services. You can call them on 07939 645151 £55 item/job London 2014-10-13
Replace toilet system, parts and labour 55 nice guy, only took a hour,no call out fee and tided up after. I used pt services. You can call them on 07939 645151 £55 item/job London 2014-10-13
Replaced toilet filler as old one was not turning off and over filling. Replaced with new silent fill type total cost 45 Stuart Tolley plumbing and heating 07983432031 Very nice chap. £45 item/job Durham 2014-05-16
Changed toilet flush (syphon + float valve). The citern of our toilet is not standard and required a specific syphon. We paid 105 pounds in total (including 45 pounds of material). It took the plumber 1/2 hour to change it. Nice service. £105 item/job London 2013-03-29
converted our old toilet to a dual-flush lever and replaced the fill valve to all for 80 i would Highly recommend £80 item/job Reading 2013-01-20
Leaking toilet inlet elbow joint. Plastic elbow replaced. £62 item/job Herts 2012-10-17
Replace syphon £60 item/job Glasgow 2012-09-17
Toilet not flushing. replaced siphon. For 1 hours labour and parts it cost 35.00 Nice polite person and left everything neat and tidy Call Nigel on 07838403407 £35 item/job LEEDS 2012-09-13
Replaced worn out plastic valve (in the cistern of a relatively new toilet, i.e. two years old) with a brass one to stop leakage behind WC that appeared to be coming from the copper joint. Part was 15.00; labour 45.00 plus VAT. Easy money for a plumber; half my weekly state pension. £66 item/job Suffolk 2012-03-30
old flapper flush had broken toilet constantly filling replaced with flowmaster cisterm kit inc new push flush handle dead cool took 2 hours because the toilet was siliconed to tiles £80 item/job MERSYSIDE 2012-01-20
had to have the toilet repaied as it did not flush hat all. very quick to come out and only took 1.5 hours to fix, parts cost 10 labour 30. well happy £40 item/job North west 2012-01-11
Replaced Toilet Inlet valve and siphon unit with new parts. Valve was leaking and spraying water everywhere, siphon was intermittent. No call out fee, quick turn out. Tidied up after himself. Crystal Multi 01902 754808 £70 item/job Wolverhampton 2011-12-22
Toilet not flushing correctly,supplied and fitted new syphon, very friendly, Call Ozy on 07842178975 @ £40 item/job West Midlands 2011-11-28
supplied and replaced toilet scrapped old one 07752400220 £100 item/job Cardiff 2011-10-24
Toilet not flushing properly. Replaced Syphon and also toilet handle. £149 item/job Welwyn Garden City, Herts 2011-10-06
Toilet inlet not shutting off, inlet replaced and isolating valve fitted for future. Fast service from CAMMCO on 01133204030 or 07929355109 £50 item/job Leeds 2011-01-11
Toilet not flushing correctly,supplied and fitted new syphon, very friendly, Rob 07946 040210 £40 item/job Milton keynes 2011-01-06
to supply and fit siphon + new pan connector £72 item/job Suffolk 2010-11-29
Replace a pushfit angle pipe from toilet to waste pipe 15 minute job. 160/hour No quote was given before job even though I asked, card said no call out charge and free estimate...suspect this was a "woman price" also said he paid 17 for pipe which costs retail 10 at B&Q (not even a trade price!!) £57 item/job Pentwyn, Cardiff 2010-11-01
tighten a loose toilet handle £130 item/job Hastings 2010-10-23
Toilet not flushing, siphon plastics disintegrated , replaced with new center piece from old toilet, total 25 mins labour no parts cost, across the road from my home, so they had a bargain £25 item/job Cwmbran 2010-10-20
Toilet was not flushing had a new siphon installed. was an evening call. try allaspects 07882920273 £60 item/job Milton keynes 2010-06-30
saniflo full of a women tampon and poo /wee etc etc not good £141 item/job Manchester 2010-06-22
Toilet not flushing, needed a new siphon, explained what needed doing and why and cleaned up after. Very good service, paid with cheque. Paul:07588777829 £35 item/job Newcastle 2010-05-19
replace dual flush syphon in cistern as old one stopped included in price.job done by michael of md building and plumbing,call michael on 07951841156 £45 item/job Rotherham 2010-04-28
repair/replace toilet siphon or valve,parts+labour 50 gauranteed. chris 07828673820 £50 item/job Manchester/tameside 2010-04-08
Replace cistern and taps supplied by customer price for labour + small fittings £110 item/job Carlisle 2010-01-29
Replace cistern by customer price for labour + small fittings £70 item/job Carlisle 2010-01-29
Supply and fit torbeck valve to toilet cistern as old one was damaged.Quick and prompt tidy service. Call Ryan 07963058819 £50 item/job Chesterfield 2010-01-08
Just change wc syphon for O.A.P charged 50.00 including 15.00 for new syphon £50 item/job Nottingham 2009-12-21
Toilet was blocked. All he did was plunger the toilet then pour water down, took less than 5 mins. Called someone who advertised as 'No call out charge'(Domestic Plumbing & Heating) but bill came through door a couple of days later. Exact words Minimum Call Out Charge - 1 hr @ 35 per hour £35 item/job Dundee 2009-02-04
Toilet wasn't flushing properly. Toilet needed a new siphon. Charged 78 for an hours labour and 21 for parts. Plumber arrived one hour after I called and took one hour to do the job so I guess I paid a premium for a fast service. Feel like I was slightly overcharged though! £101 item/job Leeds 2009-01-23
Blocked toilet/drain: plumber called to locate source of blockage, and remedy. Total time on premises: approx. 1 hour. £80 item/job South Cambs. 2009-01-15
Two of the toilets in the property were not shutting off after flushing and overfilling! Had to replace diaphrams and the arms attached to the float valve. Total cost inc labour and parts approx 1hr work due to location 38.48 inc v.a.t £38 item/job Hampshire 2008-08-04
Replace siphon instide cistern as toilet would not flush. £90 item/job Solihull 2008-03-25
leaky toliet £150 item/job Waynesville 2007-08-25
I thought the internal unit in the toilet cistern was broken as I couldn't reach the plunger bit to repair the wire from the handle, called plumber, it wasn't broken. He replaced the broken wire, call-out charge £55.00 plus vat, total charge £64.63 for no more than 15 mins and he only lives in the next street ! £65 item/job Bath 2006-12-01

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